Cleveland Style Food Writing!


This is one of the best current books about the selling of food!  Michael Ruhlman, from Cleveland, spends some time with the Heinen Brothers, and really educates the reader about grocery stores and food.  Yes, I like the book, but I am  beginning to see a shift in marketing practices at Heinen’s.  I will be keeping an eye and ear on that!  Read the book, educate yourselves on food!

Personally Sustainable? Show me!

Organic Produce

Let’s start with food!  Everyone needs to eat.  What we choose to eat is up to us.  Money 💰 helps determine how we think about food.  Right or wrong, it plays a part!  It is not up to me to tell you what is right for you.  It is up to me to share what I have learned over the years.  

One reason to pick the best food I can is to become and stay healthy.  Just like everything in our lives–money, religion,food–family plays its part.  My mother and father were from “farming” cultures.  Poland and Ireland.  Heavy foods that stretched.  Both were from dysfunctional homes.  Food was not a priority to be healthy.  Meals were just meals.  I did not learn to cook until I taught myself.  Enough said.  At the age of 24, I had an emergency gall bladder removal.  The history was repeated with one of my siblings.  That began healthier eating.  But food became an obsession with a colonoscopy episode many years later.  I do not want to get into the medical practices in the United States, other than to say that food should be our medicine, not medicine our food.  Step by step, I eat organic as much as possible. I believe that my body is the only home I will ever have, and it is mine to care for.

I will not eat chicken.  I went through hypnosis to remove soda from my life.  I rarely drink alcohol.  I filter all my water.  I do not eat wheat products regularly.  I do not use the microwave; do not even have one.  I buy organic through the local IGA, the Oberlin Farmer’s Market, Heinen’s, Trader Joe’s, picking and choosing as I go.  The only meat  🍖 I eat comes from Trader Joe’s.  It is not cheap, but it is the highest quality for the money.  And, as this is important–upon the advice of my holistic practitioner, I eat only between 9 and 16 ounces per week.  Figure that out to be 2-3 ounces per 7 main meals.  I no longer crave meat.  I no longer crave sugar.  I eat what I view as needed by my body, and my body knows what it needs since I have removed most processed products, all GMO produce and products, sugars, from my daily eating.  Enough about what I do.

What do you do to be personally sustainable with food, the fuel you need to live?

I do want to close with the thought that how we treat our bodies reflects the state of our self esteem.  How do we value our self worth?  This is where money comes into play.  Think:  you can spend the money to eat healthy now OR you can spend more money on health-related issues in the future.  

Stay tuned for more on how to eat healthy without going broke!

And Why Would You Shop There?


Today was a day of exasperation for the second day in a row in my adventure of grocery shopping in the Oberlin, Ohio area…

But it really began on Saturday at the Oberlin Farmers Market…one question there:  where are all the organic local farmers?

I am a total supporter of “local”, but I also prefer “organic”!  Tell me how you grow your food, please!  You can offer pesticide, etc. free, without certifying!

Then yesterday, based in many recommendations of trying Walmart for a good selection of organics at lower prices than other stores.  OMG, no, never again.  My feelings about Walmart remain….junk in, junk out!  They do not respect their employees, and they do not respect their shoppers!  I am not going to shop all Walmarts in the area to find one that offers quality because they feel a certain area deserves better!

Tiday at Giant Eagle in Amherst, Ohio, with an advertised special of organic mushrooms, There were three packages that looked like they should be removed because of their condition were marked down for me to 1/6 of their advertised price. And I took the best package and cooked them right away.  How bad can you get?  This is pure disrespect for the shopper!  Yes, I took advantage because it was feasible for a use I could create.

My point is that a store can create loyal customers by respecting them by offering quality choices……..whatever they desire at a reasonable  price.

And there are stores that do that….two in my area–Heinen’s and the Oberlin IGA.  AND I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU!

My New Most Favorite Book! Food, Cleveland Food, Heinen’s…


OMG, I love this book…It is so full of  wonderfulness!  Michael Ruhlman is a local Cleveland guy!  Michael Ruhlman writes and writes about food!  But this book is so perfectly on target as I have found my way to Oberlin and am finding my way to being Healthy with local food and sustainability.  Please do not get tired of my references to the book.  It is well worth reading and owning if you care about the food you eat and the food you feed your family!  

As a Consultant with Pampered Chef and my quote of “I am Pampered Chef “Healthy”,  I really believe the path to health for all of us is taking matters into our own hands and “COOKING”.  It is the only way to control what you put into your body.  But you need quality in your cooking tools, and Pampered Chef does that as well as giving you reasonable recipes, not all that require the microwave.  I am a believer, and I will be a believer as a cook.  Understand my children grew up with THE SUPERMARKET HANDBOOK being read to them in the grocery store!  Cooking is not stressful for me, it is a stress reducer, it is creative, it is right brain!

Michael Ruhlman shares a poignant line in his book when people tell him that they do not have time to cook.  He agrees with me that the only way for us to be healthy is to cook healthy.  There are “long-term benefits of carving out the time to cook.  That’s all it really is: being organized and making time.  You never hear people say “You know I would really love to shower more, but I just don’t have the time.”



What Is Guiding You to JOY?

Heart Whispers

Too many times I find myself teetering on the edge of fear, afraid of what will happen if I jump into the middle of the “lake” of life and do what my heart and intuition are yelling at me to do.

Pride, experience, reason, and heart are not always in agreement.  And that, sometimes, is when intuition kicks in.  Finding JOY is really easy if you just do what your heart and intuition calmly tell you what to do.  And finding JOY in our souls allows us to spread JOY to others.  It is so simple, really.  Just today, we in Northern Ohio awoke a beautiful snowfall…one of the largest of the Winter season, but, remember this is Spring.  Ohio always gets one of these in March or April or May, and there is no use to complain.  It was a beautiful sight.  As I walked into my local Heinen’s store for my weekly catchup groceries, I thought everyone would be singing the praises of the snow, but I was wrong.  It was a morose group busily tending to their individual assignments as employees.  Most shoppers were pleasant, but not the employees.  Please note, the employees did nothing wrong, but they sure as heck did not bring any JOY to my day.  Ironically , my receipt asked for my feedback, and I did share the lack of joy in that particular store.  And then it hit me, that has been that way for some time now, and I do not like it.  I go there for specific items that they carry or that may be on sale.  The local grocery store has lost its local flavor, and that takes away the JOY.  

A lack of JOY sucks the energy out of everyone’s day…for me, that means I cannot wait for Farmers’ Market Season and the need for fewer and fewer trips to Heinen’s for my food needs.  By the end of that Season, I will find a place that brings JOY to the ordinary things in life like food shopping.  And that will bring me JOY!