Not to Reinvent the Wheel…

First of all, I offer gratitude in this Thanksgiving week to all who are experts in fields aligned with my Personal Sustainability work. ¬†In particular, I give credit to a professional who came to my attention because of her work with food, Roseane Oliveira, and with gratitude, I include a blog from 2016 that has […]

Wow! ¬†Cereal! ¬†Children ūüĎ∂¬†of all ages are mesmerized for ages by it. ¬†You can see it in commercials of programming aimed at children. ¬†You can see it in any grocery store cereal aisle. ¬†In the 1950‚Äôs, televisions began appearing in homes! Mothers began working part time and full time! ¬†It was time to save time […]

Where Does All That Food Come From?

So many children think food literally comes from the grocery store! ¬†A unique way of learning about the source of food are FFA (Future Farmers of America) events such as one, Food for America on October 10 held for elementary and middle school students from Lorain County. ¬†The event is organized by FFA chapter high […]

Cleveland Style Food Writing!

This is one of the best current books about the selling of food! ¬†Michael Ruhlman, from Cleveland, spends some time with the Heinen Brothers, and really educates the reader about grocery stores and food. ¬†Yes, I like the book, but I am ¬†beginning to see a shift in marketing practices at Heinen‚Äôs. ¬†I will be […]

Food is the Fuel You Feed Your Body; Are you Reading the Labels?

Sometimes I believe we spend more time¬†researching the fuel for our car than we do for our body! ¬†There is so much information available on food that I often say “the more I read, the less I eat!” ¬†But there are some easy guidelines, well publicized but often ignored, and easy to follow. Grow Your […]

It is Nothing New!

This is an actual copy of my 1970‚Äôs era of The Supermarket Handbook, which inspired me directly and my children indirectly in our food choices way back then. ¬†It is worth reading today. ¬†Some things remain! ¬†And this was decades before all of the shared knowledge on GMOs and pesticides. ¬†What are you worth? ¬†Take […]

Begin to Change, Begin to Like It!

To become personally sustainable will require some change. Of course, it will.  Change sleeping habits, change eating habits.  But any caterpillar who has become a butterfly can tell you it is worth the change.  Our next area of basic needs will be food.  Hold tight because it might not be a pretty change.   

Sustainability Strives for Clutter Free…

Clutter, hoarding, and more. ¬†It can happen throughout your home ūüŹ°, even in the kitchen. ¬†Adults who grew up in the Depression, the Recession, or a home with depression, can have a tendency to “stockpile” food. ¬†This can be emotionally satisfying, but it can also contribute to fear of not having enough! ¬†It can also […]