She Did It Under the Willow Tree: Personal Leadership!

I do not normally write about food although I really love healthy food, and I rarely eat sugar deliberately, so please disregard the beautiful teal frosted cupcake. Say the words aloud, and then you will know why I am writing about cupcakes!

My topic today is personal leadership and I want to introduce you to two wonderful young women who led me to the sentiment: MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE ONE CUPCAKE AT A TIME. The first is Jenny Young; the second is Alex Fox! Jenny and Alex knew each other long before I met either of them.

Jenny is a networker extraordinaire! She also is the founder of SHE DID IT VIDEO in Wadsworth, Ohio, and I have seen her videos, I love her videos, and I intend to use her skill in my business. She is all around Northeast Ohio networking in a way that you want to hug her because she is fun!

I have only met Alex on social media, but her energy and leadership in her business definitely matches Jenny’s. Jenny made the introduction, not for cupcakes, but for an artistic talent Jenny raves about, and she is right. If her cupcakes are a reflection of her, they are fantastic! And Jenny says they are! Willow Tree Cupcakes in Wadsworth is Alex’s business. @willowtreecupcakes ON FACEBOOK

So why do I think Alex Fox and Jenny Young are personal leaders not only in their community of Wadsworth but also in the greater Northeast Ohio area? Because in both cases, they were free to reach out, to be dreamers who not only awakened to their purposes and self actualized their lives and their businesses but then went on to align with their soul and life purposes to help others in their community and through each other in the greater community. They became bigger than themselves…they became personal entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs. While their individual businesses are transactional, and people want their products–videos and cupcakes–they are both transformational entrepreneurs speaking to health, wealth, and wisdom resulting in JOY to all who cross their paths.

Jenny and Alex are Agents of Transformation! Smile for the camera and eat those cupcakes and make the world a better place!

Everyone Has Baggage…

Looking Back

This is a season of many emotions, one of which is regret.  It is an emotion that can eat up your days, spit up your joy, and keep you stuck, especially when it comes to money.  So, what to do?  For me, you will find, that I am a fan of living in the present, which is really a great word for this holiday season.  The past is gone, the present is here, and today becomes the future.  So live in the present, much like Eckhart Tolle advocates, now is the time you have more than anything else.  You can change your karma in one moment by changing how you are living in one moment.  NOW is powerful.  Call it mindfulness, call it whatever you like, but begin to take the time to be in the moment.  It will change your life if you do this moment by moment.  You can begin to appreciate others more, you can appreciate nature more, you can feel more.  I know you are thinking that you may be too busy to be in the moment, but try it.  

I have given up multitasking because I live more in the moment now than I ever have in the past.  And when it comes to money, I do have to stop myself from overthinking, because I am a recovering over thinker!  All that does is cause anxiety, and I know that because the Universe has shown me time and again that my intentions are heard and they are fulfilled as long as I stay in the moment.  Get me off track and overthinking and the proverbial shit hits the fan.  Sorry about that!  But it is true.  

As an entrepreneur, and many of you are, cash flow especially at the holidays is a phrase we hate because Christmas dominates over everything else, and our inflows slow down.  But it recovers, and we all know that, but the overthinking, the multitasking of numbers can cause genuine anxiety attacks in this season.  

My promise to me is that I have been here before, and every year I try to plan for it, but it is never quite enough to avoid the anxiety.  So, I am doing what I preach…I have returned to the moment knowing that the Universe will take care of it.  It just might not be in my timeline.

And with money, everyone does have baggage…from religion, from cultural backgrounds, from family beliefs, and they do not make for a usual happy holiday season, so take the baggage and toss it out the door and begin in this moment to create your memories of this moment as you graciously accept this moment to be the gift of your future.

Thank You to Someone…

stressreduction kit jpg

I would love to give credit to “someone” for this, but there was no credit given when I first saw it, so, if this is your creation, “Thank You!”

This is the point where you really do start banging your head on a table because the world is holding your money hostage…  OMG!  I am practicing faith, I am practicing patience, and I am just banging my head on my desk!

My angel advisors are telling me daily this week to let go of the stress, and I do, for a while, but then, another day goes by without progress being seen.  Angels, OMG!  Don’t talk to me, talk to the source of my impatience!  Please for both of us.  

Yes, money is a stressor even for financial coaches.  and, yes, I do handle it well as a entrepreneurial coach.  But, there are outside sources of the stress…the BIG Bank!  

So, now I am done banging my head on the desk.

Every entrepreneur has their “BANK” story.  It is a part of being entrepreneurial, I guess.  But I remember back in 2008 and more when everyone wanted their BANK stocks because they paid dividends regularly, UNTIL THEY DIDN’T!  And, yes, every client looking for their income suddenly found their dividend income reduced because of the BANK situation.  When are Americans going to realize that the BANKS really are there for the stockholders and not for the individual clients.  That is, they are there for the stockholders until they aren’t, like 2008!   It is not just one BANK, it is the BANKING industry.  For that reason, I will not cite my bank name; at least, not yet!  

