Heaven is a Feeling, Yes!

This month I am really focusing on feelings and money, and heaven is a feeling. Oh yes, there are those who have died and come back who tell us that heaven is a real place. In all reality, however, heaven could be the feeling of life as we wish it was. Heaven is a state of mind, a point of view. I feel loved when I feel that I am in heaven and that everything is just fine!

Heaven is all around me, and it is especially present when I feel the passion of what I do in my life: helping people have a better relationship with their money whether it is through coaching in the area of energy, the area of finances, or in their businesses through really energetic networking. Money is a shadow for many, a shadow that they do not quite understand; and, if I can bring light to the money topic, and I see the light within them come to life, I am in heaven.

Yes, at that moment, I am a little girl learning to fly as I learn how to pump on the swing in the playground. Remember me, I am that little girl playing every moment of her life with the passion of my purpose on Earth. It is Heaven!


The World is Over…

Buterfly Monarch Ohio Caterpillar

At the Miller Nature Preserve here in Lorain County, life transforms all of the time with their butterfly gardens.  I am oh so glad that I captured these photos last summer because it is a photo such as this that will get me through the remaining weeks of 2017!  With the holidays and changing family dynamics, with Mercury Retrograde up until December 22, and with my body finally letting go of what might have been any one of multiple diagnoses since Halloween, I still have days of almost no activity (compared to my normal energy levels), and I welcome them because it is all a part of the total healing.  

When I moved to Oberlin from Westlake, Ohio in March, I was burned out.  It was Spring, and that was good because I walked, wandered, and explored as I really began an inward journey to find who I was at this time in my life.  Summer became hectic, and the new roles did not always fit.  By Fall, I became ill, and it has taken weeks to initially “let go” and then to “rediscover” and “just be”.  I know what caused the Spirit to crash and burn, and I know what it is taking to come back to me!

This has been a major transition geographically, emotionally, and spiritually as well as mentally and professionally!  I am on the path, but there has been much carnage left behind.  The proverb “just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly…” sits on the table next to my bed, and it was there this morning, following a good deal of anxiety that my eyes came to rest.  I am facing “aging” as the oldest of three female siblings.  I am youthful in every way, but I am not of the same cloth as my two sisters.  We are very different, and that is fine, but as we age, the differences for me are way too different for peaceful times together. I will not digress, but I will say that I am fine without sharing the Christmas holiday with them.  Enough said.  I have my family, a son in Tampa who I wish could be here for Christmas, a son and daughter in law locally with their two little boys–that is what Christmas is about this year!  

One of the sisters, even though invited, has not been able to find the time to visit me in Oberlin in the 9 months I have lived here.  And the forever best friend has either outgrown me or I have outgrown her because she can never find her way west, and I have given up on being the social connector for us.  There is always something that prevents her from keeping the dates we set.  Once again, enough said.  So, the following is really applicable today as I contemplate the years that I have left, and they are many, but they are changing with the aging process…  I really feel this way, that, while people do not like change, they really do not like it when one of the caterpillars becomes a butterfly, ready to fly,  So, I am now finding other butterflies who understand “flying” and “soaring”, no matter how old, no matter how much money it takes, and no matter how few “old” friends remain — for no matter how long!



.  butterfly-clipping-wings-july-6-2016

This Week Is Gone, Thank You, GOD!


While I heartily disagree with apologies, I really feel that I owe my readers an apology for this week.  My mind has been too many places as I am “The Wicked Witch of Everything” during Halloween week as Halloween was my birthday.  But it was more:  the calendar moved to a new decade, I met with a new holistic doctor in Oberlin (emotionally draining as she is holistic and takes “everything” into consideration), one of my Women’s networking groups had a major meeting yesterday, and so much more.  So I want to get back on track and take claim to my title of “The Wicked Witch of Everything” at the same time I am starting a new meditation series withe Deepak Chopra and Oprah dealing with “TIME”.  

Personal Sustainability is our main title area, and the foundational platform is your Money Relationship because if the Money Relationship has bad energy, every part of your life will have bad energy.  So I am getting back on track with topics on energy…


And, I am going to start with this favorite illustration of mine:  blue, purple, and green balloons.  The colors are pretty but not totally important except that they are colors in my logo, and for me they represent power or royalty , peaceful water and sky, and serenity!  But balloons are only pieces of rubber (do they use rubber in balloons still?) or latex.  They are very fragile, and they need energy from a source other than themselves to be able to realize their potential.  It could be a single person blowing up a balloon or the use of helium or a simple air pump.  Once inflated, they can be used for many things or set free to travel the world.  Really, they can with with right conditions.  They are strong but not only dependent upon outside sources but also free floating in many cases.  However, one tiny hole or pin prick and the balloon deflates proving itself to be totally useless, good for nothing!  

Our personal energy, especially with money, is much the same.  We are flying high until something pricks us and we are free floating down to Earth.  As we continue looking at money and a good relationship with it, think of the balloons.  Even go out and buy yourself a pretty balloon.  See how it makes you feel from the moment you choose it until the moment it ends up flying away or being tossed into the trash!  Because energy and money have everything to do with feelings, too!

You Win Some, You Lose Some


Cynical as it may be, life is not all about winning.  There is  a balance:   you win some, you lose some.  It does not matter what you are talking about in your life.  It can be a love relationship, money, time, good days and bad days.  Not everyone is going to like what you have to say.  Even in blogging, some people quickly sign up to “follow” you.  Some never “follow” but read you faithfully.  How do you know?  Just stop writing, and you will hear from the faithful to begin again.

