Is Your Financial Professional Your One & Only?

Any day of the week,when you think of your financial professional, are you happy?  Can you live without your advisor?  Or would you rather live without them, but it is too difficult to make a change?  This relationship is like any relationship; JN it takes two.  There are 400,000+ advisors seeking to work with wealthy clients.  How […]

Happy Weekend, Yes, It Is!

It is the weekend!  Yes, it is!  Being happy, Yes, I am!  Butterflies are Flying, Yes, they are!  Food is local, Yes, it is!  Being Sustainable, Yes, I am!  I have worked my butt off for several weeks working on all parts of my business through The Empower Excellence Experience…transitional financial coaching, Professional Women’s Connection, […]

Want a Little More Vibrating?

Day Two of Biocell…All is good, and dreams are even more personal and vibrant!  The current edition had to do with the design of clothing–clear, crisp, meticulous–and the designing of houses–clear, crisp, meticulous!  Imagine that!   And Abraham Hicks had everything to do with focus, only on what I want, not on what has gone […]

living in the NOW, finding peace…

The times we are in are a changing to put forth a sentiment from Bob Dylan. Michael Moore has declared that we are in the midst of a domestic coup… What to do?  What to think?  Speak? Be Quiet?  What to do? Be happy.  What is happening is underway.  It is the result of many […]