2019 The Year of the Family Legacy, Financial Wellness, and Money Energy…

It happens every year: January 1! And it is “happy”. This year, my focus not only with my company Empower Excellence but also personally is a Family Legacy, Financial Wellness, and Money Energy.

I am not even going into any of 2018; it was a year of preparation and development, and this year is a year of manifestation and joy.

So, what is New Years’ Day all about for me… It is stabilization. It is the acceptance of what is right now. It is a day of gratitude for Family Legacy, Financial Wellness, and Money Energy, all of which I am living right here, right now in the moment. I am building a Family Legacy; and, as I have said defining and redefining who is “family” is important. That still remains unwritten, Source will make it apparent as the days go on. Financial Wellness is appearing after years of focus and discipline in all parts of my life. But Money Energy is truly alive and well.

And I am alive and well, ready to embark on the new collaboration with a wonderful woman of wisdom. The program is beginning to come together, and I see the concept of “Ageless Women of Wisdom, Empowered to Become…” on the horizon as I work in my office overlooking the winter lake of my backyard, and the arrival of the butterflies at my window…

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The Family Legacy of Financial Wellness Begins…

Happy New Years’ Eve and the beginning of 2019: The plot twist did occur. It is simply this

And those who were pissed off were several more than I expected, but it will affect how my Family Legacy proceeds!

And it puts a whole new perspective on the year 2019 for I am already moving ahead and

I am happy, I am bright, and I am ME! Happy New Year!

So, what will a Family Legacy in Financial Wellness involve?

But, we do have a plan although breathing, trust, letting go, and flowing with the program are important. Our first session is held with the family member requesting the program. They will define their family unit and paint the picture of what “Financial Wellness” is to them. They will be the responsible person for the Legacy program. They will define their “family unit”. They will be included in as many of the 12 family sessions that is appropriate. They are the Principal I in the group.

Session II sets the tone that the sessions are separate, but as a family member everyone is equal. Each member learns why this is happening. It is “the talk”. They learn how it is happening. They also learn how and why goals and values for the future are important.

Session III begins with any other principal members. Session IV defines coming together while remaining separate for the principals. Joint values and goals are discussed, considered, and communicated.

Session IV is Collaboration while VI is Compromise. Session VII is The Potential Legacy–Dreams! Session VIII Prepping to Introduce the Family Legacy to Future Generations. IX is the meeting with the Future Generations for an introduction to the Legacy.

Session X encourages input on the Legacy from children, future generations; their dreams. Session XI is the total Family Discussion:

*Coming Together




All Together!

Session XII is the presentation of the Family Legacy for Financial Wellness.

Facebook:  Empower Excellence  “financialwellnessforall”

Facebook:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More

LinkedIn:  Janice Marie Litterst

Twitter:  @empowerwithjan

Email/Phone:  janicelitterst@gmail.com     440-670-2252

Living by Design, Not Default

Living your Legacy is by design not default!  The plan for a Family Legacy in Financial Wellness is a process that gives the family legacy initiator the power to live your life, and your family to participate in your life, in a mindful, proactive, purposeful, and successful way.

More than that, the Legacy in Financial Wellness provides accountability, financial guidance, and an opportunity to ask the questions, find the answers, and discover your future path.

How does all this happen?  Working with families has allowed me to be their coach in creating a Family Legacy in Financial Planning.  My energy combined with theirs allows them to create their personal plan all the while using my decades in financial planning to help them achieve what they determine is their “success”.

Something to think about for 2019…

Facebook:  Empower Excellence  “financialwellnessforall”

Facebook:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More

LinkedIn:  Janice Marie Litterst

Twitter:  @empowerwithjan

Email/Phone:  janicelitterst@gmail.com     440-670-2252

Put Your Dream Into Play…A Family Legacy in Financial Wellness can be your Dream Come to Life!

