Where is Our Vision as Women "After" the Pandemic? #Ageless Women of Wisdom

Where are we as women headed after the pandemic?

It is Sunday morning, Meet the Press is on–If it’s Sunday, it is “Meet the Press” and all everyone on the remote panel had to share was we are in a crisis. And then, Doris Kearns Goodwin steps forward, ageless woman of wisdom as she is, and asks what and where is our vision for the future. And she is so right! Let’s get out of the rut that we are all in dealing with the reality of illness, the potential of illness, the lack of socialization, the tedium of the day to day life of no schedules, no patterns, no outlets, and days full of internet surfing. All of us, men and women in the United States, have always been fighters and planners, and this time calls for our vision to move forward. Forget the D.C. crowd including the President and Vice President, they are not leaders and will not change now in the year of an election. We are f_ _ _ _ __d! if we depend on them! So maybe as Ageless Women of Wisdom it is time for us to share our vision, each of us individually SHARING our ideas for the future, on ways to move forward now for ourselves, our children, our significant others, our families, our communities.

Join me as I share my vision: I see golden opportunity, I see Source providing for me as it has always provided, I see the results of my days working at home as an independent small business person preparing with a new logo, a new blog site, a new website, fresh and crisp and ready to roll because I know my clients need me now and will need me for EMPOWERing with their financial situations, CONNECTing with other professionals as they jettison their businesses to new growth and profitability, and SHARing the bits of wisdom stirring in their minds, their hearts, and their souls brought about through the peaceful times they have been social distancing. I am ready, we are ready, so let’s SHARE YOUR WISDOM in the comments. I will support you, you will support others. I have a vision as I am sure you do also…SHARE IN THE COMMENTS is my challenge to you on this sunny Sunday. The crisis will end and I want to be ready!

Moving forward…

There is always the lure of the call to the past, but you are not meant to go backward only forward! Let the lovely sound of the past go for you have already heard what the voices of the past have had to share…it is time to listen to your Inner Being, with you from before birth, who truly is a part of you and knows how to move you forward. Really, listen, and go!

Go For UNLIMITED in the Future…


Begin with JOY!

Deepak Chopra shared:  “Life is a field of unlimited possibilities.”  And indeed it is!

Remember, with God all things are possible.  We are the ones who create “short lists” of possibilities for us.  Forget what society says, forget what your family says, and go for what you want to manifest.  Don’t forget, it will take effort and work, but with the Universe as your partner, you can do all sorts of things!  This expands your sense of self, your confidence, and removes the limits placed on you by others and yourself.  Just remember, keeping the future in mind that each day you awake a new person…what will you do?

Joy Words in Cloudy Sky Satisfaction Happiness

The word Joy and many related words and terms in 3d letters against a cloudy blue sky, including enjoyment, bliss, delight, elation and satisfaction

The Future is Yours…


Following my recent post on living in the NOW with your money and your life, I want to add this one on the “Future”!

Being in the NOW, it is a perfect time to dream about your future.  Contradictory?  I do not think so.  Every idea you have has the potential to go out and become part of your life’s vortex, or treasure chest, for the future.  Of course, some will stay with you, some will depart as quickly as they come .  My friend Esther Hicks (Abraham) offers that all it takes is 17 seconds to have an idea take root, and do four sessions of 17 seconds, and it will definitely take root.  Your mind, your heart, and your soul will begin to take the idea seriously and begin to quietly work on it.  It is reticular activation in my words meaning that the brain will begin to look for answers to make the idea a reality.  Your thoughts do become things…be careful what you think!

The Talk of a Lifetime…


There is a very good friend of mine, Julie Graf Skinner, who shared with me a deck of cards called “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” http://www.talkofalifetime.org that really opened up my mind to something I used to do with my financial planning clients–telling me the story of their life, the story of their families, and more.

As the card deck states, “Life.  There’s a lot to talk about.”  

As an example, one card I pulled this morning asks “What words of wisdom would you pass on to your childhood self?”

