Oh Girl, Expand Yourself NOW for 2020! #empower #connect #share #wisdom

It is time today to expand yourself. When you expand the way you think, the answers you give, the feelings you share, you EMPOWER yourself. Get your thoughts, your goals, and your feelings out there. Time after time, I am faced with the dilemmas others have because they did not think, they did not plan, they did not commit to what may be important to them. But when they do not think, do not plan, they simply DID NOT COMMIT. Their lack of commitment is no longer an issue for me. If they cannot make the decision to empower themselves with the opportunities presented by my companies — Empower Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection, and Ageless Women of WisdomI make the decision to move forward with or without them, there is always a choice. Communicate with me effectively before a deadline, and I always try to collaborate to find a solution. Wait until the 12th hour, and my decision is how I move forward. Too many times, men and women, do not make the commitments to grow themselves personally and professionally. 2020 will no longer be a dilemma in these situations for me. I know who I am, I know what my purpose is, and I know what must be done–you are welcome to join me as I EMPOWER, CONNECT, AND SHARE WISDOM. If you cannot expand to do that for yourself, you are really not a woman who is BRAVE!

AWE into AWW…Change!

Ageless Women Emerging (AWE) began in the Spring, a time for nurturing and growth, a time for evolution and emergence. Before Summer AWE took root with greater strength and a positive outlook for reaching out to women for participation through conversation, and it worked. One final conversation session in the sunlight happens in 10 days. AWE is bringing in with the advent of Fall AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM(AWW), the underlying reason for which is SHARING wisdom across the generations of women to bring forward the potential of making all women’s lives better in ways the women themselves are developing through AWE and will become more available through AWW… The women have already produced more than 70 topics for consideration for a 2020 PERSONAL Retreat Series. Through this series, AWW will have 10 PERSONAL retreats throughout Northeast Ohio, one month at a time, one day at a time, one woman at a time to have the SHARING of conversations to grow and change over all generations…this is participation through conversation,

June 22 is not too late…

June 21 is a memorable day for many reasons: an anniversary of a marriage long ended and an anniversary of six years of a marriage still growing. One has been released and the other is still being welcomed! But it is the longest day of the year, and it is a beautiful time here in Oberlin, Ohio. The Sun has been with us three days this week, and it is welcoming the Summer season, a season of light that is burning bright within me. It is a time to welcome many changes: one of which is the verbal recognition that I am happy here in Oberlin. Another major change is allowing others to be in my life, to accept offers of help, to bring others into my life simply and easily, to relish the time spent with loved ones and to release all negativity. It is also a time to release worry for all things work for the good. All in all, it is a time to release people and things that have outlived their reason to be in my life. I came to Oberlin for many reasons, and I will stay in Oberlin for many more. It is a place where my soul feels warmth and a glow of growth. No more need for constant change, just a need for constant growth. And it begins with the first day of Summer, a glorious first day of Summer!

The Whirlwind Called Life…

Spirituality energy 2

Colors are wonderful in all parts of Nature!  Colors signify the changing seasons, and they remind me that this Winter will end.  I hope.  It is the day after Easter, and, here in Northern Ohio, we have snow on the ground.  It is cold, it is still Winter!  

Still dressed in a sweater and jeans, I long for the slightly warmer mornings where I will bounce out of bed, into the shower, and out for a walk!  I no longer like cold weather at all, and part of my future is a warmer climate through the Winter months…all in time.

Color plays a part in each of our lives; it can represent our energy.  When someone says they are “blue”, we can imagine they are sad or depressed.  But I like “blue” as a color.  When someone says they are in the “pink”, they usually mean everything is going well!  “pink” is not a favorite color of mine even though I look at life as being well most of the time.  Colors do not have to make sense to anyone but us.  In the five plus years since I created my logo, I have developed my favorite colors:  green of several shades, teal blue or aquamarine, violet, and purple.  They are colors of movement, of growth, and of empowerment, and of power and royalty.  Plus, since I work with Money Energy, and money is green, it all makes sense.  Money can be energy, it can be growth, and it can lead to power:  all the colors in my logo.  But the color of money needs to be more than a color to you:  use it to energize your money and see what happens…

As a Participant in Life, Be the Light


So you are back, and on a Friday!  You have accepted to RSVP to life, and now you are building your Personal Sustainability from the ground up.  You know when Maslow created his Pyramid of Needs he started with the basics of food, clothing, and shelter.  Very wise since there have been those I have experienced who started at the very top of the pyramid to focus on their spiritual growth first.  That may appear wise, but it was those same people who found themselves homeless with very little resources.  Begin at the beginning, and that is where we are heading, but in the meantime consider that you can be the light reflecting a spiritual path.  Life is a transition continually, and I have surely found that my spiritual growth has been a light in the dark many times as I have moved on down the road.  So be drawn to your own spiritual light and to others who may need your light and find that they may very well add to your light and to your journey in this transition called Life.  Thanks for RSVPing.

Emergence Just Happens!

Butterfly Escaping Earth Peace 7 8 16

What will it take for you to emerge as the person you want to be?  Or do you even know what you want to be?   Do you even know who you are?  Questions are not what you are looking for if this is the case; it is answers that you seek.  BUT, it is important to know the questions first so that you can recognize the answers when they emerge.  Sounds like a conundrum, or at least a riddle, to me.

Years of experience seeking answers have led me to a new approach over the last 15 years or so.  Be quiet.  Yes, stop talking, stop thinking, and be quiet.  Ok, you may think this is crazy thinking, but it is not.  Be quiet.  I learned how to meditate in the late ’90’s through my participation in a local Unity church.  Not the Unitarian Universalist church, the Unity church.  This is always a mistaken thought by many, and I thought I would clear it up right here.  

