No Magical Thinking Here! #Ageless Women of Wisdom #Financial Freedom #Money

There is no magical thinking, there is real thinking here! Over the Sumer of 2019, many women gathered on “Whatever Wednesdays” and had conversations about retreat topics that would make their lives better in 2020. There was magic, but the magic turned into real topics beginning with the Ageless Women of Wisdom Spring 2020 Retreat! And here is the information for you to ponder: would finding your voice and learning how to listen to your voice make a difference? I hope so!

Would you like to do less; achieve more?

Less with more focus

For years, I thought I was very focused until 2018 arrived, and my focus intensified for many reasons.

Are you focused?  

Still, would you like to do less, have more time for what you are passionate about, and still find your abundance?

It is a beautiful Friday in Northeast Ohio, and from my office facing .75 acres of trees, puddles, and birds, and sometimes deer, the windows are open in every room, and I am breathing deeply, smiling, and getting so much done–personal and professional.  I share because too many times when the discussion centers on being focused, it is only professional.  But balance was part of the reason I have increased my focus.

This morning included over an hour of meditation–guided and free flowing, homemade healthy breakfast, my 5-minute or so “Empower Excellence It’s Your Money LIVE” session on Facebook on “Net Worth”–personal and financial, creation of an Egg/Cheese/Ham Strata to cook this evening with a fresh salad, a quick cleaning of my townhome, and more.  I have caught up on my emails, processed today’s mail, and am now doing my blog.  All before the long-awaited washer repairman appears between 12 and 5.  That is another story.  This afternoon is planned to finish my third program to be ready to be published online for Teachable and my “Transformational Moments” School there.  Why do I share all this minutia?  Because being focused has led to better sleep, more exercise, more productivity personally and professionally.  

But it is more than “focus”!  

And it is something that I plan on sharing on Teachable, on Facebook, and on this sharing piece.  What I have been sharing on social media has a lot do with my work on Money, really Money Energy; and it is time to share the back stories about Money Energy:  Flow, Vibration, Abundance, Transformation, Self Care, Oneness, Joy, Ethics, Values, Attitude, Resistance, Self Love, and Gratitude.  

And every bit of it has to do with money and money energy.  If you energize your life, your money is energized as well…

Thanks for reading “empowerexcellencewithjan” and supporting me in this way.  I hope to provide more than you can read, appreciate, and share with others.  Have a great weekend.

Chase Away, Chase Away!

Stress Chase It Away jpg

There are many ways to overcome stress, and that includes money stress!  The illustration appears to be having money grow out of small soil-filled pots.  Not sure that will work, but it reminds me of cups of coffee grounds!

Stress will happen, and no matter if you use gardening or caffeine to chase away money stress, it is up to you to remember there are consequences for whatever action you take.  Caffeine in moderate amounts can probably help.  I combine my organic tea (caffeinated) with my fresh banana, berries, and pineapple of the day with a little bit of good cocoa powder and cinnamon for my morning smoothie.  It does energize me!  And it is fairly healthy!  I know many who like to get up early and tend to their gardens, now that the weather is warming in Ohio, and that works for them.  

My point is that it is up to us to chase away or prevent stress because stress is good unless it overwhelms us, and it is up to us to chase away the stress that will overwhelm, and that can be money stress.  Money on its own is not stressful, but it is stressful when it leads to bad decisions or a lack which can be bothersome.  

Pay attention to any bad stress in your life and see how you can chase it away!

What Would I Do if I Was Being Truly COURAGEOUS?


Money often times requires decisions; decisions are often times hard to make!  And, when, those decisions are in regard to something you want for you, they may be harder to make as we have been raised to think of others.  That is a valid and admirable trait, and it avoids being labeled as “selfish”, but “selfish” is a necessary trait for self-preservation in all parts of our lives.  It is self care, and self care is necessary for health in mind, body, and spirit.

