Think Happy, Hippie Thoughts…Really!

Hippie Thoughts Sustainability

Finishing up the month of August, the days of summer, the children of summer, think happy thoughts, which also can be thought of by those old enough to be “hippie” thoughts–love and peace, transformation, organic living, consciousness, compassion, expression, expansion of your mind, acceptance, exploration, appreciation, music, poetry, sustainability, world peace, and, yes, love.  Hate to say it, but that is what I am all about, and I was not raised in a “conscious” household!

I was not even raised in a loving household, but look how I turned out.  Today, I stand for all of the words used in the paragraph above, and as we head into September, Fall, my season being a Scorpio, I wish you love and peace and all of the sentiments previously mentioned.  I do know where I am going, in general, and I go forth with a spirit of love and adventure.  I would have been a hippie if I had not been a typical woman of the ’60″s.  We went to school, we met a man, we got engaged, and we married, eventually had children, and today we are grandparents wishing to make the world a better place for all children throughout the world.  Many of us are divorced.  Many of us are becoming the women we really, deep down, wanted to be in the ’60’s.  It is never too late to find our purpose, and we have had many purposes throughout the years–all good, whether we think they were or not.  But our purpose now is to be the strong women we really are, to go forward as we are meant to be.  May we live healthy, fulfilling lives following our own path to sustain us for all the years we are now going to make meaningful!

There Can be Joy in Doing Nothing!


This is a weekend of mindless activity which does bring joy…

The last two months have been spent preparing to move to Oberlin, moving to Oberlin, and unpacking and getting back to my business in Oberlin!  

It has also been filled with balance of friends and family with one-year old Kurt,Jr.’s birthday for family, Nicole and the boys’ visit to Oberlin as well as my friend from South Carolina’s visit.  And a good 12 hour stay with the boys in Lyndhurst.  

The business has also been put back on track after the move including two programs with the City of Cleveland and more with clients and future sessions scheduled!  Plus The Empower Excellence Experience is in an expansion mode as I have started the use of Biocell from Modere so that I can begin using that in the “longevity” sector of my business.  Also, it is the plan for Tuesday to begin the “Pampered Chef”-“healthy” portion for Nutrition this coming week.

This week will also be an initial meeting with the pastor of First Church to discuss the potential for The Practice at Oberlin.  This is a non-revenue generating part of The Empower Excellence Experience.

Just talking about this past month makes me tired.  But this week I prepped for a week of hibernation bringing in food from Trader Joe’s and Heinen’s.  Once the growing season here in the Oberlin area produces local fruits and vegetables, I will be shopping at the Farmers’ Market.  But this morning was spent cooking for the week since this will be a working week HERE IN OBERLIN.  And I am excited.  The weather today is in the mid 50’s after a real snowstorm in Oberlin yesterday and flood warnings here today!  The window sills have been cleaned, and the windows are open.  After prepping fresh brewed iced coffee, stir frying onions and mushrooms for chicken in the slow cooker later this week, prepping brown rice for rice and beans later this week, prepping fresh organic strawberries and watermelon, organic blueberries for snacking, and cooking stuffed cabbage in the slow cooker for this evening and tomorrow, I am sitting down to work, and it will continue all week with few interruptions.  

BOSS BABY is at the Apollo, a mere .5 mile walk and I will see that this week.  Balance!

Why am I sharing all of this?  Because I love working, and there comes a time when my brain goes into “stop” mode and that happened yesterday!  All of us need to recognize that as we are on our path to Empowerment and Excellence.

This weekend, after cleaning up with my daughter-in-law’s Norwex products, please do ask me about them because I am now a believer in how they will save me time, money, and keep chemicals out of my home, and then cooking my heart out–it is relaxing and I love looking at the deli in my refrigerator for the next week without having to figure out what to eat–and the windows are clean and open—I AM HOME!

I do love my new home in Oberlin, and I am finding my place slowly and surely.  I am actually trusting a local professional with part of my monthly routine on Wednesday!  That is trust!

Find your place on your path, and find your HOME, no matter where or how it is.  You will know you are HOME when you find JOY in doing nothing of any substance!

Your Magnificence Is Always There…

Magic Wand with credit jpg

In Frank Sinatra’s classic “Angel Eyes” he finishes the song with the sentiment that he has to run and he has to find what is his #1.  But it is his final words that haunted me this week:  “‘scuse me while I disappear.”

That has been my kind of week.  What I wished for the last three years developing my business is manifesting, and that is great.  

While I find my balance with my 19-month old grandson, I also find exhaustion keeping up with him!  But it is heavenly!  And with a second title boy arriving within the next 8 weeks, I am conserving as much energy as I can.

But that balance has a price:  I work the other 6 days of the week so that I do not work when I am with him:  it was a promise made when I first started spending a number of days each month with him.  They are Liam’s days!

So I really work the days before a Liam Day, and I spend the days after working hard, which is a privilege and a joy since Empower Excellence is manifesting.  Faith and Trust are paying off as I continue the hard work.  My old ways are falling apart the busier I get.

In the process, I am truly finding myself:  the new Me!  These last few years have been a transformation as if someone slowly, oh so slowly, waved a magic wand over me!  It has been transformative.

I am no longer a sole proprietorship, but I am now a Limited Liability Corporation.  I had 3 potential 1099 contractors, but I fired one of them this morning.  My business is all about communication with coaching and networking clients.  Number 3 potential has not effectively communicated and is now facing a financial obligation since she has breached her agreement with me.  Not fun, but necessary.  

Still, this has been a week for me to be so busy with clients and with keeping commitments to myself.  Making dental appointments, deciding to go natural with my hair (the easy future requires a lot of planning and preening to get me there!), to not blog for this week became a necessity to choose between sleep and writing.  I slept.

What I am saying is that I have missed all of my readers, but I had to take “Me” time even if it was work and some contemplation.  I had to regain communication with my eternal magnificence and to appreciate what I have accomplished.

In the words of Frank Sinatra, ” ‘scuse mw while I disappear” every once in a while.  I promise I will return.