Why would you do this with your family?  Money is not just about what you can buy with it.  Money can do all sorts of things.  When you begin the discussion of LIFE, you learn what was important to others in the past, NOW, and for the future.  You learn what they wanted but did not receive, you learn what their hopes and aspirations may have been.  There are lessons to be learned, but, many times, we never really think about them or learn from them unless we talk about them.  Have the talk of a lifetime, your lifetime, and the lifetimes of family members…NOW is a good time to start talking!


Julie Graf Skinner is with Busch Federal Home in Rocky River, Ohio


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Everyone Has Baggage…

Looking Back

This is a season of many emotions, one of which is regret.  It is an emotion that can eat up your days, spit up your joy, and keep you stuck, especially when it comes to money.  So, what to do?  For me, you will find, that I am a fan of living in the present, which is really a great word for this holiday season.  The past is gone, the present is here, and today becomes the future.  So live in the present, much like Eckhart Tolle advocates, now is the time you have more than anything else.  You can change your karma in one moment by changing how you are living in one moment.  NOW is powerful.  Call it mindfulness, call it whatever you like, but begin to take the time to be in the moment.  It will change your life if you do this moment by moment.  You can begin to appreciate others more, you can appreciate nature more, you can feel more.  I know you are thinking that you may be too busy to be in the moment, but try it.  

I have given up multitasking because I live more in the moment now than I ever have in the past.  And when it comes to money, I do have to stop myself from overthinking, because I am a recovering over thinker!  All that does is cause anxiety, and I know that because the Universe has shown me time and again that my intentions are heard and they are fulfilled as long as I stay in the moment.  Get me off track and overthinking and the proverbial shit hits the fan.  Sorry about that!  But it is true.  

As an entrepreneur, and many of you are, cash flow especially at the holidays is a phrase we hate because Christmas dominates over everything else, and our inflows slow down.  But it recovers, and we all know that, but the overthinking, the multitasking of numbers can cause genuine anxiety attacks in this season.  

My promise to me is that I have been here before, and every year I try to plan for it, but it is never quite enough to avoid the anxiety.  So, I am doing what I preach…I have returned to the moment knowing that the Universe will take care of it.  It just might not be in my timeline.

And with money, everyone does have baggage…from religion, from cultural backgrounds, from family beliefs, and they do not make for a usual happy holiday season, so take the baggage and toss it out the door and begin in this moment to create your memories of this moment as you graciously accept this moment to be the gift of your future.

And Where Will You Live, My Dear?


In a cottage by the water.  It matters not if the water is an ocean or a river or a lake; just water, for water is a healer, even in the shower.  On the land is where I will live. It matters not if the land is tiny or large, for the land is from where we come.  Where the skies are blue, for the sky 🌌 is where we connect with everyone before us and after us.  And it matters that the water, the land, and the sky have been sustained by all who have come before, for that is a gift from the past to those in the present to be sustained by us to be a gift to the future.  That gift is where I will live…

Sundays are Always a Little Brighter!

First Church of Oberlin 3 20 17

First Church of Oberlin is where I really became acquainted with the city of Oberlin in the early 2000’s…

Now, on a Sunday, I do try to attend whenever possible.  I went to bed yesterday and awoke this morning with that intention, and it was all so different for me.  My meditation time this morning before church had me a lot closer to my God than ever before.  Part of that may be because I have made the intention to really create The Empower Excellence Experience full steam as my emphasis this month of April!  And that has all come from God!

Church was good as was the congregation meeting afterwards about the City’s approval of an electronic sign, one of the first in Oberlin, for First Church.  Of course, there are some who feel that it is not “neighborly” to do this.  But it is.  We are spreading the good word of the church and the town moving into the future.  It is all in good taste, and I like it!  God has not stood still…and God wants to move ahead always.  The vote comes in three weeks…

Oberlin is grounded in the past but with an eye to the future…and I am here witnessing it today!