A Legacy Makes a Dream a Reality

Why would anyone want to plan to leave a Legacy, a true Family Legacy for Financial Wellness?  When men and women become a member of the folks in their 40’s to their 60’s, they have reached a level of achievement and success along with some material wealth.  They are at a gateway to the rest of their life, and there are people they hold dear to them, whether family and/or friends.  This is the second part of their life.  While they continue their financial growth in the area of their “net worth”, they are definitely considering investing with meaning in themselves, their family, and their “self worth”.

Consider what your dream is for yourself, for your family, for your friends, for your community.  Just give it some thought…

Facebook:  Empower Excellence  “financialwellnessforall”

Facebook:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More

LinkedIn:  Janice Marie Litterst

Twitter:  @empowerwithjan

Email/Phone:  janicelitterst@gmail.com     440-670-2252

Make Money Simple: Define YOUR Legacy

You Will Get...Help Others Get

Good Morning!  I try to greet folks when I see them for the first time in any day.  I get a feeling of gratitude when I say it because I can say it!  Each time I say it, it makes me feel a little bit better.  But I also know that others feel good when they are acknowledged in a positive way, and they may very well go on to share a greeting with the folks they encounter during their day.  It really is a win-win situation.  I get what I am looking for, grace, gratitude, and a little bit of love while I hope others get the same from me!

The Universe has been good to me for a long time, but I always get the nod of acknowledgement from the Universe when I have begun to talk about the programs I offer through Empower Excellence, LLC.  Recently, after I have begun to verbally share with all the Family Legacy for Financial Wellness program for 2019, the word “Legacy” keeps appearing.  Yes, I know that this is a reticular activation phenomena, but it is more than that.  The Universe sends me gifts that surround “Legacy” in ways that I can never anticipate.  This weekend the first ever Open Mic Poetry Gathering I attended announced the week before that the theme was “Legacy”.  OK, but it was also the message that I should participate as I meet this new group of folks.  I did, and it was a success.  

About a month ago, after beginning to follow Garrett Gunderson and his Wealth Factory program over the summer, I was invited to a series of three webinars.  Topics were not announced as far as I know.  I attended the first in the “Win Then Play” series , and I attended the second.  But the third was all about Defining Your Legacy.  Ok, this was fantastic.  It reinforced for me what I am doing.  I was hooked on Garrett and my concept on Family Legacy in Financial Wellness.  I was amazed, as I always am with the Universe, that this validation was coming to me in such a strong manner.

So, before I formally announce the Family Legacy in Financial Wellness program in the coming weeks, let’s continue to share a little more about what this is all about.  How do YOU define YOUR Legacy?  

It will be different for each person reading this.  A “Legacy” is personal.  It is a way to combine your reality–money is a part, but only a part–with your fantasy, your dreams for yourself, your family members, and others.  It is the mark you leave on the world.  Do not shut down on this saying you have “nothing” to leave.  Oh, yes, you do!  This may be the hardest part of the “Family Legacy in Financial Wellness”:  acknowledging that you have plenty to leave as your mark.  You just need to find the time, make the time, to make YOU important enough to think this through.

Start with defining a “DREAM” for YOU.  I can hear the outbursts now as I write this.  “I do not have a dream”.  It could be followed by how your life sucks, and how you wish you were dead.  But, Stop, really stop, and begin again.  It is time to define YOU.  That is it for today.

DEFINE YOU, with one qualifier  Only in Positive terms!

See you tomorrow…


Facebook:  Empower Excellence  “financialwellnessforall”

Facebook:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More

LinkedIn:  Janice Marie Litterst

Twitter:  @empowerwithjan

Email/Phone:  janicelitterst@gmail.com     440-670-2252

Make Money Simple: Reverse Your Aging by Leaving Toxic Work Relationships!

Be Happy

Happiness can be under rated!  So many times in our lives, we look at a less than perfect situation and stay in it because of “the money”!  Heck of a way to build a Family Legacy in Financial Wellness, isn’t it?  Our family members see that this is an acceptable way to work and live “for the money”.  But in all honesty it may be more expensive to stay in a toxic work relationship than to leave it, and I am not talking just money!

