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It has been a very long day, a day that you know when you wake up that it will be a long day. It is a day when every bone in your body aches with the cold and the dampness of the rain. Plenty of sleep, but still a feeling of slight overwhelm. Still, you move forward and have action to show for the day including an hour of walking in the misty damp and cold. Still, a good conversation with a potential guest for the networking group and a referral to a member of another group. But it is still a long day! Rarely am I ravenous all day, but today I have been.

And then, I remember that it was one year ago today that I filed the state registration for Ageless Women of Wisdom. It was a very long day then, too. I entered a partnership in November, 2018 with a long time friend who had been “running” a business for 10 years. It appeared she had been successful, but appearances began to become shaky as the weeks went on. The lessons she had wanted to learn, I learned many weeks later, were not what I was teaching her. I learned at the end that she had a hidden agenda which she never shared with me until she left the partnership in late May. Why am I sharing this now?

Because now it does not matter what my former partner’s agenda was because I had what it takes to move Ageless Women of Wisdom forward with integrity. Yesterday, we publicly announced the Spring 2020 Retreat for Ageless Women of Wisdom. I never doubted that I had what it takes to do this, but it is a different look back when I see that we are moving forward in an unstoppable manner, that we are a force for good, that we can cultivate love through relationships and communications. I have now healed from the betrayal of the former friend. Some would warn not to admit that I looked at it as a betrayal, but that is what it was and it is now healed. I know there is enough wisdom and joy to empower and connect all who are affected by Ageless Women of Wisdom. There is enough wisdom to change the world, and it starts right here with me because I do have what it takes!

Change Makers change the World… #Financial Freedom #Empower Excellence #Professional Women’s Connection #Ageless Women of Wisdom #Money #Socially Conscious

Socially Conscious Change Makers DO Change the World!

Lingering activity for years, I have been involved in socially responsible investing, I have been involved in nonprofit initiatives such as Habitat for Humanity, and so much more. I never really thought about labeling myself as a “Socially Conscious Change Maker”. Oh yes, I have donated to Bernie Sanders’ campaign in 2016 and now, but I never really thought “I was a socially conscious change maker!” But now is different. A few weeks ago I finally came out as a “Wise Woman”. And I am. And now, I am a “Socially Conscious Change Maker!”

I want to change the world; I have always wanted to change the world. I practice doing well by doing good. I have been a visionary volunteer; now I am a visionary entrepreneur three times over. I believe in the possible; nothing is impossible! I have gone through healing and transforming myself and continue to do so through self care on all levels; I now work with women who want healing and transforming! One by one starting with me and clients, transformation is needed in the world. Maybe that is why “People, Planet, and Profit” in that order is my reason for pursuing a B Corp for my professional future. I am ready to take a flying leap!

We are water, and water is us, BUT…

A long, long time ago on a Sunday evening in Westlake, Ohio, I first experienced deep breath work which is literally intentionally practicing our breathing. Deep breath work shifts you into another state, often through a form of catharsis. The belief is that the trauma will only come forward during a session if it is necessary for healing, and it can only unfold as the session progresses. Well, the trauma did need healing and it was a welcome catharsis for it took me back into intrauterine time and the difficulty my mother had during her pregnancy with me. My mother died in 2005. And then the water incidents began to really happen. Before that I was always afraid to put my face in water, but I had learned to accept that after the deep breath work as the intrauterine experience was like drowning. But for the past 10 plus years water constantly poses situations for me.

I cannot tell you why but I can tell you that broken pipes in ceilings began in about 2010 in my Edward Jones office, a few years later in my townhome in Westlake, in 2018 it has become problematic with a total wooden floor in my Oberlin home being destroyed by water, about four water main breaks in the last year or so on Route 58 where I live, two of which were last week, kitchen sink drains becoming dislodged and flooding my cupboard, the dishwasher not liking the water temperature, bathroom sink plungers becoming inoperable, and 48 hours ago a three year old water tank needing to be replaced which uncovered all kinds of water problems that were not discovered until the water tank.

I have a very strong metaphysical background and consulted with a wise metaphysician this morning. The suggested solution is that I have to let water of all kinds know that I love it. The irony is that before Oberlin I was a regular visitor to Lake Erie for meditation and beach glass collecting. But I have only been once since I moved to Oberlin in 2017. That will change tomorrow when I begin to visit the lake again. It is the only thing that makes sense at this point. Water and I have to become friends.

