Reboot and Emerge…

Lately, my computer has been slowing down, so this morning I rebooted everything, and now I know from how I have been feeling since the beginning of the year–an experience in estrangement, the launching of a co-collaboration of Ageless Women of Wisdom, the extreme focus of getting the collaboration flowing, and then the dissolution of the collaboration and beginning the company anew as a solo entrepreneur. As usual, I get through the down time, just like the computer, but the energy begins to lag, and then…

Something or someone happens into your life with hope. The computer responds, and I begin to respond. The company will make it through a few down days while I re-organize now that the fundamentals have been changed to reflect my solo management of Ageless Women of Wisdom. Not only do I begin to believe, I begin to emerge once again in Oberlin, and I begin to want to fly. The start will begin this weekend, and then I will see where my wings will take me.

Realizations & Epiphanies, No Intentions!


Taking my cue, and the contents of my vortex, Doreen Virtue gave me the greatest gift of the new year this morning:

What a beautiful and powerful card for the new year! You are going to receive great insights, and personal revelations that will set you on a positive course of action.

Pay attention to realizations, and ahah! moments when you recognize a truth that is meaningful to you.

It’s a wonderful idea to spend quiet time as the new year begins, listening to your inner voice. Ask yourself what you would like to change, and what you would like to work on.

Set your intentions for this New Year, and of course pray for guidance about what steps to take in your intended direction.

There’s a message to remind you that you are limitless! Beware of the ego (your own ego or someone else’s ego) trying to talk you out of your dreams or ideas.

If God has given you a divine assignment that you are passionate about, you can be sure that God will also support you each step of the way.

Make this your year to fly high, and explore the boundless loving energy that God has gifted you.

Happy New Year with lots of Love!

Several days ago I declared that 2017 would be the Year of the Butterfly…Need I say more?  My spirit sings, my soul is on fire, and my head has given way to the spirit and the soul as I embark on the greatest year of my life…The Empower Excellence Experience.

Calling All Caterpillars, It Is Time to Change!

Hope and Butterflies 3

The life of a butterfly is very short, but still caterpillars unknowingly are preparing their whole life to be a thing of tremendous beauty for a very short time!  So, caterpillars, what are you waiting for?  You are held hostage by your very nature.  You are preparing to be a most beautiful creature with an unknown future.  You do not even know that you can fly in a short period of time…but the yearning is there!  It is so strong that you are yearning for this uncertain future!  You do not know what lies ahead, but you do know that it is something marvelous!

If the caterpillar can do this, so can you.  It does not matter what the dream is, you have the dream within you, and it is time to break free from your personal chrysalis  and begin the adventure to fly!