What DO YOU WANT: a Quiet Mind or a Monkey Mind? #FinancialFreedom


And I do believe in energy. You are a powerful being; you can turn negativity into positivity but only if you want to! A quiet mind can start out as a noisy mind and with your control of your energy you can make the transformation. How? Well first of all observe your feelings in the moment. Can you acknowledge the feelings that you are allowing? That is what you are controlling. If you want to change, you can through your own thoughts and actions. It is not always easy, but it is possible!

The Buddhists named “monkey mind”! Think about it. Monkeys flitter from one tree to another possibly mindless of what they really are seeking. I cannot say that I know what they are thinking, but I can admit that when “monkey mind” is occurring, it is an abundance of brain activity, too much thinking, that now drives me to STOP IT!

And it does take practice. It is especially bothersome when it is about money; it appears as confusion and indecisiveness. It is about decision making, and money decisions are not always easy. In fact, for many, they appear to be elusive! Why? For one of many reasons, but for whatever the reason, and each reason can be remedied once identified, it is feelings that have taken over: fear, jealousy, revenge, love, desire, and more. Put the feelings in place at that moment, and you have started down a path to make easier money decisions and you are beginning to know you want financial freedom!

How I Found the TAO (pronounced like DOW) #Financial Freedom

THE TAO Found Me

For as long as I can remember, I had been taught that it was hard work to be successful. I had been taught that it might be sinful. I had been taught that only “rich” people are successful. But if I was not “rich” I really had to work harder. Made sense to me since I heard it from teachers, religious figures, parents, and more. But just recently I learned how wrong they all were.

It took me years. How about you? Were you taught that you really had to be determined, had to work hard, and had to sacrifice to be successful?

My first steps of disbelief probably began in the late 1990’s. Other words, other advice began to be heard in different venues I was pursuing. But still it took years to overcome those original admonitions to really compete, really try, and really stretch myself. After all, “nothing worthwhile came easy!”

Were you told that, too?

It took many years of undoing all I had been told, of finding what was right for me, and what is “right” is different for each of us. Much of it was fear based. I learned over many tries to learn about love rather than fear, and the hardest part was learning how to love me. Why was that so hard? Because I had been taught that was being “selfish”, “greedy”, and a “sin”. “Hard work was the answer!” Many years, many teachers, many lessons, and I finally was receptive to learning new ways to love me and to be successful. I learned about “flow”, “letting go”, and more. I worked with others with my extensive financial training to help them, too, to have a good relationship with money because it is so totally involved in all parts of life. And then, other parts of life came into the picture.

I began to see how all of the things I had learned personally and professionally came together as my mission, something I loved doing–working, especially with women, to empower, connect, and share my wisdom while learning from the wisdom of all I worked with. And money became the tool that it has always been. It was no longer the end all for me and for so many. The women I worked with became more important.

What was their “WHY”? The WHY for their lives was not necessarily the WHY for their money. But the money was now a tool. They needed more tools, such as Financial Professionals, Attorneys, and someone like me who could help them find their WHY, help them find the professionals they needed and more to live out their lives in love, not fear! They knew themselves best. My approach slowly changed, and then,,,

Just about a week ago, the Universe, as it always does, pulled it all together: I was living a different life these days. Money was a tool, life was what I had to allow to enter softly and slowly, step by step, to find my own success and to help others find theirs as well. My life had been my re-education, and I was ready. The ah-ha moment when TAOism was made apparent to me. This was a way to bring together my non-competitiveness, my letting go, my finding non-stressful ways to live my life, to accept others as they are, to continue my belief that I am in my own personal “flow”, and more. Including how to love myself totally…

Are You Fearful of Responsibility? #Financial Freedom


Be ready to take responsibility if you are seeking freedom, especially financial freedom!

Sigmund Freud once felt that “Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”

If you are ready to take a flying leap, this is all you need to know:

  • Practice thinking about your thinking
  • Learn compassion with your mistakes
  • Have a healthy skepticism about your thinking
  • Become aware of your feelings and emotions
  • Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions
  • Know the difference between values and desires
  • Ask for help when you need it!

Now to Empower Our Children #Financial Freedom


Once we become empowered and soaring, it is mandated through values that we empower and teach our children how to be patient and get their wings so that they, to, can fly!

Energy can be good or energy can be bad! There are energetic highs and energetic lows. The energetic forces can be physical, psychic, and emotional. Financial energy can be devastating as children grow and learn the role that money plays in everyone’s lives.