So, what would you do if you were being truly courageous?  You might be surprised at the answer; and, whatever the answer might be, I am willing to bet that it involves money!  And sometimes the answer can be a very small thing in your life that if changed would make a really big difference.  I see this all of the time.  Folks want to do something that they really want to do but they put it off because of a lot of things including money.  A married spouse wants to take a separate vacation just to have their own space and time but they are fearful of what their spouse might think, they are fearful of spending money on themselves, they are fearful of being by themselves.  Who knows what might come of that in pure quiet time and meditative thinking when the only person you have to be concerned about is you!  

Other times, true courage is needed to make a change in career–and money also plays a big part in that part of your life.  As is often said, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know!  You may hate what you do, but you do it because others depend on you for support, others feel secure in your security, and more times than not, in making a career change, folks hear a lot of feedback that questions their even thinking of making a change.  I often see this when someone wants to move to a different part of the country–does not matter their age.  Families of seniors often are the loudest critics of seeing their parents move to a climate that they prefer.  

Fear is what this is called, and it is fear not only for you but for those you care for.  It is always easier to just go along to get along, but is it really?  There is a time that being courageous can be healthy for you in mind, body, and spirit.  You may find that even thinking about it makes you happy, and that should tell you that you are on the right path.  Go the next step, talk about it with someone you trust.  It is amazing when clients begin to work with me in a supportive role with their money and their pending decisions that they begin to relax, they begin to look at all of the variables, including financial, in order to come to a decision to take the next step.  And that is powerful!  It is also courageous.  Do they always take a flying leap?  No, but they have examined their options, and they feel courageous in doing that, no matter what the outcome.  

Empower Excellence, LLC

Simplicity is Found in Nature!

Magic and Nature

Every once n a while, as we talk about money and personal sustainability, I like to mention that a great money relationship can be built at very low cost.  How?  By learning to be in nature.   It is a magical trip even if it is into your backyard.  It is amazing what has been provided for our benefit and our enjoyment wherever nature is found.  You can find healthy solutions in physical participation in nature as simple as walking and more.  There is so much more to enjoy, and the enjoyment is very personal:  everyone has their own path in nature to take.  Please, take a moment today to see the miracle of nature all around us, and then take another moment to be grateful for whatever appears as magic for you!  There is no cost other than a moment of time very well spent!

Sometimes You Just Need to be HAPPY!


No need for heavy thinking today!  It is sunny in Ohio, and it reminds me of a crisp September Ohio day!  But it is not September, it is August!  But being happy does not pay attention to any calendar month or day.  

No need for elaborate planning today.  Life will flow as it is meant to flow.  Just be ready to go with the flow, and be HAPPY!

No need to stick with healthy eating today, unless you really want to.  I chose not to.  I had a very healthy breakfast already including 4 fruits and vegetables, and then I went to the grocery to pick up two things, but I ended up doing the grocery shopping.  After all, I had an apple fritter from my morning meeting waiting for me in the car.  Might as well be happy at least for today!  But eating healthy makes me happy as well!

What I am sharing is that once in a while just be HAPPY and do not overthink it!

Why Did I Choose Pampered Chef?

PC Thank You Chef

And why did I choose to be Pampered Chef “healthy”?

  Pampered Chef is all about food.  It is all about healthy food and learning to cook healthy food with quality cooking utensils and tools and serving pieces.  People of all ages will tell me that they do not cook; but they do have to eat.  So what are they eating?  Fast food, processed food, take out food?  And, if they do not cook, they may also be stressed because they are not practicing self-care.  Stressed because they do not make the time for themselves.  

One of my reasons for beginning the foundation I am building with Pampered Chef is to help women who are returning to the workforce–or need to return to the workforce–after years of raising a family, working in a level below their skills and financial requirements.  Women, many times, have dropped out of the workforce to raise families and tend to decades-old marriages, and then they are faced with the death or departure of a spouse leaving them financially devastated.  And more than that, they are left with very low self esteem.  

Yes, it is my intention to build an intentional team, and on the way, team members will have socialization, specialization as a “consultant”, and an opportunity to build a business that fits whatever they would like it to be.  And it can be a lot.  I am taking my time to make sure that I build a foundation for me that is solid, that will help me help others learn to cook, and then it will also help me build a good environment for women to succeed.  And, yes, I will succeed, as well.

