Transformation for All, Not Some!

Several weeks ago, I created my first piece of creative endeavor–my blue butterfly!  I have often wondered why I am so totally drawn to the blue butterfly in my logo, in my wall hangings, and more.  For many years, I was very politically active through government channels.  I was touched very much by the assassination […]

Recruitment Unnecessary…

There is no need for recruitment as the Wild Woman Sisterhood is an organic movement.  It appears that by the time women turn gray, and sometimes even before they turn gray, they are ready to join with other women to make a difference in the way the world is moving!  The radicalness of many women grows […]

EMPOWER EXCELLENCE: You Greedy Consumer, Off to Arbitration You Go!

ARBITRATION!? what is “arbitration”? well, an “arbiter” is someone who decides looks more like an “ar BITER” to me, and many who have been through arbitration might agree that it was someone who took a “bite” out of what was due them–whether you are the consumer or the provider.  It is a term that is […]