Wisdom Across the Ages…AWW!

The wiser I acknowledge myself to be, the shorter my blogs are becoming. A recent post on social media acknowledged that the power you have, and you have lots of power–grace, brain, education, culture, love, and more, the more you have a responsibility to use that power to EMPOWER others. The short and simple is my power is also my mission: to empower women with their personal sharing of wisdom, to empower women with their entrepreneurial ventures as a business owner or employee, and to empower women with their money. This is the power I have accumulated over my personal generations. Now it is my responsibility to empower women to SHARE THEIR WISDOM no matter what generation they may be in through AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

Now, launching SIX AGES OF WOMAN on October 16th in Richfield, Ohio is the first major step in which you can join me. If you have friends in this area, please share

This link will take you to Eventbrite where tickets are available!