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Who is the Farmer? Is it Processed Food? WTF, the time has come!

This week has been all about getting down and dirty: building virtual relationships, being nonjudgmental, being empathetic, being nonjudgmental, and getting out of my own way. Just to share the last post on Wednesday to empathize with others who cannot get out of their own way either! But now let’s put some ACTION RATHER THAN WORDS out there. How can we become ACTION oriented: we can look at how we take care of ourselves starting with food.

No, this is not really how to eat or how to diet. Acting on the food in our lives can bring many good results including hope and possibility to each of us. Food is always needed, but we need to be actively looking at what we are eating. Really, who raised it, where did it come from? Reently I read an attributed line in Dr. Mark Hyman’s book FOOD FIX that went something like this: Where are you going to leave your one grain of spiritual sand on the universal scales of humanity?

Did you ever think that FOOD can restore ecosystems, build soil, protect our water resources, reduce pollution, increase biodiversity, and reverse climate change? But only if it is a redemptive food system. Yes, we can change our food system to change the world. And we can do it one by one. It i something we can do. Now this is ACTION!

Ok, here we go. I have not seen any correlation between our diets and COVID 19, our current pandemic. “Current”, yes, because the world cannot continue in the self destructive ways we have reached right now. Yes, there are many who are personally addressing these issues, but it is always surprising to see the grocery carts of so many others today. We are a sick society! We are suffering from water so expensive many cannot afford it, pesticide poisoning, processed food no one understands the labeling, and more!

A long time ago, I began overhauling my diet to become more and more plant based. I am not 100% there, but I now eat plant-rich (no longer plant-based), I am easy on fruit, I use healthy fats, I love nuts and seeds, I choose pasture-raised eggs, and I eat beans, and fish are becoming more and more suspect. Why am I sharing? Because it is my belief that our health begins with our food. Some day some one will look at the COVID 19 phenomenon and may see that this pandemic did affect those whose health was compromised and poor food choices can compromise anyone’s health! ACTION can begin with the fuel for all of our bodies: We can get out of our own way by making sure what we eat will not harm us now or in the future!

2020 is coming whether we want it or not #empower #financial freedom #healthy #kindness

2019 is almost gone, and I am ready to toast it goodbye and welcome 2020, unknown as it is, as an angel of empowerment, kindness, and financial freedom, and health! There will be no mention of 2019’s energy vampires. I am a different person than I was almost 365 days ago. Empowerment has changed my attitude, my health, and delivered me into financial freedom. And that has resulted in an extreme kindness towards all, especially me. Yes, self care is a focus. So, no matter what 2020 brings, I will be kind to me first. Anything less than kindness from others, no matter who they are, will not be tolerated, but they will be kindly removed from my vision, mentally, emotionally, and physically. That is kindness. That is empowerment. That is healthy. That is on the path to financial empowerment. So 2020, fly in on the wings of angels, and I welcome all that you bring!

Servant Leadership is on Track for Me…

Sometimes I find that I cannot help myself. I am a servant leader, and many do not understand that at all. Why am I not totally in business just to make money? Over the years in government, financial services, and now self employed in financial services, networking organizations, and women’s empowerment in the world, I do find that I have lost myself in the service of others. It is a very meaningful place to be, and I do believe that it has created troublesome situations at times for me. It is rare that a potential partner in business really is looking for a venture that is simply there to help others. They may say that at times, but you have to listen very closely to their other wishes–wanting to make it big so that they have all the money they need. It is very interesting because I understand that, but I also know that I have the perfect partner to be a servant leader…Source. I have always wanted to make a difference for others which also makes a difference for me. I have so much in the way of good mental health, good physical health, good spiritual health, good healthy food, safe housing blessed with nature, and more. I am coming out of my two year plus hiatus of discovery in Oberlin, and I am being guided by Source with patient hands onto a path that is made expressly for me. The path is winding and interesting, and I know not where it will lead, but so far, it is feeling very good. Oberlin is a town of servant leadership for many, and Source took its time with a guiding hand to open my eyes this year in the realm of “true” friendship, deception, misguided loyalty, and natural disasters. All led me to where I am today committed to being a successful servant leader doing unto others what I would like to have in community: friendship, wisdom, love, and abundance. And I have the ability to help others find that along my path !

“Om Shanti Om”versus “I am Stressed!”