So, what am I trying to accomplish with this morning’s blog?  Nothing more, really, than a time out from banging my head on the desk!

Respect for Yourself Includes Listening to Yourself…

Butterfly Listening

Addictions come in many sizes and shapes…but self-respect is an addiction that we all can live with, and live better with it when it is in our focus.  Yes, you do need to focus on self-respect.  As entrepreneurs, we always need to remember that self-respect is what brought us to this part of our lives; and we need to remember that when we are working with clients, customers, and other entrepreneurs.  This is not an easy life we have chosen for ourselves, but the alternative, the corporate J-O-B is not easy either.  Self-respect includes listening to yourself in all formats:  brain, heart, and soul.  And, when you are really in tune with yourself, it does become an addiction, an addiction so powerful that you do not consciously have to think through any decisions to any length as your brain, your heart, and your soul are singing, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in discord, telling you what is the right thing for you to do.  It is always nicer and easier when they are in harmony!  But we often listen to others more than ourselves…and sooner or later we come back to us, to the right decisions for us, no matter how many people may disagree, and those right decisions for us continue to build our strong personal foundation.  Sara Bareilles is a favorite artist of mine, and a recent song, “She Used to be Mine”, touches on very personal topics including self esteem.  I am not including it here because I want to bring  joy to your life.  “She Used to be Mine” makes me tearful…but then sometimes we need to listen to ourselves closely when the tears begin to fall…Find joy in your day, find joy in your life, and mostly find JOY in you!


I Love Yellow Flowers…Gratitude in Bloom!

Gratitude...Yellow Flower

Yesterday was Thanksgiving!  It is a day where many acknowledge how grateful they are for family, friends, health, an more in their lives.  

And today, it is “Black Friday” where everyone runs out to every possible retail venue whether in person, on line, by phone to spend (and save!) as much as they can as fast as they can!

There have been very few Black Fridays that I have participated in.  Many years this was the day the Christmas tree was cut, and that tradition ended before the beginning of this century for many reasons, including my sons and I living in disparate parts of the world.  Shopping has never been my thing.  I like to thoughtfully plan for each Christmas gift, and then I execute my plan accordingly.  Enough about my lack of retail enthusiasm.

Yesterday, I did not change my name, I just changed how I plan to use it going forward.  My given baptismal name was Janice Marie Slenczka.  I was known for years as “Janice”, and then as an adult I became “Jan”, which stayed with me throughout my career until yesterday.

As a daily journaler, my mind takes me to deep places, especially after my morning meditation.  Yesterday, Thanksgiving was in the front of my mind all day.  “Gratitude” was there more than ever.  It became very apparent to me that the traditional calendar year makes no sense at all to me.  My birthday is October 31.  That is followed by Thanksgiving, which is followed by Christmas.  New Year’s Eve is just out of sync with me.  So, I created my own calendar as of yesterday–Thanksgiving is now my New Year’s Day.  Birth, Gratitude, Joy!  Let’s start with that.  I want every day to be a day of gratitude for me…Thanksgiving is the day when everyone in the world is on the same page being grateful for just about everything, and I no longer want to just celebrate gratitude one day of the year with the world.  That is where this all started yesterday.

And then, following the same meditation, I decided to be grateful for my real name (after additions/deletions):  JANICE MARIE Bernadette Slenczka Litterst.  So, I will be transitioning my name to “Janice Marie”for that is who I am!  I like the lilt of the sound, I like that I am the only one of my siblings with the middle name “Marie”, and I just like “Janice Marie” more than “Jan”, so short and so Polish for the male “John”.  That is not me at this time of my life.  It was an easy transition for me; but it may take the world longer to be comfortable with it.

And while red has been my favorite color as an adult, yellow is really my favorite color!  Yellow flowers of any kind are just so beautiful to me, and yellow roses are the symbol of hope which is what I am all about.  It is what my business EMPOWER Excellence is all about:  hope.

And for yellow flowers and the name “Janice Marie” I am grateful!  Join me in my forever years of gratitude.  Not 1 day, not 21 days, not 30 days, not 365 days:  forever gratitude, every moment of every day forever!

Positive Energy is Contagious and Better Than Money…Sometimes!

Positive Energy 4 3

ENERGY is one of my favorite go to tools as an entrepreneur, and especially when it  is positive energy having to do with money!  In the last few days, even though Mercury Retrograde was finished last week, there have been more glitches than I can count–it is like Mercury Retrograde liked being with me so much that it decided to stay!  

