On Thanksgiving we all can be enlightened!

Thanksgiving comes but once a year, but in essence it can be every day when we are thankful for so many people and things that are taken for granted. Gratitude is a part of my daily meditation and living in the NOW. I know I am grateful for my two sons every day that they are healthy and that they have a healthy outlook most days. I am grateful for my two grandsons who bring love and laughter to everything we do together. I am grateful for my daughter in law for her gift of the “little people” to this world. Always, I am grateful for my sisters and their families because they are what constitutes my solid ground and they are now bringing new people into the fold with two nieces who have each had a little boy over the past year and a new daughter in law on their part with an upcoming wedding. But I am also grateful for my home in Oberlin and the ability to live where I feel a part of a quietly intelligent community that feels like “home”. And that is important as I continue growing my livelihood and pursue my writing. I am on my path of intention. I am always grateful that I am fully aware and comfortable that Source is with me and I am part of Source for that is where all to be grateful originates from…and that gratitude is every day including thanksgiving.

The Transformation is On Schedule…AWE to AWW!

You may call me a dreamer, but I am not the only one! The creation of the AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING this summer began with talk in the Summer of 2018. It was a conversation about collaboration. Like all conversations, some of the words held promise, but promise is not always real. The parent company AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM became a legal entity in the latter part of Winter 2018-2019 and the vision was set forth. It was a possibility. And then a schedule was set, and the dream and the possibility now had the reality of bones. Reality can be a journey of awakening. What had begun as a collaboration became in late Spring a solo entrepreneurship, and the reality became scheduled with real dates and real people. And I had learned many lessons, but the dream lived on.

Today, with summer fading into the beautiful season of fall, my time of the year, I am celebrating the dream that became the vision that is now a schedule for many months to come, and it is a reality that is now my reality. Since June, there have been three conversational sessions of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. Conversation leads to participation, and the dream of having women choose the topics for future retreats in 2020 became the vision and now is the reality of having almost 100 topics chosen by the participants of AWE the AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING group who I have so much admiration for…they took on the idea of my dream, envisioned it, and made it a reality to begin the transformation from AWE to AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom on October 16th.

AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM AWW is the SHARING of WISDOM across the generations of women through retreats and programs beginning in 2020 at ten different retreat venues, steeped in nature, across Northern Ohio. This is the time for women of all ages to invest in self care for themselves, and more importantly, it is the time for all generations , all ages, “Ageless”, of women to SHARE the Wisdom they all have. This is not metaphysical wanderings, this is reality. What they want to learn from others in 2020 to make their life better. This is the awakening of the women to schedule time for themselves once a month, in the middle of the week because it is that important to be on their calendars for a whole day, one day out of an average 30-day month , a little more than 3% of their total month. The women of AWE this summer did exactly that–they scheduled 1 day of the month to work on AWE. They SHARED conversation, they SHARED what they would like to make their lives better in 2020. This was personal, not professional, in nature, and still they came. They know that their personal life affects their professional life, and they came, they talked, and they SHARED.

This is the beginning of a transformation of AWE to AWW… Stay tuned about October 16th’s THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Faktor, and the sharing with many women all of the almost 100 topics for the 2020 retreat program which will be unveiled that day.

Why is AWW different? Because the potential participants have already begun to participate and to have ownership of the intent of AWW…SHARING WISDOM ACROSS THE GENERATIONS OF WOMEN.

The dream of summer 2018 became the vision and is now a reality because of the women who SHARED this summer, and I thank them all with my head, with my heart, and with my soul!

Thank you to Jessica H for sharing this wise thought this morning!

The Reality of AWE Moves to NOW!

While I rarely use red for text color, I am deliberately doing it today. Once upon a time in August of last year, a coffee meeting between two established women business owners, and then a second meeting a few weeks later, and the talking continued until a joint dream was hatched. It became a “real” dream on November 30th, Operational mechanisms were put in place, and on April 28th one of the two women put a “draft”marketing plan out to “envision” it. “Magnificent” said the second woman. Pivotal dates were chosen and shared, but only one woman really scheduled it. And then in the waning days of May, the reality for one woman crashed and burned. Once there were two women business owners pursuing a “Dream”; now there is one “real” business owner moving into June with the business of AWE. Dreams are great, visions begin to move towards real, but real only happens when a schedule is created and worked towards. And this is one of the few times I use red text!

The moral of this blog is “dreams” are great! “Visions” are better! But “Reality” is what moves it all forward! With thanks and gratitude, it all began with a dream, but the work has made AWE “Real”.

