The Empower Excellence Experience Slowly Coming Into Focus…It is Not Your Eyes!


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Yes, The Empower Excellence Experience is rolling out.  Yes, it needs work!  But it is almost all there…

The Practice at Oberlin was shared yesterday here, and today we are sharing Modere.

Several years ago, my Core Values of Personal Sustainability were shared, and they are foundational.  They have not changed in 6 years.  Empower Excellence was a total reflection of those values, and it has developed as the financial or money component.  But it is time to take it a little further or deeper.  Personal Sustainability is having a healthy relationship with money in order to have an empowered life.  That empowered life includes all parts of our life.

One very important part discovered in the early days of working with folks and their money was that spirituality, not religion, had a lot to do with a healthy relationship with money.  Why?  Because the personal spirituality is the connector to the emotions and the Source and the soul of each and every one of us.  It can be called many things, but it all relates back to the Spirit or Source.  The Practice at Oberlin going forward will work on this area.

Another part of life that a healthy relationship with money allows us to exercise is Clean Living.  And that begins within the body and continues throughout our lives:  personal hygiene, healthy choices of the products that are integral to our lives.  The supplements we choose for current health and longevity, the beauty we enhance, and more.  That is Modere.

I am  about to embark on a revolution. I am pioneering in a new industry called Social Retail–retail powered by people. Modere is poised to become one of the fastest growing, most vibrant customer experience companies in the world.  With Modere, you give and get!

Modere’s voice is one of confidence and belief. They are committed, as I am,  to the idea that we can change the world. What we do and how we do it not only separates us from others, but it also creates meaningful connections and engaging experience for all who enter into learning about Clean Living.   We are the change we want to see in the world.

Not only is Modere revolutionary in its products being clean, vibrant, and authentic, its mission is to Live Clean with 100% safe, effective, and affordable products in health and wellness, personal care, household care, and longevity.  It is a way for me to Empower Excellence personally and with others in the areas that their good relationship with money will allow them to live.  Why clean up the money relationship from toxic influences when we continue to live in a toxic environment.  This is an option to live what we believe.  It is Personal Sustainability as a total lifestyle.

The Empower Excellence Experience will come into clearer focus as the days go on.  

Personal Sustainability is a Core Value of Empower Excellence.  Now it is a foundational value moving forward with The Empower Excellence Experience.