Mastering Financial Freedom #Financial Freedom

What Are You Willing to Do to Be Financially Free?

Why should you care about Financial Freedom? Why would anybody care about that? Let’s start with being financially free to make any decision you want to make without the fear of “money”. You may say “I don’t worry ever about money.” That may be true, that may be false. But whatever your reality, that response demonstrates the level of freedom that people wish they had. It almost demonstrates the lack of any decision-making feelings that are controlled by the limbic system: motivation, emotion, learning, and memory. The limbic system evokes emotions from the feelings you are experiencing and drives your behavior. And your emotions are driven by many things including your values.

Your values are one main reason to care about Financial Freedom. Your values underlie your “WHY” in life, especially your “WHY” with money. What is it that you want your money to allow you to do? Let’s start by defining your “WHY”, then your Money “WHY” which will lead to a discussion of your values and communication of the conceptual vision of your values.

All of the above involve the emotions and feelings that are evoked when working on Financial Freedom with me, Jan Litterst of EMPOWER Excellence. With traditional, formal financial experience through banking, financial planning, and consulting, my mission is to help women and their loved ones have a healthy relationship with money. And the foundation of that healthy relationship rests on values, feelings, and emotions. Leave that out of the equation, and you may have a financial education but you will not have Financial Freedom.

So how do we, you and I, begin the work on Financial Freedom?

This is all about ENERGY!

Financial Freedom begins with energy that manifests itself through the emotions and feelings you and I feel. Energy often times is kicked into gear when we feel pain, fear, or loss of connection. Our limbic system reads what is happening within us. That is a very simple statement, but the end result is that we are often energized to make a change, any change, in our lives when we are experiencing pain or a painful emotion. When that pain is connected in any way with money, we often decide it is time to find relief. That is when we have to determine if we have the energy “to do something”. The above illustration is all about energy working in small ways to find resolution or transformation, symbolized by the butterfly. Each transformation is personal both in its origin and the steps customized to make the needed change or changes. These are the initial steps used to determine what it is that you desire to change to begin to feel Financial Freedom.

Over the many years working in Money and Financial Freedom, I have found the wisdom of how to make these changes, and there are three basic steps I use: WHERE are you now with your money concern and HOW did you get there? WHERE do you want to be to be FINANCIALLY FREE? and WHAT has to happen to gain that FREEDOM?

The process is very personal, extremely confidential, but the process works every time when the WHY, the Energy, and the Action are put into place. Because you care about FINANCIAL FREEDOM, you are ready to care enough for you, your WHY, your Money WHY. Your life and your values count on finding YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

When you feel the pain: jan or for immediate concerns

Now to Empower Our Children #Financial Freedom


Once we become empowered and soaring, it is mandated through values that we empower and teach our children how to be patient and get their wings so that they, to, can fly!

Energy can be good or energy can be bad! There are energetic highs and energetic lows. The energetic forces can be physical, psychic, and emotional. Financial energy can be devastating as children grow and learn the role that money plays in everyone’s lives.

We must be sure as the adults and as parents that we have energy under control in our own lives before we try to help our children through their own energetic highs and lows. If we are unsure, that message will carry over and magnify our own feelings with children.

Yes, good energy practice such as meditation, reiki, yoga, and more are good tools to show, share, and teach children. It helps them center, move their body, and breath. You and they are worthy of knowing this side of energy. But when they need it, they also need to know how to turn fear into fearlessness. Mindfulness can help them center, help them breathe, and help them find the joy in their lives. By loving kindness in their lives, they learn loving kindness , and they can become adults who practice mindfulness and loving kindness. They then can be reminded by their own thoughts and actions of their power, their support of themselves and how to celebrate their truth.

All children have the right to feel empowered to be able to decide on their lives and their futures and to love themselves and know that they, too, are loved!

The Journey to Financial Freedom Starts with Me, Starts with You! #Financial Freedom

Are You on the Journey to Financial Freedom?

Where do you start to reach Financial Freedom? It is a journey and it is not an immediate decision. You start with learning all about your relationship with money. You may have a good relationship or you may have a bad relationship with money. Do you know what your money relationship really is? Do you need to make changes in that relationship in order to begin your Journey to Financial Freedom? Are you ready to begin that Journey by making the changes in your money relationship?