There is a strong pull within me to slow down and re-examine my businesses brought on my Jackie B’s gift of rebranding to me recently. With that comes a re-examination of my life, and I am welcoming that because I no longer need to get better with what my craft of money energy is for that is just fine but it is probable that I need to get braver. What is need to do is to shift from working with clients who have money issues to people who have money and need the right professionals to make it do what they want it to do. Makes perfect sense to me. “Drowning in money problems” is not who I help. I help those who are ready to walk into the water and love money for what it is for them.


Your story is your story! Every story has a character which may very well be you. Every story has a problem or a reason to tell the story. It is very possible in the story the character finds a guide or guidance to help them with their problem and calls them to some sort of action. The action helps solve their problem or issue and success is achieved to a total or partial degree. A transformation occurs. But the story must be shared, and it happens more often than not in a conversation.

Stories are powerful. Stories can make the story teller powerful. Sharing a story shares the power of not only the storyteller but also the transformation that can occur. When AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM was conceived through a conversation, the story of my former collaborator had more of a negative vibe about women and aging and the media and culture. My story became more positive.

Positivity was my story, living in the NOW, moving only forward and not back. The launch program and 2020 retreats of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM (AWW) focus on “what would make your life better in 2020?” Conversations during the summer of 2019 were stories with women of all walks of life, all ages, and positivity. Energy is what moves us every moment of our life; healing occurs by moving forward with energy of all types. With Energy and your story, you are armed to make changes that are very possible. The first thing is to tell the story, share the story, empower your continuing transformation by asking for help through your story. There is nothing more powerful than your story except for sharing it through conversation one to one or through groups. By sharing it, you empower another to see that there is a way through their problem.

Women are nurturers. Nurturers who want to help, and they help each other, whether friends or strangers, when they are invited to share their stories on their own way to finding their own solutions to life. AWW began with a Summer Program called Ageless Women Emerging through three “Conversations”. The idea worked and more than 100 ways to make their lives better in 2020 were shared. Women will on October 16 not only enjoy a fantastic comedic program THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Faktor but also prioritize the ideas for retreats in 2020. They will be in a winery setting in Richfield, Ohio, out in nature planning the beginning of many transformations in 2020. They talked, they shared, they opened their hearts to others to tell their stories. Every one benefited, and they will continue through their participation in retreats created by their own stories…

Do you have a story to tell, to share, to find a solution in? You can attend on October 16th The Eventbrite invitation can be found on Facebook @AWWAgelessWomenofWisdom or leave me a comment…You have a story, I just know you do!

When The Universe Flows Over You with Grace…

Seriously, several days ago I went through a healing with a serious healer to overcome a fear that only occupied a very small part of my life, but it had to do with logical mathematical thinking, the farthest away from creativity that I could ever imagine! But the fear was crippling my creativity, my peace of mind, and much more. I allowed myself a “no think” weekend, but it is really working, and I am sleeping so peacefully all the way through the night, I am meditating in my power hour upon awakening , and seem to be accepting everything as it is without any concern. My creativity is running rampant. For the AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM 2020 RETREATS, I have narrowed them down from 10 to 7 leaving the Summer for fun. I have gone through and categorized the 113 main ideas for the retreat topics to be prioritized. And the beat goes on…Creativity has begun on the rebranding of my companies, and the above graphic is a depiction of where we are going in 2020. Healing can mean many things!

Healing Positivity Sets You FREE!

Short, sweet, and we all know this, but putting it into practice is another step forward. During this season of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, much has happened in my personal development: a sense of betrayal, a sense of mission, a sense of commitment, a sense of watching a concept develop and prove “right on”!

As a money energy coach I have put into practice a way that I have put fear with money, personal money, into a very positive vein and it is manifesting for me very well. But AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM had a partner, a collaborator, and we shared the financial responsibility, but the collaborator was totally unable to put her arms around the financial responsibility of what we had put into creation. She totally abandoned her responsibility and left the company. End of story for I am sure she has her own tale to tell, and it is totally inconsequential as AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM (AWW) has carried on to the point that our launch event is only a few weeks away. The point is I did have fear that was hampering my progress with this company. It took me back to many happenings n my life where financial abandonment occurred in a dysfunctional family, in a divorce, and more. BUT THAT IS OVER. My fear of numbers is on its way out the door. Totally as of this weekend when I was offered a healing for the 1% of fear remaining that I would fail with the “numbers”.