The Source of AWE…SOURCE

The source of AWE is SOURCE…Plain and simple and ageless and true. I am moving so slow on this Saturday morning, and I am not trying to rush anything. While I have been on a nonstop schedule for weeks, yesterday and today was like a fast-moving train hitting the brakes, and it has taken more than 24 hours for this train to come to a stop. In the meantime, I have employed healthy eating, coffee with friends, nature even with the rain, and meditation. With the slowing-down process, good sleep came my way last night: 7 hours without moving (the sheets demonstrated that to me this morning), and then a meditation time. The body was totally in a state of gratitude, and so was I.

But being in that state, brought so much to the forefront of my mind. I found a one-minute meditation on God, which I consider my Source and the Universe. Kirk Nelson is a new found source on YouTube, and the following was a total inspiration this morning:

Science and religion have the same purpose…to describe reality.

Science tells us the Universe began with a big bang.

An unseen force caused the Universe to expand at the speed of light.

Scientists call this force Dark Energy because they don’t know what it is.

As you approach the speed of light, time slows down.

When you reach the speed of light, time stands still.

So there is an unseen force creating the Universe from a place where there is no time.

This is almost the very definition of God.

And God is love.

Share that love.


I needed that right at that moment. It was the reminder that God is Source, and the source of AWE, Ageless Women Emerging, has been with me since the moment of the Big Bang. I have been on my path for only several decades of the 14 billion years since the Big Bang. I am a newbie, and I have learned so much. But it has all been to bring me to today. I used to wonder what makes the difference in people’s lives. Yes, we can acquire intelligence, talent, and dedication. Many of us have had DESIRE that burns within us. In the beginning we are not always aware of what it is, but then further down the path, through perseverance and protection from Source, we “learn”. That is the key word “learn”. Through divine guidance we are directed toward learning the right tools for our purpose. We can become mentally proactive to search for what our mind, heart, and soul put on that path for us to choose. But the decision to learn, to acquire more and more knowledge, steers us away from those who think “Ignorance is bliss”. That phrase may be liberating, but it is not part of my life. I am on a path that keeps expanding, and it is exciting. But, like this morning, I needed to come back to my center, and my center is Source…I will never forget that. Because I am a part of the Big Bang I am a part of Source. Yes, I am part God, and that feels good right now and forever.

Money Needs Wings, too!

I absolutely love this graphic for the butterfly, for the softness, and for the sentiments of patience and gratitude.  It really creates an AWE moment for me!

I love AWE moments…when I am walking and see a beautiful flower, a beautiful tree, a beautiful bird, a colorful sunset, or a wonderful baby or toddler.  It makes me stop, breathe, and appreciate what brought “AWE” to my lips.  It is a moment of appreciation.  A thank you, God moment…

AWE Moments are personal, perpetual, and a promise of hope in the Universe!  And for that reason AWE moments also happen with money.  Things work out for you financially, you begin to flow with money, and you breathe with money.  And I do think these are more moments of gratitude than the AWE moments of appreciation.  We all spend a little too much time worrying and quietly pleading with our own personal SOURCE to make money work for us.  When it does, we are grateful that what we have asked for happens.

And when we begin to breathe more than worry about money, we know our WINGS are on their way.  Now we just have to be patient.


It is All About Breathing…

Today is really about appreciation and gratitude, and they are different, about breathing…  A sibling has been faced with some health problems this week related to breathing.  The official word today is that she will be fine with some good healing and future self care, but it was a good outcome all about breathing!  That was all about exhaling the past for her.

Another sister is waiting and inhaling the future as she is about to become a grandmother for the second time in the coming weeks, and she is so happy.  A new life allowing the future to be so bright…and everyone will breathe better when the baby arrives.  Everyone breathes better when a new baby enters the world!

But there are also a few of us holding our breath today as well…one sister’s bedroom ceiling sprung a leak on her early this morning.  She is fine, ceiling is not.  I learned today that my manufactured floor which has been heaving and weeping for a few days has the potential to be a much bigger problem.  In both cases, these are in the future problems of the property owners, and for that I am grateful.  These are past problems which we can exhale while we inhale the future waiting for fantastic solutions.

Breathing…inhaling and exhaling are all good…we just have to remember to breathe through it all!


Appreciation, Gratitude, More

28 days of pain is behind me…emotional pain for which I am now grateful!  These days have brought to me two different books which are changing my view of my life:  WHEN THINGS FALL APART by Pema Chodron and WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES by Clarissa Oinkola Estes.  The former is a Buddhist nun and the later is a Jungian analyst.

They are both major undertakings, and they were brought to me by good friends who felt they would be good for me at this time.  They were good friends of mine and the Universe, and they were right.  Pema Chodron has become a daily practice, and Clarissa has become a major challenge, once accepted, so very worthwhile.  

Like any challenge and work with the soul, there are very deep moments that are best explored and then left behind.  Those deep moments occurred last night, but, as always, sleep became the antidote for those of us who are steeped in spirituality and the Universe.  Those moments had to be experienced before I could move on, and I have moved on.  