Maybe you need to take some time to begin to understand your WHY with money. What does money mean to you, what can money do for you? What do you want your money to do for you? I am not giving examples especially because I want you to think about the things in your future life that you want money to help you with. Think, think, think!

Once you begin to think in this vein, take the time to make mental or physical notes about what your WHY is today.

Can you begin with these steps?

Once you know your WHY, are you there in all parts of your life or do you need to do the work to get there? This is the beginning, this is hard, and this is something most people do not want to talk about nor do they want to do the work that will change their money relationship. Life is supposed to be fun until it isn’t. That is when it helps to begin the work, to find the energy to get started, to do the work step by step, to become excellent and successful with just one piece of work that you deem to be necessary, and then to acknowledge that you have increased energy to move on to more work to create the money relationship that will build your money decision making and to build your confidence that you can accomplish your money WHY!

Financial Independence is NOT Financial Freedom? #Financial Freedom


When we talk about Financial Freedom, money is not our focus! When we talk about Financial Independence, we are talking cash flow to cover your basic needs. That is a simple explanation. BUT, when we talk about Financial Freedom , we are talking about what I founded my company Empower Excellence, LLC on, the energy of money and the state of mind that frees up our decision making in all parts of our lives.

For years I was involved in traditional financial activities: banking, financial portfolio planning, and general financial planning including all of education, training, and licensing required. When I left the traditional part of the industry it was to focus on empowering women to find their energy in their lives, refocus that energy on finding joy, and subsequently empowering their money energy. Why? Because when you no longer allow your money mind to give you an excuse to not do or to do something you consider to do for your life, you become freer not only about money but also about living. Change your feeling about money, change your energy not only about money but also the energy in your life.

Many times the change comes about when your “Money Bubble” pops! What do I mean? I mean everything goes along with your money acceptance” until your energy becomes really stressed through an addiction, poor physical or mental health, realizing that you are not immortal, seeing how unhappy you are. It can happen with the loss of a relationship, loss of a spouse no matter how, the loss of a job or a career. Many times it occurs when you realize that “retirement” will never happen. What we have been experiencing in 2020 with a pandemic can also bring to the surface any or all of these feelings. You realize you are out of control, and more so you begin to realize that your money is out of your control. Your energy about money, and consequently you energy about money literally goes in the toilet.

You may have felt that you had “Financial Independence”, but there goes that idea along with the energy you may have not only about your money but also about your life! So much for Financial Independence.

When Hope is Lost… Regain it through Connection #Empower Connect Share

Beauty can Empower Connect & Share Hope!

Just yesterday I spoke with a friend who is also a business associate, and I was concerned about her lack of hope in the future moving forward from COVID 19. Many women entrepreneurs are often lacking in the resilience that arises out of childhood for boys. Simon Sinek this morning provided an explanation for this inasmuch as boys get rejected more than girls in the dating experience. While I do not agree with his analogy, how could he really know how much rejection girls face, really, I agree with his solution: all children need to know that they are loved and supported.

Everyone needs to know that they are loved and supported no matter their age or gender. And that love and support needs to come from within first. With the above mentioned friend I crafted a note of support which was well received. Sometimes when we reach out to others to offer hope, love, support, and encouragement, our motives may be called into question especially if it can be intuited that we are not loving, hopeful, and supportive of ourselves. People can tell. There is a spark when we are a true light which can offer to others what we make sure we offer to ourselves. The word for this is “Connection”.

When we offer “Connection” to others, we need to make sure that we have something that they can “Connect” to. When that “Connection” is felt, expectations are put to rest. There is something that each party can feel without reservation, without fear of being “asked” for something soon. There is no need for an “ask” when “connection” occurs for there is a sense of offering help when it is needed or sensed. It really is quite simple when we start with the “connection” to ourselves. I know this feeling because it has taken years of conscious development through many avenues. We are energetic beings in need of love and support from ourselves to ourselves before we can share our spark with others we “Connect” with.

Exhausted and Exhilarated…2020 Such a Surprise…Cataclysm!