Awareness Eckhart Tolle

Deepak Chopra is a fantastic source for mantras including “Om Shanti Om”, “I am Peace”, which in fact was a favorite of a friend from long ago, Roberta.  Before you can find peace, you must find quiet, you must find alertness, and you must find awareness.  All of these findings are also a way to really come to peace with money.  Most of my clients with Empower Excellence find their way to me because they are stressed, and they cannot find their way to peace initially in their money relationship but it also spreads to their total life–their family, their coworkers, and their health; and not just their personal health but the health of all they interact with.  Yes, the stress they experience may start as emotional stress with lack of patience and anxiety.  But it spreads to their overall health:  fatigue, loss of sleep, and general discomfort and that becomes over time hypertension, heart disturbances, and even cancer.  Disease is not what we are here to talk about.  We are here to make you more alert not only in your money relationship with stress but also in your general life.  If you can find “the quiet”, you can begin to turn stress around in general in your life and it will funnel down into your life with money!  

I would first like to suggest that you substitute another word for “Stress” because even the sound of the word can cause more stress for many.  Really!  “Discomfort”, “pressure”, or “lacking love” could be used.  Or you can create your own word which in fact will signal a time to Stop, Breathe, and Be Quiet.  Yes, that short exercise will slow you down, make you quiet, and lead you to a more peaceful state.  More than that, avoiding noise, chaos, and negativity also helps.  

Why am I talking about stress in relationship to money?  Well, money is a big stressor, but, more than that, stress sucks the energy out of your life and out of your money.  It is that simple.  Energy is a precious commodity that we must become aware and alert to protect for all areas of our life, our longevity, and our money.  Feeling discomfort, find a way to become quiet, find a way to breathe, and find a way to turn the stress into energy rather than sucking it out of your life!

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Because I am Happy!

Laughing boy

The temperature is in the 70’s this morning, down 20 degrees from 12 hours ago…that makes me happy as the windows are wide open and the after-the-rain scent fills the House!

I am on Day 1 of 6 weeks on Phase 2 of THE PLANT PARADOX, and I am happy with my avocado-romaine-spinach-mint-lemon smoothie!

I am vibrating with laughter at the smallest things….even cash flow happening as it should.  The momentum is happening as I eat my 1 ounce of 90% chocolate 🍫 for the day!

Momentum, vibration, manifestation, Money is always there!  And I am grateful!

Money, Health, and Life…Longevity!

For me, it is natural, as it is for many, that we keep looking for improvement in our abundant life including health and money.  If we take care of our health, and it may be expensive at times, then it may be less expensive as we continue to age.  But taking care of us is the main concern whether it be health or money…

As a fan of The Voice, one of the few television shows I really like to watch, you learn contestants’ stories and really learn in the process.  Kelly Clarkson was a new coach this year, and I guess I always thought that with such talent her health could not be ideal which was apparent.  She reminds me in many ways of Adele.  When she appeared in the final weeks of The Voice, there was a major change in her appearance…a phenomenal change.  As The Voice ended, her story was being shared in the media.  Because of health concerns, she began following a program called The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven R. Gundry.  In recent weeks, local television programs, as well as national programs, have begun to cover, and,  in many cases present negativity with dietitians’ opinions that it cannot be good if it eliminates so much.  

Well, today I am beginning the three-day cleanse.  It is not radical, it includes real food, and so far it has not been difficult.  For breakfast, it was a romaine/spinach, avocado and mint (all fresh) smoothie.  The only exceptional thing is that I have not been used to having my smoothie smell like a salad.  It was totally easy to prepare and to drink.  No gagging, no aftertaste, and it was simple enough that, while I drank it, I prepared the other half of the avocado to become a simple guacamole to be stuffed into romaine boats for two of my snacks for the day.  Lunch will be pastured organic chicken stir fry with organic mushrooms and organic celery on cauliflower rice (prepared non GMO frozen Hanover product.  Dinner will be pastured PRE steak (2 oz.) with organic bok choy and organic broccoli over cauliflower rice.  Lots of vegetables!  In the TV coverage, folks have shared that because of the quality of food that it is expensive.  

I do want to address this in my blog today because it is all about money now or money later.  Your body is your temple, and you do not get a replacement body.  I am fairly healthy.  Because of a 40 year love affair with Pepsi (full strength sugar) that ended with a costly hypnosis about 6 years ago, I am Type II diabetic under control with medication and diet and exercise .  I have three fingers that are arthritic.  Other than that, my concerns are flexibility and joint aches that are natural, or are they, with age.  A lot of things are caused by gut issues and inflammation, and this program anecdotedly helps in this.  

