Have the TIME of Your Life!

Everything is all about timing. Consider this… It is the first day of fall It is the day you read this blog about timing. Fall is a time for change! The leaves change color, differentiating them from all other leaves. The leaves let go of their past knowing they do have a future in Spring […]

The Wind of SOURCE is at your back!

YOU are a powerful world creator pushed by global energy. Of course, you are, and each one of you makes a perceivable difference in your own life and the lives of others. And, you are guided and thwarted by many feelings and emotions: clarity, humility, passion, abundance, purpose, appreciation, and love. And you do see […]

Aging, Anti-Aging & Anti Anti-Aging…AWW, Really!

Many months ago, when AWW AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM was being conceived, there were differing pinions about our approach. While others were most concerned about the impression left by the media culture about aging which was felt that it had created a cultural and gender bias against women of maturing years, I took a strong […]

The Confidence of Fun…or The Fun of Confidence!

Conundrums are fun! Do we become confident because of fun or do we have fun with confidence? And this is not just for women and girls…it is for everyone! I am confident, most of the time. I am not confident some of the time. Sometimes it is because of competence or a lack of it […]

Beauty comes and goes, but the energy remains, AWE!

I am where I am, and so go I! Just like the beautiful red lilies blooming outside my door, they were beautiful last evening and this morning with the overnight rain, the petals of all of the lilies were found on the ground. Always, always, always, they moved forward just like energy of all things. […]

AWE, nothing is impossible, BUT…

When I was faced with a decision to be a part of Ageless Women of Wisdom in the Fall of 2018, I accepted what could have become an impossible journey. And it did several weeks ago when my co-collaborator walked away which was a mutual parting. Never for an instant did I hesitate to take […]

The Link Between Empower Excellence and AWE…yes!

When the collaborative AWE, Ageless Women Emerging, sprung from the ground in March, it was a deliberate move forward to coming together with the expertise in different energy modalities found in my collaborative partner Mary Jane Brigger and the energy of money which is the foundation of Empower Excellence. With my background in self sustainability […]

The Vibration of AWE & Money…It is all ENERGY!

Begin to live as your soulful self…Shift from pain to bliss, from victimhood to self help. This is a quantum flip, and it will change your energy, change your vibration. And you will notice, but so will everyone else you encounter. It is the first step to becoming a Creator. There is a whole story […]