Think Happy, Hippie Thoughts…Really!

Finishing up the month of August, the days of summer, the children of summer, think happy thoughts, which also can be thought of by those old enough to be “hippie” thoughts–love and peace, transformation, organic living, consciousness, compassion, expression, expansion of your mind, acceptance, exploration, appreciation, music, poetry, sustainability, world peace, and, yes, love.  Hate to say it, […]

There Can be Joy in Doing Nothing!

This is a weekend of mindless activity which does bring joy… The last two months have been spent preparing to move to Oberlin, moving to Oberlin, and unpacking and getting back to my business in Oberlin!   It has also been filled with balance of friends and family with one-year old Kurt,Jr.’s birthday for family, Nicole […]

Your Magnificence Is Always There…

In Frank Sinatra’s classic “Angel Eyes” he finishes the song with the sentiment that he has to run and he has to find what is his #1.  But it is his final words that haunted me this week:  “‘scuse me while I disappear.” That has been my kind of week.  What I wished for the […]