Being raised Catholic, I always had a religious perspective, but that has not sat right with me for at least over 30 years.  Catholic is a religion; and I was hungry for something else.  That hunger turned out to be for food for my soul, or spirituality.  I had been in the habit of praying for what I thought I might be searching for; that did not do it.  But learning how to meditate, truly being quiet, at Unity, changed my path tremendously.  Unity was a source of delighted inspiration, new learning that made “quiet” ok, and I do mean “quiet” totally not only in voice but also in mind.  What I learned was that this type of “quiet” brought peace or “quiet” to the soul as well as the mind and the voice.  

And slowly but surely the quiet emerged, and with it came an understanding of my own spirituality.  On that path I remain.  I outgrew Unity several years ago when it, too, was becoming religion for me.  My heart, soul, and mind kept growing and seeking, and it is amazing what has emerged since then…

Change is On the Way…


As I look back to the day in 2006 when this photo was taken, life was very different.  But even today, in 2016, with the fond memories of Venice still present, I know that change is on its way today, and every day.  I am built to change.  I really think we all are, but many of us do not want change.  I have had a taste of that for the last 12 days with my self-imposed retreat to wellness.  It is rare I am ill, but this cold and loss of voice hit hard from Day 1.  This time I decided to flow with the change.  And I have, and it is not over.  With the most festive season of the year upon us, I am participating fully in the most important ways–with my total family for three days at Christmas.  Also, I am fully participating with the many, many women in my three networking groups of the regional Professional Women’s Connection.  This is all very important as I sit at my desk in my newly cleaned and purged office and I look at the neatly piled binders and documents to do my strategic planning for 2017.  I am ready to be totally present in 2017, and that includes choosing my priorities and strategies for those priorities.  Yes, no matter how much planning goes on, there will be surprises, but I want to make sure that what I know is important is at the top of all lists, and that includes family and the women who support me as I support them in their businesses.  There is much more in the planning, much of which is uncertain yet at this time, but I want to be ready when January 1 strikes to know in my heart of hearts and mind of minds where my priorities are.

The very beginning of my business is in the rear view mirror, and I no longer take clients because of the fee they will pay.  I choose everything I do very carefully because after 4 years I know that the Universe, aka God, is taking care of me every step of my way as long as I remain true to my purpose in life.  

Venice was a part of the purpose, learning to appreciate different cultures, and there will be future travels, but for now, I am on my way to change again…taking Empower Excellence to the next step.

Growth Takes a Lot of Love!


Are you a catalyst for change?

Are you on a path of self-realization?

Are you feeling that you are not getting anywhere?

Growth is hard work, and what makes it harder is that it is a life long work!

What makes it worthwhile is loving fully.

Love yourself fully.

Love others with

Creativity — a gift for someone who needs you to love them in a small way.

Gratitude — a small note to a colleague, a friend, a relative, a neighbor.

Devotion — for yourself, work on something that there is never time for.

Certainty — leave no room for questions.

This is Love.

And Love can keep you busy that the passing of time becomes unimportant because you know you are on your way to



Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…Evergreen…So Faithful!

How Much Faith Does the Evergreen Have That It is Really a Christmas Tree?

How Much Faith Does the Evergreen Have That It is Really a Christmas Tree?

Oh Christmas Tree!  It took a lot of faith for you to grow from a seedling to an evergreen.  You have been buffeted by snow , hail, lake effect storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and yet here you stand…a Christmas Tree.  It does not take adornments for you to be called a Christmas Tree–you are beautiful as you are; and when the snow falls upon you, cold and chilling and icy, you are even more beautiful!

Inspiring, yes!  You as a seed, a part of the Big Bang 14 billion years ago, had the faith within you that you could be a towering Christmas Tree.  You did not question your ability to do that; you just became!  It gives me chills as I think about that.  If you could have the faith that you were that powerful, then why am I at moments standing in the fear that I cannot achieve what I have set out to do?  Ever since I took this photo almost a week ago, it has been haunting me.  This morning in my meditation it became clear why.

I gotta be me!  I have to have the faith in me that I can achieve…I have the faith in me that I can achieve.  Like the mighty Christmas Tree, a symbol of this season of faith, I have the faith in me that I am abundantly fulfilling my mission in life…helping people with their money relationships.  That mission for me is no different than the Christmas Tree’s mission…we are destined to be what we are meant to be.  We both have been nurtured by love…ageless and evergreen, seldom seen by two.  Yes, that line comes from Barbra Steisand’s “Evergreen”, but I am taking the literary freedom to interpret the meaning of “seldom seen by two” in a personal way:  the two are the divine within each of us and our rational mind.  The spark within us, no matter if we are human or a Christmas Tree, is ageless and evergreen, just waiting to be nurtured by love, mainly self-love.  When the mind and the Divine truly find that love for one’s self, then faith has germinated, and the self growth really takes off!  That, for me, is today!  I have faith in me!

As for the Christmas Tree, I will find it hard to ever take a “cut” tree for my enjoyment in the future.  This is a truly beautiful living thing.  So, my choice in the future will be a live tree, which can be planted once the holiday is over.  And, until I have a yard to plant it in, I have recently learned that you can “rent a tree” that can then be returned and planted until your next Christmas (livingchristmastrees.com) when you can see how much “your Christmas Tree” has grown–kind of like looking in the mirror to see how much your faith has grown from one Christmas to the next.  I feel a growth spurt starting….I have faith in me and that Christmas Tree!