Starting With Self Love…and then comes the R-Evolution!

It may be Friday, and it may be a holiday weekend, and I may have stayed up hours past my bedtime last night, but today is today, and I know I have crossed through the barrier that was holding me outside of my vortex.  It was a hard road to travel because I am an energetic […]

Where there is Energy, Vibration is…

Good morning on this abundant Thursday morning! The energy is in the rain showers, in the birds singing, and in the human movement outside in the town of Oberlin.  Wherever there is energy, and energy is in everything, there is vibration.  The degree of vibration differs, but the vibration is there because energy is everywhere.  And […]

Would you like to do less; achieve more?

For years, I thought I was very focused until 2018 arrived, and my focus intensified for many reasons. Are you focused?   Still, would you like to do less, have more time for what you are passionate about, and still find your abundance? It is a beautiful Friday in Northeast Ohio, and from my office […]

The Whirlwind Called Life…

Colors are wonderful in all parts of Nature!  Colors signify the changing seasons, and they remind me that this Winter will end.  I hope.  It is the day after Easter, and, here in Northern Ohio, we have snow on the ground.  It is cold, it is still Winter!   Still dressed in a sweater and jeans, I […]

Grateful for the Little & Big Things!

Madonna is singing “Little Star”, which in my mind is all about gratitude!  We all come from love, and we need to remember that whenever we begin to doubt ourselves. Never forget who you are little star, never forget how to dream butterfly!   In the last month, I have been dedicating myself to growing […]

Sometimes, You Just Have to Listen, for…

Faced with physical symptoms which I knew had metaphysical foundations, I finally did the Louise Hay and more research on what I already suspected.  I knew there was a metaphysical reason for the last weeks’ pain and suffering, but I just would not stop to take the time to figure it all out.  So today […]