Yesterday, I promised my readers I would finally reveal my story of “Leaving Eddie Jones”, and I am incorporating that into today’s writing having the ability to look back and see how expensive it was for me to stay where I was for as long as I did.  

Our choices will promote either aging or anti-aging, but I did not think of that over the years.  It is only as I am aging that I think through every thought and decision to increase my longevity.  My youth is not lost, my life is in a new span of time.  Let’s go back to my years at Eddie Jones:

With four years in banking, six years at two major wirehouses, being recruited each time, I was still an optimistic member of the financial industry.  The first three of my years at Eddie Jones were productive, successful, and provided an opportunity to me for regional leadership.  I continued to build a women’s market as well as a socially responsible specialty.  Then three years into my time there, the managing partner changed, and the company changed.  We were also heading into the market downturn that lasted for the remainder of my time there.  I began in 2004 and left in 2011.  With the change in management, change in the market, and a growing awareness on my part of the “compliance” matters that were changing, I witnessed a lot that led up to my major decision in June of 2010 to “begin to leave”.  There are many other small situations, but I am not wanting to live in the past.  Let it be said that, while on commission, when I left Eddie Jones, I was granted unemployment compensation after putting all of the situations into writing.

Not wanting to live in the past, I will simply list the general areas that affected my decision:  Client compliance with the percentages of a client’s portfolio being limited to limit their exposure.  I was known to be the advisor who talked with compliance before making recommendations to the client.  The percentages of risk being allowed changed drastically.  

The ability of a client to hold proprietary products:  the company went from a mandate to sell proprietary products when a client came into Eddie Jones to promoting their own proprietary products over the years.  This was a direct affront to clients who were mandated to sell when I began with Eddie Jones.

The total lack of training and on-the-job guidance that office staff was provided in unusual estate situations with large clients.  Then, when the staff messed up under the guidance of home office staff, they were terminated.  

Lack of home office and regional support in times of catastrophe leaving the local office to work through the insurance/restoration/ business resumption on their own.

The direct experience where I was asked to consider hiring someone who was threatening a sexual discrimination lawsuit against Eddie Jones.  The employee did come to work for me while being subjected to the wrongful behavior of a male advisor.  His colleagues literally chastised me for hiring her.  She worked through her pregnancy for me…

One of the final blows was being told by home office that I spent too much time with clients.  Their suggestion was 5% with current clients with the remainder of my time being spent in client and asset acquisition.  

In the spring and early summer of 2010, the production requirements were increased.  My client service numbers were really good, and no formal complaints , no legal action ever.  We had just lost our office staff as stated above, we had recovered from the loss of a major client due to the death of the client but still retaining and restructuring the assets for the beneficiaries, we had recovered from a total flood of our office, and more.  I had been told that the home office staff was there to help, but when I asked for a delay in implementation of the new numbers to allow the actions needed for the clients, I was told I spent too much time with my clients!  My response was that they should terminate me right then because of the change in risk limitations, which would only benefit the advisor and the firm–not the client, that my clients were why I was there!  They responded that they knew I would meet the new requirements.  Six months later, they did terminate me with no notice.  They brought in a brand new representative who lasted probably less than a year.  There was no transition for my clients.  There was no regard for the clients at all.  End of story…

I was not a hard-headed realist, I knew what was coming, and I trusted The Universe, I trusted I would find my way, and I did.  I used my brain to strengthen me mentally, emotionally, and phsyically.  Since then I have improved my health greatly.  I trusted me.  I am a new person in all regards.  I reduced the toxic influence of Eddie Jones and corporate America on my life.  My quality of life includes all the ways that will allow me to lve at least another 35 years.  