I have always had the ability and the power with money and numbers; I just did not totally believe I had the power. The fear has been healed, and I am experiencing a sense of freedom that with my Inner Source, Higher Being, and my vibration of a fear free sense with money that I can achieve all that is mine to do not only for others, especially women, but also for me!

It is a combination of what has always been with me: faith, belief, values, and pure determination aka perseverance that is moving me forward on the biggest victory march of the total realm of Empower Excellence, LLC–AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, Join me on October 16th and into 2020 as we all become empowered in whatever way our stories lead us to become empowered… Let’s Lose the Fear and Be Free!

Check out Facebook @AWWAGELESSWOMENOF WISDOM for the Eventbrite Registration Link for October 16th. Thank You!


Thank you to Dr. Keith Jordan for the title of this blog as it comes from his book THE PRACTICE. Today has been a very different day, one in which I learned very much about myself and how one more healing can make a difference. But let’s first talk about the title and the significance of the page number on which the title was found.

The title of the chapter found on page 111, “THE POINT OF NO RETURN” is when you realize you are one with all of creation. More significant in my mind is the page number. “111” symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, inspiration and intuition, self expression and sensitivity. Angel Number 111 is a message from your angels to be very aware of your persistent thoughts and ideas as these are manifesting quickly into your reality.

When you realize you are at the point of no return you give up control, you embrace the darkness, you embrace God. The black of the night sky represents the unknown, or the Dark Side to some. But all is unknown and intuition deepens in this darkness. On a day when the sky is blue and sunny, we are really experiencing an illusion, we are in a state of ignorance being comfortable, loved, and appreciated. We feel all is well, we are safe, but it is an illusion for behind the blue sky is the dark.

Today has been a phenomenal day for me as the blue sky was lifted and a healing for a remaining point of fear has occurred, and I am grateful. And I followed a suggestion that I randomly open the book THE PRACTICE and read whatever is on that page. Being a student of Dr. Keith’s book, this is a common practice because what you are supposed to have shared with you at that moment will appear, and appear it did. I reached the point of no return today.

There are so many AWEsome Human Beings Out there in NATURE…

Nature is our home, part of our family, and I know that NATURE HEALS. There is a universal connection with nature. Moods can be changed while changing our physical well being in nature. Health can be maintained and healed in all ages and generations as each of us can become calmer reconnecting with our inner nature. Art incorporating nature can be therapy as well. A good friend Bonnie MacKay lives in nature both literally and in the classroom and art studio.

TO BE HEALED BY THE EARTH is a book I love written by Cleveland healer Warren Grossman. His story talks of his relationship with nature which all of us can replicate! His book is in my car along with a yoga mat for sessions with the Earth!

SERENITY SOUNDS YOGA many times takes its yoga sessions to the beaches of Lake Erie but even more wonderful is when the founder Katherine Carp plays her singing bowls in Nature on the beach and elsewhere. Meditation, yoga, and simple symphonies provided by natural means become so heavenly.

There are so many friends and acquaintances who practice healing in nature. Please do comment and let’s talk about your practice.

With the founding of AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom earlier this year (www.empowerexcellencewithjan.com) the concept included the sharing of wisdom across all generations through one-day retreats in 2020 and overnight retreats in 2021. The flow of topics is being developed not by AWW but by participants in the three SUMMER OF AWE (Ageless Women Emerging) conversation sessions of what women would like to participate in to change their lives for the better and to design their individual story moving forward. The summer sessions were held in the outdoor, natural settings of a new winery in Richfield, Ohio. Somehow the Universe smiled on the sessions with amazing sunshine in one of the rainiest summers I can recall in Northeast Ohio.

And as AWW/AWW progresses, Wendy Osborne Kertesz appeared as one of my LinkedIn Connections so connected to nature through her MONARCH a living resort that is developing in Canal Fulton, Ohio. There was a connection, but there is a now greater connection as Wendy is realizing the Universe serving her with a long-time dream with her resort that has me fascinated as it develops not only because of the name–my original company Empower Excellence has had the butterfly, a symbol of transformation, as the center of its logo since its inception seven years agobut also because of the desire to hold our retreats in natural settings. Monarch, a living resort is a promise from the Universe to AWW. Wendy and I will be meeting soon, and I know there are no accidents, there are dreams which become intentions. That is why AWW hopes to partner with women locally at first and nationally in the future to allow the women themselves to design their future program for a better life, a greater story, and even a healing for them in their home… Nature!

When Journaling is a MUST!

