It is Nothing New!

This is an actual copy of my 1970’s era of The Supermarket Handbook, which inspired me directly and my children indirectly in our food choices way back then.  It is worth reading today.  Some things remain!  And this was decades before all of the shared knowledge on GMOs and pesticides.  What are you worth?  Take […]

Personally Sustainable? Show me!

Let’s start with food!  Everyone needs to eat.  What we choose to eat is up to us.  Money 💰 helps determine how we think about food.  Right or wrong, it plays a part!  It is not up to me to tell you what is right for you.  It is up to me to share what I […]

There is a New Story for Each & Every One of Us…

It is a brilliant sunny afternoon in Northeast Ohio, at least where I am.  A mere 30 miles away they have been blessed with several inches of snow.  There is never a certainty for any of us in any part of our lives.  Everything changes, so why are we so hesitant to change our story to move us […]

Positive Energy is Contagious and Better Than Money…Sometimes!

ENERGY is one of my favorite go to tools as an entrepreneur, and especially when it  is positive energy having to do with money!  In the last few days, even though Mercury Retrograde was finished last week, there have been more glitches than I can count–it is like Mercury Retrograde liked being with me so […]