Breathe is what I need to do for a day or two after experiencing phenomenal energy to do what needed to be done in the wake of the pandemic. I have purged large parts of my life, both personal and professional, in an effort to let go of all that no longer serves me. I am nowhere near done, but I have found the spiritual energy to keep moving on while discovering what the flow of my life really is.

For my whole life I have been told that i sleep too much. Since January when I pledged myself self care with visits to all practitioners which turned out quite well, I have been allowing myself to sleep as needed. But this week, it became clear that my total waking and sleeping patterns are changed. I no longer go to bed so early to get up so early to accomplish all I should do. Rather I am in bed by midnight, reading and relaxing after very full days. And I sleep better, with just a bathroom visit at first awakening. But then, I have continued my meditation practice and invariably fall back to sleep to around 9 am. And I have never felt better. I am no longer guilty about sleeping in. Sleep is a must for me, then meditation, and then sustenance midmorning. It is all working. I actually tried a Hulu trial to watch a drama series “Little First Everywhere” after several months ago reading the book. It felt good.

And now for at least the third day, I am purging everything from my office that is no longer part of my future plan for Empower Excellence and more. It feels so good while at the same time clarifying what I have thought out in February and March before all of this happened. I have consolidated business accounts to reflect the consolidation of the programs that are encompassed in EMPOWER CONNECT SHARE! I have met with a publishing coach, I have a meeting with my attorney to seriously pursue licensing for my networking groups and EMPOWER coaching program.

Sometimes it takes a Universal Cataclysm to subconsciously move us into consciously letting go of what no longer or may never have served us. For me, it has been a good year plus to let go of those who have betrayed me in both personal and professional manners, but I was still holding on. The pandemic was not just for my benefit, but I am benefiting from self isolation to avoid becoming sick. At this moment I am exhausted from four days of nonstop energy. It is time to breathe and begin again when the energy signals that it is time to complete the letting go and to begin my journey of the Ageless Woman of Wisdom that I am. IT IS TIME FO EMPOWER CONNECT SHARE…

Energy to Set the World on Fire…#Ageless Women of Wisdom #Jan Litterst #Financial Freedom #Joy

This year I will set the world on fire! It did not happen overnight as anyone who knows me or my blog realizes. Fire for me is a good thing: I have set the intention to physically do the firewalk at Common Ground in Oberlin, Ohio, and that is something because I am very guarded, but I know I am ready spiritually, mentally, and physically! But, on the other hand, moving forward, I have realized and come to understand my fear of fire. I watched as a three-year old my birthday cake go up in flames because the whirly bird centerpiece wa snot removed when the candles were lit! All in the past along with the fear of having my face in water… but that is for another time to share!

This today is all about energy. It does not just come all at once, God forbid that or the world would have been destroyed by now. I probably started my energy journey about 20 years ago. It seems that I have been immersed in it since then in my personal and professional life. The bottom line is that each of us, you and I have the ability to find and direct our personal energy, but ti does take work. But there are guides to tap into to create our own personal brand of energy.

In an article by Deanna Michalopoulos in Yoga Journal entitled “ready, aim, fire”, talking about “The Five Koshas”, on the journey to joy, to financial freedom, to good energy, the five koshas can serve as a roadmap to the bliss and love and joy at the core of internal you. Think of nesting dolls for that is what the koshas act as on your energy journey. They represent your physical body, your life force body, your mental body, your wisdom body, and your bliss body. There are levels of your current status on each of the kosha stages. You can be too active or not active at all. There is a lot to learn in this body of study, but I am using it as a point of reference over two decades to arrive at where I am at today: ready to set the world on fire–ready, aim, fire literally. The final level of kosha is “bliss” and then “pure consciousness”.

The beginning of 2020 was focused on reviewing where I am on this journey. January saw a total review with “all” physical body experts, literally appointments with everyone who would only look at the state of my physical body, and there has been a clean bill of health! February was a review of my life force, or spiritual body, and my mental body. It was a month of being tested on many levels including the loss of a very good friend unexpectedly and the imprint on my psyche of having my control taken away from me by being chosen for jury duty. On top of all of that Mercury Retrograde went into action. To gain back control of my life, yesterday was spent cooking by design for the coming week, cleaning my home, laundering the linens, and not thinking because I had been thinking all month. A good night’s sleep had me awakening this morning with my mental and spiritual capacities back in check and ENERGIZED!