Meditation, social support, close relationships, good sleep, boundless curiosity, the willingness to move forward, taking on new challenges, and believing in my values are all things that I use and most use when they want to retain vitality and age well.  It was then that Empower Excellence began.  It was an adventure to help clients Make Money Simple and to do the things in their life inspite of “the money” 

And now, as I continue developing ways to help others with their money, the idea for a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness is taking shape.  And the Legacy is not just “money”, it is a reflection of someone’s values for their life and for those who they care deeply about–it is the Legacy they will leave with everyone they have touched.  And, I, with gratitude, will leave my Legacy not only upon my family who have watched me travel this path without wavering because of “the money” but also on friends and clients who at times wondered about my connection with reality…but I am on my way today and into the future leaving a Legacy for all I encounter.



Facebook:  Empower Excellence  “financialwellnessforall”

Facebook:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More

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Twitter:  @empowerwithjan

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who is generation z?


Were you born between 1996 and 2010?  You are Generation Z!  

In working toward creating a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness, I am learning so much!  I know that none of my children or grandchildren are Generation Z.  So, without any bias, I can discuss this here as a part of my Legacy thinking.  

Generation Z are very young pragmatists!  They are resolute, smart, hardworking, and entrepreneurial.  They have experienced our first black president in the United States.  They know they can change the world!  They have experienced a major recession with great economic instability and they may be headed into their second right now!  They have experienced great growth in the stock market numbers.  They are now experiencing some major pullbacks.  They have experienced the election of a president no one thought could win.  His promise was to “Make America Great Again”.  Generation Z will help determine much of what the future days hold in all of these areas.  

Generation Z is powerful for by 2020 they will represent 40% of the consumers.  They strive for and demand excellence in brands.  They are the “pivotals” as described by Jeff Fromm and Angie Read in their MARKETING TO GEN Z book.  They look at price and value.  They have been mobile since birth; but they are old souls in young bodies.  They actually trust their parents.  

Their values include diversity, equality, collaboration, and earned success.  At the same time, they are obsessed with their social life, they care but are not connected, and they have social media but their use is questionable.  They live IRL “In Real Life”, and their FOMO “Fear of Missing Out” and FOLO “Fear of Living Offline” is real.  Facebook is not dead to them, but they scroll more than they post.  They get their info from Twitter!  They also lead Instagram which inspires them!  Snapchat is their go to app.  

Their influence is also at home even with the changing family structure.  They influence family decisions.  They want to know real people rather than celebrities.  Their brand is “ME” and want to be understood, seen, and grow.  They listen to be heard.  They are empowered consumers in their society of conscious capitalism.

They are a generation to be involved in a Family Legacy of financial wellness…I hope we are all listening to them so that we may all be heard as we move into our futures!

Can Financial Wellness Solve the Retirement Crisis?

Spirituality 1

We do try to be practical with our blog topics, and today’s topic is retirement because we all want to be in retirement some day no matter of we keep on working!  The typical products, such as a 401(k) have not worked very well for folks to save for retirement .  I am not going to give you the depressing statistics; all that does is put FEAR in your Heart and Mind and Soul!  Retirement planing needs to be more holistic, and Financial Wellness needs to come first.  

And Financial Wellness needs to be more than a simple addition to retirement planning.  Get back on track financially!  Pay down debt!  Save for short-term emergencies!  Then save for retirement!  And it means changing behaviors.  People do not set themselves up for failure by choice.  There are many who have been single parents, have had health emergencies, and, to be honest, they do not want to have FEAR poured into their heads about how bad they have been!

So, yes, Financial Wellness can help prepare for retirement , but let’s start in small steps.  Financial Wellness begins with an evaluation with a professional of where someone is right now.  And take the FEAR out of it!  Begin with the beginning:  what can be done now to change their situation and behavior.  It is almost an elitist approach that makes people FEARFUL to get them to change their behaviors.  Let’s just be REAL and begin with my Spending Plan approach.  

Stress is already a problem with money causatives.  It adds to absenteeism and loss of productivity and healthcare costs.  Let’s stop the FEAR, for God’s sake!  Let’s change the way we all think:  Financial Wellness is to help you with basic financial thinking and decision-making .  The experts have to start thinking differently before the folks facing retirement will make the necessary changes in their lives.  We want them to live to retirement, don’t we?