The time is NOW!

There is no time like the present, and that is what I told myself this morning when I awoke at 2 am after 4 hours of sleep.  This no longer bothers me; I have learned to trust time, and I went back to sleep listening to Esther Hicks giving an inspirational talk which seemed like […]

I AM Personal Sustainability…

Sometimes, I scare myself!  And this is one of those times!  My birthday is in this season, and today, there are two birthdays of folks I love and respect for who they are totally–personally and professionally.  And, yes, I am going to name them.  It is a day of truth!  One is Joe Kraft, a […]

Getting to Joy and Sustainability

Whether your favorite area of life is food 🥘, the environment, or just living chemical free, there are certain touch points that bring you joy! And only you know what they are! So celebrate you and find your joy! BUT, remember there will be those who will take the “friend” road to try and redirect […]

Sharing Summer Sustainability

Amy Cadore Shared this blog which originally appeared in the Norwex Movement Blog… Green Up Your Summer Celebrations Ahhh, summer . . . when the fresh air and sunshine make hosting holiday parties, birthday bashes and backyard barbecues even more appealing. But is it possible to throw a party that’s fun, creative and eco-friendly? Turns […]

Be Like Snoopy and Play It Cool!

Give yourself permission today to step forward and to back out if you need to.  It is Monday, and that brings mixed emotions to many…  For those who love what they do, they are happy to get back to it after a weekend.  For those who hate what they do, Monday is the day to […]

What Does Joy Have To Do With It?

What does Joy have to do with anything?  Joy has everything to do with everything!  It is kind of like money.  Money is a barter form that somehow has made itself important in all parts of our life.  Whether it is mental health, physical health, emotional health, nutrition, housing, clothing, education, entertainment, or anything else out […]

No Matter What…

Yes, I am talking to you, and I am talking to me!  Several years ago I made a decision to leave corporate America and begin my own company to work with people and their money decision making.  It has been an interesting trip.  Every day it is an interesting trip… Yes, I make a commitment every […]