Now, as March approaches, and the launch of the inaugural retreat for AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, I am declaring that “I am a Women of Wisdom” because I am, and a whole month of thinking and planning for the retreat this coming May led to this post-meditation declaration about a week ago. As I said earlier, energy does not just happen. But it all began more than two decades ago. I followed my WHY to learn all I needed to learn for many years, and then I began to leave behind the modes of my learning to move to the next level. In the early 90’s I left more than a decade in public service, politics and government to transition into financial services in banking and financial planning. In 2011 I left the financial services industry because my WHY was screaming at me in such a garbled voice that I was unsure of where I was going. But I had to follow the path unfolding for me: the path to financial freedom for women. Yes, women, money, and freedom. Empower Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection, and AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM are all wrapped up in money, women, and freedom!

Everything is now in place to “ready, aim, fire” and it is all dependent upon the energy of my body, my life force, my mind, and my wisdom. But more than anything, I am ready to set the world on fire. “Finding and Listening to Our Voices” is the first retreat and it has resulted from conversation groups sharing the topics that would make a difference for them in 2020. It is now up to me to light the match and prepare the world in small steps for a path to empowerment, connection, and the sharing of the wisdom of women. There is so much to happen…

Energy & Passion

#Financial Freedom #Jan Litterst, LLC #Wisdom #Empower Excellence #Why

There are days when I awaken in the hours before sunrise and use the time for meditation, and then there are those days that my energy is so awakened by the meditation that all I want is a respite from that energy and focus on going back to sleep to recuperate, to slow down the brain and the heart so that I will be able to function normally for the rest of the day. It is on days like those that I consciously “shrink” myself so that I am comfortable.

Energy is so very powerful. I learned that over the decades I have been an energy practitioner. I use energy as a major force with money in my company Empower Excellence. And the more you are practiced in energy, the more powerful it becomes.

Following the Democratic Presidential Debate last evening, it became very clear to me why Bernie Sanders is my choice at this moment and probably will remain my choice throughout the process. Bernie is authentic, he is leading a revolution. This is not in any major way an effort to embellish him. He believes in what he is doing. He is not a candidate. He is a passionate leader who just happens in order to achieve his passion a candidate. And with the last four years with President Trump, we need a Bernie Sanders leading a revolution! Bernie is authentic, President Trump is not.

Authenticity is necessary for passion, and energy is necessary for passion. It is all connected. Personally, it is energy that carries me through all I do in my partnership with women to find their financial freedom, but authenticity is right along side energy. Finding Financial Freedom is my passion. I learned a long time ago that my authenticity and my disdain for inauthentic people sometimes did make me shrink to make others more comfortable.

But no more do I shrink for the benefit of others. My energy and authenticity make me strong and give no choice but to let my wisdom shine through always. And my passion is so much a part of me now that I live every moment–personally and professionally–to be infinitely devoted to my passion of partnering with women to reach financial freedom and the joy that freedom brings with it!

Empower your Excellence: Begin With Your WHY #Your Why #Empower #Empower Excellence #Money #Financial Freedom

I know everyone is talking about finding your WHY. I wonder WHY, but I already know for me it started with Simon Sinek and a Ted Talk. But it is real. When we entered this Universe, we came here with a predetermined, by us, mission, purpose, etc. We knew then WHY we were coming here, and it was for a reason! But the world and life got between that reason and us. Now at whatever point of wisdom we are at many of us are really beginning to work to get in touch with that reason, with OUR WHY! So my thoughts this morning are short in length, but the work of finding YOUR WHY is up to you. You may be ready to do this work, you may not be ready. Why do I care? Because without beginning to form YOUR WHY now, and it can change all of the time, but it usually remains fairly solid at the core, you will have a hard time with YOUR MONEY relationship, and that will affect all parts of your life: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Just sayin’. That is WHY MY WHY is to help women especially, and everyone has a woman in their life, to have a good relationship with their money and their money energy. So, I hope you are ready, because if you are, you are then ready to find your Money WHY and that is where I can help you.