Awe, Isn’t This Selfish?

Growing up Catholic, we were taught to be kind and not to be selfish, and we all did as much of what we could to follow the rule of “what would Jesus do”? And then we grew up, we understood what we were taught, and we felt guilty when we began to take care of […]

And Where Do Dreams Happen in a Legacy?

When you have brought the members of the family together to Collaborate, to Compromise, it is time to share your dreams, your personal dreams for the Family Legacy of Financial Wellness.  To the point that you want to know and cherish the members of the family’s dreams, you also need to talk with them about their dreams as it will affect your perception of what you want your Family Legacy to be as you grow and eventually transition for it is then that you want the importance and significance of the Family Legacy to be meaningful.  And it cannot be meaningful if you do not have knowledge of the others’ dreams.  This is about YOU, but it is about you leaving a Legacy that will live on.  Talk about the dream YOU have, but also talk with the others about their dreams.  It brings a new perception to all involved knowing that the Legacy is truly one for the Family!

Do YOU have a Set of Core Beliefs? Values?

It was in 2011 that I put together my Core Values, even before I found my solid foundation outside of the financial planning industry.  I needed to know what guided me before then and at the moment and into the future; and they have not changed.  In 2012 I wrote my book to be published this year about money energy; that title has changed and will be changing as I change in my practice.  These beliefs, or values, rule what I do in all parts of my life:  they are mine!   Now in 2019, these Core Beliefs have guided me in working through the program of Family Legacy of Financial Wellness for families looking to be strong financially now and into the future well beyond their transition.   My clients in their 40’s to ’60″s and beyond have achieved in their lifetimes to a level of success defined by each of them just as their “family” is defined by them.  They are now at a time where they have a desire to create meaning for themselves, their “family”, and their world “self worth”.   The program is living by design, not by default.  The participants personally design the opportunity with mindfulness and purpose.  They are looking for accountability to ensure that their purpose and design is achieved.  Take the time this weekend to think about your core beliefs or values…how do you want them to be achieved? 

2019 The Year of the Family Legacy, Financial Wellness, and Money Energy…

It happens every year: January 1! And it is “happy”. This year, my focus not only with my company Empower Excellence but also personally is a Family Legacy, Financial Wellness, and Money Energy. I am not even going into any of 2018; it was a year of preparation and development, and this year is a […]

Your Family’s Culture…

Alone or together, everyone has a dream, and it may be affected by your family’s culture: religion, neighborhood, education, tradition. No matter what, every family has a culture! And the “talk” about your family with your family is step one to creating a true Legacy for Financial Wellness. Acceptance of who each member of the […]

What are Your Values, Code of Ethics, and more…

FAMILY LEGACY OF FINANCIAL WELLNESS: What do you want from those you work with, socialize with, and more?  Does it matter that they are honest, they have integrity, and they care sincerely about you?  Are you comfortable that all of your family members are on the same playing field with you? There is so much […]

Wealthy Women Transform the World!

Women are very good at creating legacies.  Women GIVE to the degree that 64% of online donations are made by women!  Girls at a young age want to make money because they learn that, if they want something and their parents will not buy it, then they want to have their own money.  Then they […]