Inside…the most important part! #EMPOWER CONNECT SHARE

INSIDE …The Heart of the Matter!

Recently, “empathy” and “unconditional love” have been discussed here. And that was all about Action Rather than Words. We can talk about the concepts of “empathy” and “unconditional love”, but words are cheap and actions carry your values from inside of you to others you are in relationships with. In this time of pandemic, it is sometimes hard to remember that we are “all connected”, and at other times, it becomes critically clear as the COVID 19 has spread. Inspiration comes easy to me as a practitioner of meditation, metaphysics, and faith. I know the entire Universe, including God, is inside of me. Always has been and always will be. So, when I share about “Actions Rather Than Words” in this time of pandemic, it is living my values. We never know what someone else we see on the street, on a news report, and more is going through. We do not know who they are as a person because the outside of a person rarely shows “the inside”. I do think of others as I wear a face mask, stay home, and more. And, yes, I do believe it starts with me. If I were to contract the virus, I would not be acting in the best benefit of others as well. Because all of us can be carriers far before symptoms appear if they ever do. More than that, I also cannot judge others who choose not to stay home, wear a face mask, or violate social distancing in grocery stores when I do go out for food. All I can see is what is “outside”.

Today, while preparing lunch, the radio played a very old tune by Peter, Paul, and Mary: “Inside”. It touched on a lot of different themes including pies, birthday presents, and books. We never know what is “inside” if we judge from the “outside”. It hit my heart because that is where “empathy” and “unconditional love” are put into play as we realize that we are all connected. It is the Action of Nonjudgment and not uttering the words that follow judgment. Let me share the chorus from “Inside” because it does say it all and calls for action by all who hear it”

Inside, inside, that’s the most important part

Inside, inside, that’s the place you’ve got to start

Inside, inside, that’s where you’ll find the heart of the matter

Emotions, Feelings, Logic can Follow! #Empower Excellence #Money #Love #FINANCIAL FREEDOM

Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away, and the children are already preparing their valentines and eating their early Valentine chocolate. As we grow older, and as we find ourselves no longer in a romantic relationship (and I am better for that but open to what the Universe may provide) we focus on love every day of our lives. There is love for ourselves (that is not selfish), love for our friends, love for our families, and love for the Earth, our home. Dreams portend that a romantic relationship remains in my subconscious, but dreams also have multiple meanings should I choose to start researching them which I do not intend. Love is important in 2020 as I have already spent the month of January focusing on self care, very successfully, I might add. I am taking care of me first because I want to make sure I am in the best year of my life for all I have undertaken. Every day can bring changes, but self care begins with knowing all is well right now. There is a superlative feeling knowing that my ophthalmologist, my dentist, my Osteopathic Doctor, my gynecologist all have given me a thumbs up. I have begun and stuck with Tai Chi and Yoga. I have spent time with “the little people” for a whole day for a Fire & Ice Festival, witnessing in wind, rain, and snow all at once, the Battle of Fire & Ice, and Ice won! Leaving January and headed in the direction of my heart every day, I know that my personal and professional ventures are on the right track–I am running in the direction that my heart shows me every moment!

The AWE of Creation!

Everyone is creative…we came from Creation, and it is in our life plan. We can create life, we can create emotions, we can create thoughts, everyone can create! And you can be creative with money too! Sharing money, giving money away to those in need, feeding people creatively, and you can be so creative in all of this. If you find yourself saying that you are not creative focus on the little everyday things you do and notice the creativity in each motion, each thought, and each word. Money can help you be creative, but you do not need money to be creative. That is why Source gave us a brain, a heart, and a soul. And we are never expected to pay for those gifts. They are ours for creativity our whole life!


And spiritually we do live forever….encouraging or scary? I think it is wonderful because there are so many things that are still undone. Will my money last that long? Being spiritual is kind of an agelessness with regard to money. In the spiritual realm you do not need money. In our physical life, money is a tool, nothing more and nothing less. So what does being ageless mean? No matter how young or how old you are, you are and can be ageless. It is not gauging who you are by how old you are but by who you are in your head, your heart, and mind. The question becomes who are you, you today?

AWE is Emerging in Nature

Folklore for Children ~ The Bleeding Heart Flower. … If you turn a flower upside down and pull the two halves apart, you’ll see a lady in a pink bathtub, or perhaps you’ll see a white lyre with strings of silk. A Story Within The Bleeding Heart. The flowers also hold clues to a tragic tale of unrequited love.

AWE or Ageless Women Emerging may very well love this story of the Bleeding Heart Flower, or they may not. Bleeding hearts are all too often assigned to women in the areas of romance and love stories. Love and romance are a part of life, and the areas do not always hold happy endings; but many times they are ports of happiness in both the lives of men and women. “Pink” is not always a feminine color for it is the color of many human organs common to both sexes. What I want to share is that the Bleeding Heart Flower can well be associated with AWE but in a new way. Let your head and heart define it for your symbolism for the heart is an organ shared by all. In spring the Bleeding Heart Flower is one of the first, along with daffodils and crocuses, to emerge from the cold into the warming days of Spring. The blooms are a welcome harbinger of what is emerging.


Begin with Your Self Mastery

Since the beginning of the year, there has been a lot of discussion here regarding a Legacy, and there is a reason for that.  Money is a part of our lives from day one, whether we know it or not.  We work hard to make a living, we have dreams, and we have hopes for others we care for.  Legacy allows all of that to happen whether with intention or helter-skelter.  I prefer as a Money Energy Healer and Coach to make it intentional.  If you are of the “helter-skelter” variety, you must have your energy in alignment with what you want for now and for the future.  And I believe I could learn a lot from you as well, so please share in the comments, seriously.

And to get to know ourselves and what we want is a beginning step:  let’s call it self mastery.  The above graphic displays how our mind and heart sometimes rule internal and external conversations.  Unfortunately, our intuition, or soul for me, is left out of the conversation when it really contains all we need to solve any problem if we would give our soul the space and time and quiet to really learn from ourselves.  That is self-mastery.

Appreciation…more than Gratitude…

Family Legacy in Financial Wellness appreciating Thanksgiving as a Day of Appreciation…it is you and more, more than gratitude.

This week begins the holiday season for all cultures and religions.  So often we are told to be grateful, but I prefer to “appreciate” life and all who are in it!  I have been heard to say lately to everyone I can “I appreciate you!”  And I am sincere when I do this.  It is not a typical greeting, but it brings out what I have thought long and hard about.  I am grateful when something I fear might happen does not, I am grateful when each day ends safely and serenely.  But appreciation goes deeper.  I appreciate the sun rising every morning; I appreciate the healthy food I ingest for breakfast; I appreciate everyone who tunes in to my LIVE FB show on Money, and more.

Appreciation comes from the soul, where my gratitude usually comes from the heart and head.  There is a difference for me.  When I reach down into my soul, I am really trying to virtually hug each thing and person for which I am feeling great movement within.  Appreciation actually takes more breath for me because it is deeper…

Enjoy your Thanksgiving in whatever way you appreciate it, and appreciate all who cross your path.  Most of all, appreciate you whatever you do because you are special.

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