Getting to Joy and Sustainability

Whether your favorite area of life is food ūü•ė, the environment, or just living chemical free, there are certain touch points that bring you joy! And only you know what they are! So celebrate you and find your joy! BUT, remember there will be those who will take the “friend” road to try and redirect […]

Why Are We Not Bringing More Light?

There are many moments where I ponder what the blog of the day will be, and this one was easy. ¬†Many of us are considered energy workers, many of us are light workers. ¬†What does that mean? ¬†Well, I could take on thousands of different opinions on both topics, but I choose in my own¬†peaceful […]

And Then My World Opened Up…Again!

I am not a photographer! ¬†I know that! ¬†We all know that! ¬†But this photo taken this morning is super significant, not because of its photographic quality, but because of its 5-year anniversary, literally, of the subject matter, the book by Tama Kieves, INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE! IN 2012, on August 1, this book became available […]

Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice, I Give Up or NOT!

It is almost too much to comprehend… Is your Parmesan cheese ūüßĬ†purely Parmesan? Is your “organic” meal real or a misrepresentation in any sense? Is your olive oil in your cupboard the real thing? Is your seafood really what you thought it was when you bought at your supermarket? There are hundreds of other fake […]

Courage is What is Missing!

Some folks think I am being risky with some posts lately, that I am taking on “the corporate food giants”! ¬†Yes, I am pulling up my courage in the area of Sustainability. Personal Sustainability is our responsibility from birth. We acquiesce as we grow, letting others make decisions; and then as adults, we attempt to […]

Forty Years of Eating “Healthy”…

1975 was a good year! ¬†It was the year my oldest son was born, and it was the year I discovered THE SUPERMARKET HANDBOOK written by Nikki and David Goldbeck. ¬†But 40 plus years is a long time, and my $1.95 paperback copy must have disappeared or disintegrated over the years… No matter, in the […]

My New Most Favorite Book! Food, Cleveland Food, Heinen’s…

OMG, I love this book…It is so full of ¬†wonderfulness! ¬†Michael Ruhlman is a local Cleveland guy! ¬†Michael Ruhlman writes and writes about food! ¬†But this book is so perfectly on target as I have found my way to Oberlin and am finding my way to being Healthy with local food and sustainability. ¬†Please do […]