But more than that, in the last year, I have read about the downside of dairy, cheeses, grains, breads, conventional fruits and vegetables.  I am also an advocate of less animal protein.  When a restaurant or a cooking show demonstrates an individual serving of meat that is 6-8-10-16 ounces or more, it makes me think “are they crazy”  I am an advocate of eating foods in season that you can find fresh in your local grocery.  I like to know that my foods have been grown locally.  I do not eat anything that is GMO.  I buy maybe 1-5% of my total groceries that may be processed.  And even that is too much.  I have experienced over 10 years ago, a reaction to naturally occurring glucose after having a love affair with fresh-squeezed orange juice daily which lasted about 3 months until I became so ill that even the Cleveland Clinic could not figure out what was wrong–severe sore throat mimicking strep, congestion, coughing, and sneezing that lasted from May until October when I had my introduction to alternative medicine.  I was taken off of all fruits and meats and poultry.  In 2 weeks all of the symptoms were gone.  The alternative medicine became a permanent part of my life.  The point of this was fruit is not all that healthy for you because of the sugar content.  I really was careful with fruit but Dr. Gundry refers to fruit as “candy”.  I agree.  Fruits are selectively and slowly brought back in after the cleanse and beginning weeks.

I already eat organic whenever possible, so I am used to the increased cost, and I would not choose to do differently since I know what the food is sprayed with to make it market ready!  The increased cost is obvious–the pastured meat and poultry and wild seafood.  But all this is important to me because my health is important.  I already believed what Dr. Gundry talks of in this book; it just brought it all together for me.  Yes, there is a cookbook as well; but I doubt that I will buy it as I prefer clean, simple foods, and the internet already is including whole sites with cooking methods for this type of eating.  I do not want to make it “fake” regular food.  I just want pure, good nutrition.  I want longevity.  I want health.  

Oh, by the way, when I enter Phase 2 on Tuesday, the 86% cocoa chocolate is waiting for me as a 1 oz. snack recommended every day…there is a sweet side to The Plant Paradox…I think I can do this.

I will spend a little more conscious money know to make me healthier for the future…why?  Because as Michael Bernard Beckwith puts it I love my life, every minute of it, and I am worth it!


Getting Ready for the Flow…

While Spring has finally arrived in Northeast Ohio, Lake Erie is so ready for Summer!  Summer brings FLOW to our minds, our hearts, and our souls as well as our bodies!  Walking the beach at Lakeview Park today was a thrill, and I even found some small pieces of beach glass.  I had never been to this beach before, and it was a great trip for me.  This week has been one to recognize all of the abundance that flows to me…sunshine, health, money, and more.

Money is difficult to change its story as we move forward in life.  This is a statement that you can see the worth to be held in your consciousness…If your desire is strong enough, it cannot be stopped.  So money can change its story with the strong belief.  It really is a reflection of FLOW.  But paying too much attention to your money thoughts can disrupt the manifestation.  So I am paying attention to all of the abundance in my life…sunshine, health, Oberlin, Lake Erie beaches, and beach glass.  Why?  Because I know in every part of my being that I am changing my money story while I am on the mission to help others change their money story.  I know it so I do not have to constantly think about it.  What I do think about is all of the ways I am blessed with abundance…like walking on the beach through the sand, listening to the calming roll of the water, and finding beach glass on this the first day of May.  It does FLOW!

Getting Healthier & Wealthier Every Day!


It is purely amazing how easy it is to become a happy hermit.  I have not left my home since Saturday because of this amazing illness, which is so very slowly improving, but improving it is.  I have appreciated great sleep, great sunshine, and great peace of mind all the while preventing my germs from being spread.  And I am getting better!  This took great discipline, and I actually worked from home as well.  There is no desire for me to go out, and there are no plans until Saturday, if I am better.  If I am not, I will continue with my happy hermiting.  Spreading germs is not a good thing, and I have done too much of it in four weeks.  I would get better and then relapse, over and over.  I am off of all chemical drugs, I am sleeping well, eating well, and letting the illness run its course.  Looking at my facial skin yesterday without any makeup for four days, and it looks really good.  I am a healthy eater, sleeper, etc.  In all honesty, this self hibernation does coincide with my stepping away from Pampered Chef and Norwex as well.  It is a slow process but progress is being made as I step more and more into Empower Excellence and financial coaching.  The interesting point to be made here is that Health and Wealth are closely linked:  the healthier I become every day, the wealthier I am also becoming because I am becoming more and more focused.  Multitasking in the same of creating more wealth is a big misunderstanding:  As I became more diverse, I became less wealthy.  So now, my mission, my passion, my focus is on the Universe’s present to me of Empower Excellence.  Watch me grow, watch me glow, and when I return to the outside world it will be with a greater appreciation for the choices I am making.

