2019 The Year of the Family Legacy, Financial Wellness, and Money Energy…

It happens every year: January 1! And it is “happy”. This year, my focus not only with my company Empower Excellence but also personally is a Family Legacy, Financial Wellness, and Money Energy. I am not even going into any of 2018; it was a year of preparation and development, and this year is a […]

The Family Legacy of Financial Wellness Begins…

Happy New Years’ Eve and the beginning of 2019: The plot twist did occur. It is simply this And those who were pissed off were several more than I expected, but it will affect how my Family Legacy proceeds! And it puts a whole new perspective on the year 2019 for I am already moving […]

So, what will a Family Legacy in Financial Wellness involve?

But, we do have a plan although breathing, trust, letting go, and flowing with the program are important. Our first session is held with the family member requesting the program. They will define their family unit and paint the picture of what “Financial Wellness” is to them. They will be the responsible person for the […]

Living by Design, Not Default

Living your Legacy is by design not default!  The plan for a Family Legacy in Financial Wellness is a process that gives the family legacy initiator the power to live your life, and your family to participate in your life, in a mindful, proactive, purposeful, and successful way. More than that, the Legacy in Financial […]

Put Your Dream Into Play…A Family Legacy in Financial Wellness can be your Dream Come to Life!

Why would anyone want to plan to leave a Legacy, a true Family Legacy for Financial Wellness?  When men and women become a member of the folks in their 40’s to their 60’s, they have reached a level of achievement and success along with some material wealth.  They are at a gateway to the rest […]

Make Money Simple: Define YOUR Legacy

Good Morning!  I try to greet folks when I see them for the first time in any day.  I get a feeling of gratitude when I say it because I can say it!  Each time I say it, it makes me feel a little bit better.  But I also know that others feel good when they are acknowledged in […]

Make Money Simple: Reverse Your Aging by Leaving Toxic Work Relationships!

Happiness can be under rated!  So many times in our lives, we look at a less than perfect situation and stay in it because of “the money”!  Heck of a way to build a Family Legacy in Financial Wellness, isn’t it?  Our family members see that this is an acceptable way to work and live […]

who is generation z?

Were you born between 1996 and 2010?  You are Generation Z!   In working toward creating a Family Legacy of Financial Wellness, I am learning so much!  I know that none of my children or grandchildren are Generation Z.  So, without any bias, I can discuss this here as a part of my Legacy thinking. […]

Can Financial Wellness Solve the Retirement Crisis?

We do try to be practical with our blog topics, and today’s topic is retirement because we all want to be in retirement some day no matter of we keep on working!  The typical products, such as a 401(k) have not worked very well for folks to save for retirement .  I am not going to […]