We must be sure as the adults and as parents that we have energy under control in our own lives before we try to help our children through their own energetic highs and lows. If we are unsure, that message will carry over and magnify our own feelings with children.

Yes, good energy practice such as meditation, reiki, yoga, and more are good tools to show, share, and teach children. It helps them center, move their body, and breath. You and they are worthy of knowing this side of energy. But when they need it, they also need to know how to turn fear into fearlessness. Mindfulness can help them center, help them breathe, and help them find the joy in their lives. By loving kindness in their lives, they learn loving kindness , and they can become adults who practice mindfulness and loving kindness. They then can be reminded by their own thoughts and actions of their power, their support of themselves and how to celebrate their truth.

All children have the right to feel empowered to be able to decide on their lives and their futures and to love themselves and know that they, too, are loved!

Hope is the bridge from the problem to the solution… #Empower Connect Share

We have talked a lot about hope right now for many reasons. HOPE is always in my life, and it was in my life when I created Empower Excellence for work with women on money relationships. It was in my life when Professional Women’s Connection was offered to me as West Side Professional Women’s Connection in 2013; it was the hope to make it more effective to benefit more women in their professional networking needs. It was definitely hope that guided me into the formation and perilous journey of Ageless Women of Wisdom. Hope has been with me and remains with me during this pandemic of Covid 19. In each case the “problem” was unique, and the solutions were not known.

In this time of Covid 19, there are multiple worlds of problems: health primarily, financial, socialization, anxiety, mental depression, isolation, and many more that rise to the surface when time becomes a commodity that we seldom have. The isolation, the concern, the change of patterns of life all pose a different problem for each person. And HOPE is there if we have become accustomed to knowing what it is all about before the pandemic hit. Otherwise, we may find ourselves stumbling through new schedules–our own and other family members. More than that, there are emergency needs in the area of health, money, and isolation. Many of us are also still actively employed while being placed in a remote employment situation which can be very disruptive in light of all of the other changes occurring.

As I enter my own fourth week of “shelter at home, which was easier as I work from home as the owner of my own business and programs, I found myself feeling very blessed with an additional gift of time as scheduled events and meetings were slowly cancelled. It gave me time to work through the cancellation of a major Ageless Women of Wisdom retreat which was to occur on May 27th. There were the presenters, the venue, the advertising, the caterer, and potential attendees. The Universe made it very clear, not just for me, that it was time for the world to stop. It was time to have everyone take time to find their own path through this as everything changed.

It has been a time to notice that every part of our world is changing. Just the past evening into the overnight the weather was thunder, lightening, wind, and total disruption of sleep in my location which lasted all night. While I went to bed calm and peaceful, that soon ended. My newer sleep patterns of 9 hours of sleep were totally disrupted, followed by sun in the early morning, warmer temperatures, and now in the late afternoon falling temperatures and high winds. Not unusual in Ohio, but those of us who are more aware of climate change and the total disruption of world patterns right now, it is as if the Universe is washing the Earth and spin drying it all in one day. There is a cleansing happening. There is a return to human kindness. There is a return to keeping the home fires tended with regard to family, friends, and ourselves. And, yes, for many there is fear, downright total fear.

The problem may be considered total uncertainty in many parts of our lives except for one belief and emotion: faith. And a clear tool of faith is HOPE. While it may not be recognizable right now, the Universe and consciousness are totally organized even in these uncertain times. Part of that organization is HOPE in all things. For every problem there is always a solution, and the bridge to that solution is HOPE. Yes, it is true that each person’s path is unique, and the Universe provides the solutions in a time that is unique for each, everything happens at the right time for each of us.

If faith and its tool HOPE have not been an active part of each of our lives, I believe we are being given the time to be still, to listen to the voice within us which, when given the chance, does speak to us to recognize the problem or problems and gives us some ideas of how to resolve the problems. If we listen, we will feel HOPE, the bridge to the solutions we need. But it is faith that will let us be silent enough, calm enough, to listen to what is our internal wisdom. It is then that we will feel HOPE rise up as we begin to find what we each need in this time of pandemic!


It is a gray November Ohio day, no walking with the ice left over from the heavy snow. Walking will begin again this weekend as temperatures warm a little. But for now, it is a “be me” day with errands and WORK. Life becomes easier when you go with the flow, but more than that when you really begin with self love through self care starting with making sure your powerful self is healthy and ready to go through the winter, kind of like how bears and squirrels prepare to hibernate. Fear sometimes stops us from scheduling and following through with a regimen of dental, medical, and other self care appointments. Beginning yesterday, I began that regimen, fear—financially and result fear—be gone! I already feel better about what I have begun because now I know! And that is being BRAVE!

