Storms Need to be Shared…AWE and More!

AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM and its current phase AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING has weathered many storms since the day I registered with the State of Ohio on March 2, 2019, and the storms definitely cleared the path to move forward. Fortunately, the storms of all shapes and sizes, continue. There is a new storm brewing based […]

Food is the Fuel You Feed Your Body; Are you Reading the Labels?

Sometimes I believe we spend more time researching the fuel for our car than we do for our body!  There is so much information available on food that I often say “the more I read, the less I eat!”  But there are some easy guidelines, well publicized but often ignored, and easy to follow. Grow Your […]

How Valuable are You?

you are important…and you need to take care of you!  Not only nutrition but GMOs, pesticides have been shown to harm the human being, and you are a human being!  Why would you choose anything but organic when it is available?  A simple replacement is locally grown when you get to know the local farmers […]

And Doreen Virtue Ratifies My Choice, Again!

Since I have given up the local printed media because it is OLD news and a waste of time amid negative vibrations, I no longer have the daily newspaper for my horoscope, but my virtual friend Doreen Virtue’s daily angel card messages are much more welcome and so true for me so many times.  But, […]

What Is Guiding You to JOY?

Too many times I find myself teetering on the edge of fear, afraid of what will happen if I jump into the middle of the “lake” of life and do what my heart and intuition are yelling at me to do. Pride, experience, reason, and heart are not always in agreement.  And that, sometimes, is […]