The morning mirror talk was sound and positive.  The calendar for my LIVE Facebook sessions for February is complete and focuses on the month of Valentines Day and the emotions that month brings.  I am calm, I am stable, and I am resolute to be appreciative for what I have.  More than that, I also am grateful for walking through these 28 days with Source to get through the initial days of 2019.

As I continue my work with Pema and Clarissa, I am now appreciative more than ever for who I am.  I am a “wild” woman, and I now understand that in a beginning sense–I have another 200+ pages to go!  It explains to me who I am as an independent woman who is tremendous boat rocker.  Many would like me to just settle down.  It ain’t gonna happen.  I have the soul of a “wild” woman.  I am who I am supposed to be.  I may not be understood by many, but I understand myself so much better because of these last 28 days, and, you know what, I am smiling again.  Smiling because I am once again reminded that the Universe, aka as SOURCE, is with me, and there was a reason for these days.  Sometime, some how, I will realize what that reason was, but, until then, I am appreciative of the wonderfully soulful friends who walked with me through this valley of time, who understand my levity in the face of pain, and to whom I am forever grateful that SOURCE provided you in 2019!


Appreciation…more than Gratitude…

Family Legacy in Financial Wellness appreciating Thanksgiving as a Day of Appreciation…it is you and more, more than gratitude.

This week begins the holiday season for all cultures and religions.  So often we are told to be grateful, but I prefer to “appreciate” life and all who are in it!  I have been heard to say lately to everyone I can “I appreciate you!”  And I am sincere when I do this.  It is not a typical greeting, but it brings out what I have thought long and hard about.  I am grateful when something I fear might happen does not, I am grateful when each day ends safely and serenely.  But appreciation goes deeper.  I appreciate the sun rising every morning; I appreciate the healthy food I ingest for breakfast; I appreciate everyone who tunes in to my LIVE FB show on Money, and more.

Appreciation comes from the soul, where my gratitude usually comes from the heart and head.  There is a difference for me.  When I reach down into my soul, I am really trying to virtually hug each thing and person for which I am feeling great movement within.  Appreciation actually takes more breath for me because it is deeper…

Enjoy your Thanksgiving in whatever way you appreciate it, and appreciate all who cross your path.  Most of all, appreciate you whatever you do because you are special.  


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Take it Easy, It is a Monday Morning…

Monday Morning Easy

I have come here to be mighty!  I have a mighty Spirit with inner strength that is so powerful…


And it is safe for me to be powerful because that power comes from Source.  My power does not manifest as power over others; rather it gives me internal strength, and I am so grateful for that.

Gratitude Illusion of Lack

And, yes, sometimes I suffer from illusions of lack…it is a concern, but I try to catch it before it becomes a worry, for that is a contrast for what I know is mine coming to me when the time is right.  As I spoke of this morning on my Facebook page “Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE & More”, it is so important that when there is a money concern, or a concern of any type, that I take the time to “BREATHE”!


And, when I do, the concerns seem to lend themselves to some rational thinking…Really!

This weekend I continued my work towards creating a whole series of Money Energy programs in my online school “Empower Excellence Transformational Moments” (available on Teachable.com), and as a side trip with that work, I discovered the work by Ryan Eliason on The Revolutionary Entrepreneur.  I set it aside to do in the evening on Saturday thinking it was an easy 92-page read.  I was wrong; it opened me up to 7 pages of journaling, and the result of that took me back to several years ago, starting my business, and creating my core values.

CORE VALUES ______November 2013 jpg

You see, when I began my business, Empower Excellence, LLC, I already knew my passion and my mission:  Helping Individuals (Personal Sustainability) realize a better money relationship through better Money Energy.  The book THE ENERGY OF MONEY by Maria Nemeth came my way in the early 2000’s, and it opened my eyes to what I had prepared for through my whole life!  When you change the money relationship for one individual, it goes on to change the world of their family, their community, and the environment and world.  

Ryan Eliason’s work brought it all back in a clear manner, and I spent time yesterday taking the 7 pages of journaling to prepare for my work as a Socially Conscious Change Maker, which I have always been, but it is now time to share little by little my CALL TO ACTION:  Let’s Change the World by Changing Me, Changing You through our Money Energy and Money Relationship !  

And, just like always, The Universe this morning provided the first commercial I have seen about the Grange Insurance Audubon Center in Columbus, Ohio whose mission it is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems…for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.  It was a confirmation that I am back on track…Grange became my insurance company this past year (I had had Grange for years when I lived in Columbus, Ohio), and it showed how changing the world is a simple shift in energy from the corporate world to each individual contributor to this Center.  It made me smile!  It is small, but it did make me smile.

So, yes, it is Monday morning, let cares and concerns make way for powerful Money Energy, and …

Monday Morning Easy