When The Universe Flows Over You with Grace…

Seriously, several days ago I went through a healing with a serious healer to overcome a fear that only occupied a very small part of my life, but it had to do with logical mathematical thinking, the farthest away from creativity that I could ever imagine! But the fear was crippling my creativity, my peace of mind, and much more. I allowed myself a “no think” weekend, but it is really working, and I am sleeping so peacefully all the way through the night, I am meditating in my power hour upon awakening , and seem to be accepting everything as it is without any concern. My creativity is running rampant. For the AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM 2020 RETREATS, I have narrowed them down from 10 to 7 leaving the Summer for fun. I have gone through and categorized the 113 main ideas for the retreat topics to be prioritized. And the beat goes on…Creativity has begun on the rebranding of my companies, and the above graphic is a depiction of where we are going in 2020. Healing can mean many things!

Healing Positivity Sets You FREE!

Short, sweet, and we all know this, but putting it into practice is another step forward. During this season of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, much has happened in my personal development: a sense of betrayal, a sense of mission, a sense of commitment, a sense of watching a concept develop and prove “right on”!

As a money energy coach I have put into practice a way that I have put fear with money, personal money, into a very positive vein and it is manifesting for me very well. But AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM had a partner, a collaborator, and we shared the financial responsibility, but the collaborator was totally unable to put her arms around the financial responsibility of what we had put into creation. She totally abandoned her responsibility and left the company. End of story for I am sure she has her own tale to tell, and it is totally inconsequential as AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM (AWW) has carried on to the point that our launch event is only a few weeks away. The point is I did have fear that was hampering my progress with this company. It took me back to many happenings n my life where financial abandonment occurred in a dysfunctional family, in a divorce, and more. BUT THAT IS OVER. My fear of numbers is on its way out the door. Totally as of this weekend when I was offered a healing for the 1% of fear remaining that I would fail with the “numbers”.

I have always had the ability and the power with money and numbers; I just did not totally believe I had the power. The fear has been healed, and I am experiencing a sense of freedom that with my Inner Source, Higher Being, and my vibration of a fear free sense with money that I can achieve all that is mine to do not only for others, especially women, but also for me!

It is a combination of what has always been with me: faith, belief, values, and pure determination aka perseverance that is moving me forward on the biggest victory march of the total realm of Empower Excellence, LLC–AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, Join me on October 16th and into 2020 as we all become empowered in whatever way our stories lead us to become empowered… Let’s Lose the Fear and Be Free!

Check out Facebook @AWWAGELESSWOMENOF WISDOM for the Eventbrite Registration Link for October 16th. Thank You!

An Impossible Week Evolved Into Letting Go of FEAR…fear no more!

It is the end of a wonderfully impossible week, and I feel drained but relieved. It was something so small that held such great power over me, but with the right healer, within an hour that 1% of FEAR found the path out of my life yesterday. The great opportunities of this week are dispelled because the FEAR has been dispelled. The opportunities now have a chance to be realized without FEAR. The SOURCE within me is now sharing all of my feelings, we are finally united as we are all united with each other in the Universe. NOW the opportunities can be realized fearless.


Thank you to Dr. Keith Jordan for the title of this blog as it comes from his book THE PRACTICE. Today has been a very different day, one in which I learned very much about myself and how one more healing can make a difference. But let’s first talk about the title and the significance of the page number on which the title was found.

The title of the chapter found on page 111, “THE POINT OF NO RETURN” is when you realize you are one with all of creation. More significant in my mind is the page number. “111” symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, inspiration and intuition, self expression and sensitivity. Angel Number 111 is a message from your angels to be very aware of your persistent thoughts and ideas as these are manifesting quickly into your reality.

When you realize you are at the point of no return you give up control, you embrace the darkness, you embrace God. The black of the night sky represents the unknown, or the Dark Side to some. But all is unknown and intuition deepens in this darkness. On a day when the sky is blue and sunny, we are really experiencing an illusion, we are in a state of ignorance being comfortable, loved, and appreciated. We feel all is well, we are safe, but it is an illusion for behind the blue sky is the dark.

Today has been a phenomenal day for me as the blue sky was lifted and a healing for a remaining point of fear has occurred, and I am grateful. And I followed a suggestion that I randomly open the book THE PRACTICE and read whatever is on that page. Being a student of Dr. Keith’s book, this is a common practice because what you are supposed to have shared with you at that moment will appear, and appear it did. I reached the point of no return today.