It is amazing when I announced that 2017 would be the year of the butterfly I lost a few followers.  Why?  Do butterflies bore them?  Not going into that because I would be preaching to the choir.  But I would like to explain why I am totally obsessed with butterflies.  The butterfly is one of the most beautiful creatures, and they come in all sizes and colors, and they are all over the world.  They do not bother anyone, but they serve not only as beauty but as pollinators.  Their life span is short but oh so productive.  Their main fascination for me lies in the fact that they are absolutely the most beautiful form of transformation moving from the fuzzy caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly.  This is transformation that is visible; and we all can use the caterpillar as an example of something that does not know what hits them until they are the beautiful creature, and then their life is shortly over.  They reach their glory, make the most of it, and live the world to all of the other butterflies.  They are happy, I think, I hope, because they create happiness in their beauty to be beheld, and they are the eternal sign of hope in their transformation.

Six years ago I left the corporate world of wealth management…it was a long departure until I finally realized that I was a caterpillar there and wanted to become a butterfly to pollinate the world with better ways to live with money, something I am very good at.  I have had the good fortune to know what I am on this Earth to do.  I lived my whole life learning the bits and pieces I needed to help change fear with money to love with money.  Love has power with everything, but especially with money.  My journey has been spiritual, experiential, and full of fear at times, but you have to live with the fear to know what happens to someone experiencing fear before you can help them transform the fear into love.  That is what I do in various forms and formats, and I love what I do.  So the fascination with butterflies….

Come with me this year as we fly with the butterflies, finding hope, finding love, and being happy!  Ever see a sad butterfly?

If I Am So Happy, Why Do I Feel So Crappy this Morning?


I cannot remember when I felt so nauseous so quickly…but it does help to know why I feel this way.  I have been going through a major energy shift, all for the good.  This morning during my meditation the shift went to another level.  I am grateful for that because so much is changing so rapidly, and I am finding the exquisite energy needed to move through the changes.  These are changes that have made me very happy, and they are changes that are moving me toward my next step with The Empower Excellence Experience.  So, all is good; all is great.  But I watched myself during meditation move from total contentment to total letting go to OMG I feel sick.  I already know that energy shifts can bring about physical symptoms.  Please understand, I rarely have a headache, and this feels just like my morning sickness decades ago.  Yuck!  And yet, I am happy to be nauseous, because just like childbirth, I know I am about to birth a wonderful manifestation of my business in the coming months.  And that makes me happy!  Happiness is different for everyone.  Defining happiness is hard work, but the most important thing is that happiness comes over long periods of time and much hard work.  Being happy can be a singular event that makes you content, makes you smile, makes you laugh.  Happiness is cumulative, and it comes in small steps like a smile or a laugh.  Happiness is a state of mind that stays with you through the good or the bad.  It is your super hero cape!  When I took my flying leap of faith 5 years ago, I was happy.  And I have remained happy while working to make sure that the happiness would continue.  It has been a crazy ride, but I have  never doubted my decision or the hard work I have had to do to keep the momentum going.  This past summer, I hit a period where I seemed to be slowing down in many respects.  My intuition told me repeatedly that I was preparing for the big steps I will be taking with my business and my personal life.  There were moments that I doubted the truth of that intuition, but only for small moments.  I was learning patience, and I was allowing my energy to shift.  This morning was the manifestation of the shift; consequently, that is why I have morning sickness.  The pregnancy has been confirmed, and I now know that I am expanding in a spiritual and intuitive sense.  So, it is on with the morning.  And the expansion continues with a brand new referral from a longtime friend this very morning…I love this morning sickness!

May 1: May the Butterflies Bloom in Your Life!

Butterflies in Blue

It is no secret that the butterfly is  symbol of transformation.  Believe it or not, but find the time today to ponder the power of transformation and the power of the butterfly!  The butterfly transforms nature after it experiences one of the greatest transformations nature displays.  From a caterpillar to a chrysalis to a beautiful work of art.  The butterfly has as many differences as anyone you may see in human form.  And their whole existence is a transformation.  They may go through a self confidence journey as the caterpillar; but then they really go through a “who am I” journey as the chrysalis to become a wonderful work of art.  But they were always totally together from the moment of their birth.  Yes, they had to go through a lot to realize that they had wings and could fly.

And you, too, have been transforming since birth.

Much gets in your way of realizing your beauty along the way, but trust me, you have wings, and like the butterfly you may not see them.  Come with me on a journey that starts today.  Learn to believe you have power and excellence and beauty and JOY.

I am only with you for a part of your total transformation:  I am here to help you find JOY in your MONEY, which may help you find more JOY in your LIFE…

This is not a materialistic journey.  It is a journey to show you that money is only a tool to help you find JOY.  It has nothing to do with the Power of Attraction; but you have everything to do with the Power of Attraction.  If you find your JOY, you attract more JOY!  It has nothing to do with gaining POWER; but it has everything to do with finding your POWER with MONEY.  This is not a woo-woo journey; but it helps to understand what woo-woo is all about!  This is not an MBA to Finance; but it includes an education of basic finance in your life.

This is about JOY!  This is about YOU!  Ready…just pay attention today to the beauty n your life, and, maybe, just maybe, a butterfly will cross your path…JOY!



Are You EMERGING, Are You Becoming a More Creative Being?


Many times when I think about EMERGENCE, I think about a butterfly!


A butterfly begins its journey as a caterpillar–fuzzy, furry, and oh so green.  Who would think that in a short period of time, which I am sure to the caterpillar may seem like a very long time, that this crawling creature will begin a transformation — yucky, sticky, and more –that will have the EMERGING being oh so different, so beautiful, and so free, no longer crawling along the ground, but taking wing into the vast unknown!


Make this week your week of EMERGENCE, quite possibly on your way to Transformation in all parts of your life, including your relationship with money…think about it and create it, this week!