And even more, I chose to call my business Pampered Chef “healthy” because I do depart from the tenets that Pampered Chef has been known to promote including use of the microwave and processed foods.  Pampered Chef allows me to cook “healthy” without those two elements.  Having said that, in my short tenure with Pampered Chef, I have seen changes happening:  healthier recipes, with more vegan and vegetarian choices, and still a focus on families–no matter the makeup or sizes, including a line of offerings focusing on children, which has been been proven that teaching children to cook, leads them to cooking and more self care as they grow and mature.

I have also chosen Pampered Chef because I am learning to love doing virtual Facebook parties, and I am exploring other social avenues as well.  Yes, I would love to do in home parties now that I am more confident about the products and recipes, and that will happen!  But Pampered Chef allows me to build my business my way!  I am taking it slow, I am taking it sure, and I am making a path for Pampered Chef in my portfolio of offerings to focus on my business The Empower Excellence Experience:  Personal Sustainability.  Personal Sustainability really resides in the basic level of Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs:  food, shelter, and basic needs.  That is where I am today focusing with Pampered Chef on a basic need.  My energy will flow where it is needed in this quest because my intention is clear, and the Universe will work with me on the way to making others successful while finding the light and energy of success in my own way. 

Being Free May Not Be What It Seems To Be…

Freedom Dancing in Red

Tuesday is one of those days in my world where it is mostly work…Starting the day with a 45 minute walk exploring on foot parts of Oberlin I have not visited in my four months here clears my brain, and I have made a resolution to do this every morning if at all possible.  It feels free!  

The weather cooler and less humid than the last week is my kind of fall weather, and that is freeing to me!

My home is almost free of meat, and I feel free in the area of food as well.  I would mentally like to become vegan, but I slip frequently.  There are no breads, there is no cheese, there is no ice cream, there is no dairy.  I am free of all of that.

I am becoming more and more chemical free daily.  I use chemical free makeup (not totally yet as I am moving towards that).  I use chemical free Norwex products, and I am free of using the Microwave as I pursue Pampered Chef “healthy”.

Freedom in these areas is interesting as I move down this path…but it eliminates some interesting alternative paths.  I know in the end I will be happier and free of more disease, and I guess that is what being free is all about.

Getting Ready to Be Ready to Transform!

butterfly clipping wings July 6 2016

A long time ago when I lived in Vermilion, Ohio, a city by the Lake of Erie, I had a slate wallhanging created for me by a local artist of lake gulls with the words “Don’t Ask Me to Walk…When I have the urge to soar!”

Four months ago, I moved to Oberlin, Ohio from “the city”, the Greater Cleveland area.  It seemed as if “the city” had clipped my wings and found me doing what everyone thought was mine to do.  I needed to leave “the city” to regain my wings.

I am happy here in Oberlin while I am still trying to find where my wings want to take me.  I have rolled out The Empower Excellence Experience:  Personal Sustainability.  I am very diversified and yet unified, but I need to set my core in place while ablaze.  Does that make sense to anyone but me!

Many folks in the city have disconnected since my move, and that is ok.  They are the caterpillars I left behind for the most part.  They knew me as Jan Litterst for many years, the person in financial services in one way or another:  banking, financial planning, financial coaching.  I was slogging my way through amid so many other caterpillars.  I was there, I grew up there, I left there, I returned there, but I was never really there!

And now I can feel it coming, the bigger transformation, but it is not ready to crash the chrysalis to become a really beautiful butterfly.  I think I need a resting time before I begin the transformation, the really big one!  And yet, I have a hard time taking a time out.  So for now, I am slowing down and taking a respite in what I have created so far.  Yes, the financial transition coaching– as money is an emotionally based tool of life– remains in the Empower Excellence quadrant.  The Spiritual–the soul– is residing in The Practice at Oberlin quadrant beginning September 12th.  The Physical–nutrition keeps us alive–is rooted in the third quadrant Pampered Chef “healthy”.  The Earth–our personal bodies and physical residences–is based in the fourth quadrant–Norwex– clearing chemicals from our personal existences.  As spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth, food, self-care, and money are vital pieces to healing ourselves and healing our Earth, starting on the personal level.

Peace is within me, and I am beginning to share it outside of me…please join me.