Being Thankful for the Enlightenment…

vibrations-goldThanksgiving was a great day for family, friends, and the local police department in Oberlin.  Thanksgiving evening the upper respiratory experience returned after abating for a few days.  The cough syrup experience resulted in being escorted the last several blocks home from Beachwood by the Oberlin Police Department.  It will take an act of God for me to take cough syrup ever again.  Two days earlier, I had an od experience by doubling up on the dosage by accident.  I will regain my health and keep it, that is the promise to myself.

Moving on, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were definitely “sick” days, but they were also the days of returning to health.  

About a year ago, the first of four episodes of this muck hit me and took away my voice for a month.  Soul searching led me to find what was happening since I do not get sick, or didn’t get sick for years.  I left an association with a business acquaintance at that time following 3 years of working with them.  It was time.  It was also the time when the Oberlin move began to materialize and several opportunities to add cash flow appeared.  I was off and running until June when I began to implement the plans and had already moved to Oberlin.  I jumped in and episode number 2 of the muck hit!  But I ignored it and kept up the crazy pace of beginning two new ventures:  Pampered Chef and Norwex.  I also became an active volunteer in the Oberlin Business Partnership.  Three months later, episode 3 hit; I dropped the Oberlin Business Partnership.  My voice came back.  The focus was on Pampered Chef and Norwex to get them grounded. My core business was being ignored, and I fully intend to get back into it, which I began to do.  I was not happy because I thought I should be able to handle everything.  I always could, but I had forgotten that the move to Oberlin was to grow Empower Excellence the way I envisioned it originally.  I created the concept document, and episode 4 hit!

The Empower Excellence Experience Nov 14 2017-page-0

The concept document promised clarification and it is being clarified as of this week.  This is still my mission, but there is a big explanation of the roles that Pampered Chef and Norwex will play.

When I left corporate America in 2012 for good, I made the promise to myself and to my clients that I would not sell product and I would not represent a company:  I would represent my clients in their best interest.  Somehow I stuck to it with Empower Excellence and my coaching, and I threw it away when it came to the rest of the concept.  And the Universe made sure that I went back to my intention and mission.  As the progression into Pampered Chef and Norwex took place, the muck episodes recurred while both of my holistic doctors reassured me that there was nothing physically wrong.  Then I got it!  

So now, I still am following The Empower Excellence Model of Personal Sustainability, but I am removing myself from the direct involvement in Norwex and Pampered Chef.  When needed by my clients, for employment opportunities especially, I will refer them to my spline managers in both Norwex and Pampered Chef.  I am now phasing out of both entities.  Sure, I personally love both products, but they are not my full-time passion.  The Empower Excellence financial transition is my mission and passion, and it is what I will focus on moving forward.  

Once you enter the path of evolution and empowerment, stepping away from that path can bring changes in vibration, and that happened.  It has affected my health, and I am aware enough that it took the Major Muck #4 to stop me long enough to realize what I had done, and only I could change it…and change it, I did. 


“I’m sad as hell and I’ not going to fake it anymore”  These are the first words of a new book by Woody Tasch.  It was his first book SLOW MONEY…that led to my total involvement in the local, healthy, organic, sustainable food movement.  His new book SOIL/2017:  NOTES TOWARDS THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF NURTURE CAPITAL was released about two weeks ago.  In Woody’s own words, “Of Earthworms, Billionaires, AHA! Moments, Mythic Implications, and the Considerable Virtues of Bringing Our Money Back Down to Earth (Not All of It, of Course, but Enough to Matter)” is what this new work is all about.

“This is a call to farms.  A call to all who plant, grow, harvest, eat, hug, argue, clink, put up, squirrel away, fritter away, layaway, and otherwise regret that civility and community went that-a-way.  A call to gather our wits–one farm at a time, one town at a time, one county at a time, one watershed at a time, one refusal to argue about politics at a time, one sleeve rolled up at a time.”

“Just why is it anyway, that the economy keeps growing, military spending keeps exploding, drug prices keep soaring, the stock market keeps lifting off, but the strength of our marriages, the health of our kids, the vitality of our Main Streets, and the fertility of our soil keep going down?”

These are Woody’s words, and, yes, I have met him, talked with him, dined with him, and learned so much and became aware of my passion about healthy food from him… These words reflect what I believe is the foundation of Personal Sustainability, and that is why I am sharing them with you this morning…  If it gets one person to think about the quality of our soil upon which we build our lives, then I will be smiling….


Organic vegetables on a stand at a farmers market