But I digress.  Energy is more important many days than money.  Positive Energy shows up in my world as enthusiasm, and I can start a day with little enthusiasm, like today, because I am lacking sleep because I stayed up and watched the Democratic Debate.  Yes, Hillary, my former favorite candidate until I discovered she supports Monsanto and their wonderful GMOs, was seen as the winner.  Not in my book!  She shares being a Scorpio with me, and we are the same age, and I have a very strong political background, and I was one of her first bumper sticker people until I discovered that Monsanto character flaw and the bumper sticker was removed  with passion!  No, Bernie Sanders is my man and he was the winner in my book–but I am still digressing!

Give me a reason to be enthusiastic and I am off and running!  Today, it was a Jimmy John’s sandwich that I absolutely loved–a small sample at a meeting this morning, and I found myself at Jimmy John’s before my next stop for the day!  I had never had a Jimmy John’s before, but it set off my enthusiasm mechanism and I have been humming all afternoon.  The Energy follows the Enthusiasm and I am good for days!  

You never know what will set Enthusiasm into motion; you just have to be ready and open to it!  And then the Energy follows, and I will take the Energy over Money any day…because Energy allows you to take the next step to develop the business that will deliver the money dollar by dollar to your door!

Penny by penny, step by step, a business grows from Energy and Enthusiasm.  Trust me.  That has been my formula for the last three years, and it will be my formula forever.  Positive Energy any day!

Does “Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow” Concept Really Work?

Positive Energy 4 3

We have all heard that if we do what we love, the money will follow.

But do you really believe it.  Does it really work.

It is amazing that I would have thought I was a firm believer, but I am not.

Positive Energy is actually what is needed from all aspects of a venture that you decide to pursue.

You can love a certain work choice; that does not make it automatically profitable.

It is similar to those who believe that the Universe will provide.

You can have a work area that you really, really love, but you better be able to do the work you need to before the money comes to you.  That may go without saying, but in the world of entrepreneurism many folks take off after what they love only to quit within a year or so.  It is the positive energy that makes a venture successful.

Positive energy from the bottom to the top.  Are you positive about the venture?  Are you willing to put your positive energy to work to do all that needs to be done:  cleaning bathrooms, copying paperwork, running to the post office, running to the office supply store, working on draft after draft of mundane emails, adding/deleting names to email lists, etc. etc. etc

The energy of loving what you do, the willingness to do everything to make that venture “be” and become successful one step at a time is what needs to be very positive.  That can be love.  The money will follow if all of the work has been done from beginning to end…That concept does work!

Are You Broke?

Stress Chase It Away jpg

Mike Todd once upon a time expressed his thoughts about being broke very simply:

Being broke is a temporary situation.  Being poor is a state of mind.

This is so very true.  As a single parent from the time my sons were 8 and 4, I felt broke 29 days of each month.  My paycheck arrived electronically on the first of the month, and all payments were removed electronically within 48 hours!

I felt rich for those 48 hours and broke for the remainder of the month.  Not a good way to live!

That was 1983 till the mid ’90’s.  Then I felt broke and poor for most of the month because I went on to a commission-based life.  It is no wonder that I am doing what I do with my company today–helping people create peaceful and powerful money relationships.  And that is where I am today with my own entrepreneurial lack of stability.  But it is different.  I have the greatest faith in God and the Universe that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing–my mission in life–and that all will be provided from now on!  It is a great feeling.  I do what I need to do and know that the money will flow, and it does.

I had a poor state of mind for so many years because that was what my life was.  I raised my children.  Had multiple fantastic careers, and now I have arrived at what my path in life is to be.  I do not always know where the path is going, and sometimes I am broke, but I know it is a temporary situation.  I will never ever think that I am poor again because I am not.  I am so filled with a richness of life–the people, the environment, the thoughts.  I am so very rich.  Think about you–are you rich or are you poor?

Be rich and chase away the stress in your life!


Am I In the Flow or Not? On the Road to 104+

flowing water free jpeg 7 16 15

Turbulence Happens!

I like to think I am in the flow most moments.  But life happens, and then I feel like I am out of the flow, standing on the shore, waiting for the moment to jump back in.  But it is hard to jump back in when you are out of the flow.  I feel like I am stagnating at times…and just like stagnant water, it takes a while to get some turbulence gong to stir things up.

Being a young entrepreneur in terms of my business, there are flowing days and then not so flowing days, whether it is energy, cash flow, or clients that shut down the flow.  Some days that matters, and some days it does not.  Since I deal with money topics whether it is clients’ needs, networking group needs, or just cash flow, it is important to keep the flow going.  Too much turbulence and things get crazy, too little movement and things get stagnant.  No matter, it is my goal to keep the flow going in all areas of my life.

Ironically, to keep the flow going, it is important to slow down the flow within my head, heart, and soul.  Meditation, quiet time, and peaceful walking help me do that.  I guess it is all about keeping myself calm and steady, just like steering a canoe  through rapids and calm water all in one day…the steadier I am, the more successful trip down the river.

I guess that really is true.