Isn’t it interesting that you’re now starting to feel so much more at peace, and yet at the same time you’re going through the biggest internal revolution of your life? All these changes, shifts, inner revelations, and yet a big part of you is like “meh”. You respect your own peace so much nowadays that your boundaries are often unshakeable. That’s the kind of spirit and energy that allows you to create anything. When you are at peace and in alignment, you are empowered through an immovable force. SOURCE MESSAGES July 21, 2019

It is 1:30 on a Sunday afternoon, and I have so much on my desk to accomplish this week, but after a busy AWE Ageless Women Emerging Day yesterday with the youngest of generations doing Research & Development about wisdom, I fell into bed last night totally exhausted and slept about 10 hours last night refreshed and ready to hit the July bookkeeping and budget functions for my companies and networking groups. But alas, after a healthy breakfast, the journaling for the last 9 days loomed ever stronger. So much has happened, and I needed not only to capture it but also to refer back to my Myers Briggs research which I pulled out a few days ago. I am an ENFP: Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving. That is the point of reference because it is so true. It was also revealing with the journaling that I ran across a photo shared on Facebook about Childhood Wounds:

And I have worked on healing these for years. It was a good exercise to review this and find that healing is pretty well done with Inner Child Wounds as well. The Journaling was a must because in this time of Mercury Retrograde and an Eclipse which occurred on July 16 so much is changing replacing the old with forward movement. 2019 has seen the letting go of many relationships that no longer work. I really would like to hold onto them but they only stir up hurt and resentment because I am the one who kept working on them. So since January, I have let go of a previous relationship that led to a short estrangement in my life. The estrangement is resolved; the causal relationships have been resolved through letting certain of them go. My new business started as a multi-partner LLC which became a single person LLC almost 2 months ago with a resignation by the nonfunctioning partner. The friendship which led to the partnership was over and I had let go of that but the departing partner had not resolved all of the still opened issues until 6 days ago. Thank you, God. The communication with a close family member has gone back to the days when I had to initiate the communication. I can no longer do that. I will be patient and wait to hear from them. I let go of the responsibility I carried with that. And I laid out the boundaries going forward with all of the cast outlined: I have set my own rules. Now I have to follow them!

Subconsciously, this was already taking place with the recent development of exploring a new friendship which I extended opportunities to do that with the other person. I considered it stretching myself in a different direction. After a good many hours spent in a group setting this week, I was extremely uncomfortable with the philosophy and demeanor of the acquaintance, but I remained patient, and in the past few days she declined my future offer of opportunities and is now no longer in my future. Sad but true.

There was so much more: the possibility of a home to buy in Oberlin which for me was about 24 months premature–I now have the right realtor who will walk through the coming months with me in Oberlin. The willingness to do limited volunteering for an event for a long time professional and friend collapsed when the steering committee really did not have the correct plan laid out for me. I reneged on the offer.

And a major success as AWE Ageless Women Emerging moved forward with their second focused conversation session this past week. By August 1 I have to move forward with promotion for that and for the fifth Professional Women’s Connection to begin in October. Met with the event planner and am moving forward.

It was important to get me straightened out and really know who I am at this time.

And I learned a lot, including that there are three people involved in the letting go with one common medical diagnosis which they seem to be clinging to as an excuse as they keep “attempting” to move forward. I am a believer in self healing, and I believe that their “clinging” is a part of my disdain with them in my life. With that, I am done with my journaling for it is like cleaning house, it is necessary to “nest” to move forward, and forward I am moving.

I Already Know…You’re a Crow!

Oprah tells me this morning “you already know” …

And I say, “yes, I know”.

The crow in the boxwood tree outside my window echos “you already know” in crow! You know how a crow tells you …CROW CROW CROW. More like CAW CAW CAW, but you know he knows he is a crow, and now I know he knows he is a crow. And he knows I know…

And then in my morning meditation Richard Rohr tells me WHAT THE MYSTICS KNOW…”you already know” YOU KNOW YOU ARE ALREADY IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD…

What is it that Oprah, the crow, and Richard Rohr know without telling me…this is the awareness that I need to know…Who am I, what am I in the world?

I need to believe what is in my awareness of God and nature and worldly folks…My awareness finally speaks soft like Oprah, forceful like the crow, and wise like Richard Rohr…”Yes, I know…I am a healer unlike any other…God came with me into this world just like Oprah, the crow, and Richard Rohr and said to me “You already know!” Now, I can say freely “Yes, I know”!