2020 is coming whether we want it or not #empower #financial freedom #healthy #kindness

2019 is almost gone, and I am ready to toast it goodbye and welcome 2020, unknown as it is, as an angel of empowerment, kindness, and financial freedom, and health! There will be no mention of 2019’s energy vampires. I am a different person than I was almost 365 days ago. Empowerment has changed my attitude, my health, and delivered me into financial freedom. And that has resulted in an extreme kindness towards all, especially me. Yes, self care is a focus. So, no matter what 2020 brings, I will be kind to me first. Anything less than kindness from others, no matter who they are, will not be tolerated, but they will be kindly removed from my vision, mentally, emotionally, and physically. That is kindness. That is empowerment. That is healthy. That is on the path to financial empowerment. So 2020, fly in on the wings of angels, and I welcome all that you bring!

Radiate Serenity & Peace

Radiate serenity and peace and you will empower others to do the same as you empower yourself to be peaceful and serene. I can tell you that the last few days have been enough to begin any number of bad habits had it not been for the recent Spiritual Maintenance break I took and worked on intention and love. It has been remarkable how many issues have resolved themselves including 24 hours of IMAP problems not only with my Mac but also with my iPad and iPhone, but serenity took over and resolutions occurred one by one. Exhausted but serene, I am intending to find peace in this month of busy days and nights. Empowerment comes in many ways, but it never arrives at your door with a big red bow. It sneaks into your soul after a harrowing day and brings you peace for the new day that arrives!

Be Aware!

being aware is the first step to becoming empowered. if you do not know what is happening, there is nothing you can do about it. becoming aware is also important to self care and self preservation. turn off your awareness and there is no question that much will escape your attention, either consciously or unconsciously. think about being aware every moment of every day and then decide whether you want to be aware or not!

Endings are Always New Beginnings…Awe!

Ending and Beginning…

But I am not going to get old, so there! I am going to break down walls, and I am inviting you to walk through the new doors together with me.

I am reaching out intentionally as “Summer” approaches to leave the winter of our lives behind. I am not saying totally forget everything; I am saying exactly the opposite. Treasure the past, the good and the bad, and let it rest, and you will find peace in just doing that. You may not realize what “peace” looks like immediately. but it will come over you as you end one part of your life, your winter, and approach the door of the “Summer” of your life.

As you approach “Summer”, keep an eye out for your personal “wisdom”. Melinda Gates in THE MOMENT OF LIFT SHARES “WISDOM ISN’T ABOUT ACCUMULATING MORE FACTS; IT IS ABOUT UNDERSTANDING BIG TRUTHS IN A DEEPER WAY.”

What is not said in the above quote is that the wisdom lies within you. That wisdom can lie dormant until someone else shares a part of their wisdom, and then you realize one basic truth: You are not alone. But, if you have been trying to fit in throughout your life, that alone has helped to make you feel that you do not fit in. Learning your wisdom and the wisdom of others can lift you back onto your path even if you do not know what your path is. I truly feel we need to ask for what we need, and we often feel that we are doing what we are doing not because this is ours to do but that this is what women do. It is time to set an agenda for wisdom FOR YOU. This empowerment starts with women talking to each other. this is information sharing. When women gather that information, it emboldens them and gives them a sense of power. The sharing of information allowing women to talk in our own voices, reflecting our own values, leads one woman at a time to lead a better life. In a sense, they do “lift off”!

And it may not be easy, it may break our hearts individually and collectively. This is the “lift” of coming together. The starting point is to recognize individually “what you really need” and not “what you think you need”!

This begins empowerment. And it starts with getting together in a safe, confidential place to gather to talk, just talk with each other. It is the beginning of lifting each other up. THIS IS WHAT I AM UP TO NOW: AWE, Ageless Women Emerging.

And AWE begins with THE SUMMER OF AWE…

The Facebook page “AWE Ageless Women Emerging” contains a lot of information about the basic collaboration that started this movement. Check it out. And see references to other information there. \

AWE is the first step in a deliberate collaboration, and the total program is evolving into a larger collaboration. Take the first step in the words of Brene Brown “…the original definition of courage is to let ourselves be seen.” Join THE SUMMER OF AWE by leaving a comment here on my blog, email me janicelitterst@gmail.com, Messenger my co-collaborator Mary Jane Brigger on Facebook, and we will share with you how you can become part of AWE today!

Why? To connect. From the first moment of conception, our supreme goal is connection. And from that moment, we weave into each other. See yourself in another, and like Melinda Gates’ book title reflects that is THE MOMENT OF LIFT…

Feminist Millenial Women…Not With Money

Please tell me I am wrong. In a recent event in New York at a Lululemon Athletica store where yoga and circuit training occurred, a UBS account vice president–Marielle Schurig–opened up the opportunity for an hour to talk with the participants about their finances. This was reported in Bloomberg News earlier this month. What the group told Schurig was that they “let their spouses or partners decide on money matters.”

It was obvious that they were very interested in self care,as the women, many of whom declared themselves to be self-proclaimed feminists, as reported in the March 6th article, they were taking a backseat in their financial affairs. In a study released by UBS this month, it was found that 595 of women ages 20-34 defer financial matters to spouses.

One great thing that I noticed from this article was that the young women were open to talk about money, but they still stood back and let others make their decisions. Whether their personal decisions were made because of fear or the belief that they felt their spouses had more knowledge to make these decisions or that it was just easier to let someone else handle their finances, it falls back to the fear of lacking education and/or lacking power. And it is possible that their own parents may have set the role model for their decisions to let others handle the money. No matter the reason, the young women in New York at Lululemon, now that they are talking about money, will, hopefully, talk more about money to become educated and empowered through these conversations. Power is there only if you take it…talking is the start!


The Whirlwind Called Life…

Spirituality energy 2

Colors are wonderful in all parts of Nature!  Colors signify the changing seasons, and they remind me that this Winter will end.  I hope.  It is the day after Easter, and, here in Northern Ohio, we have snow on the ground.  It is cold, it is still Winter!  

Still dressed in a sweater and jeans, I long for the slightly warmer mornings where I will bounce out of bed, into the shower, and out for a walk!  I no longer like cold weather at all, and part of my future is a warmer climate through the Winter months…all in time.

Color plays a part in each of our lives; it can represent our energy.  When someone says they are “blue”, we can imagine they are sad or depressed.  But I like “blue” as a color.  When someone says they are in the “pink”, they usually mean everything is going well!  “pink” is not a favorite color of mine even though I look at life as being well most of the time.  Colors do not have to make sense to anyone but us.  In the five plus years since I created my logo, I have developed my favorite colors:  green of several shades, teal blue or aquamarine, violet, and purple.  They are colors of movement, of growth, and of empowerment, and of power and royalty.  Plus, since I work with Money Energy, and money is green, it all makes sense.  Money can be energy, it can be growth, and it can lead to power:  all the colors in my logo.  But the color of money needs to be more than a color to you:  use it to energize your money and see what happens…

Mentally Strong with Money…

I Trust My Inner Wisdom

Good news does not always arrive with a smile…and many of us are at peace enough that we can face anything when given the time to go within…that is when we hear the bad news, too!

Having a strong mental position is helpful when the news is bad and it concerns money as well, which most bad news does have an effect on money!  So how strong are you mentally?  It really does matter, and you can work on it before you need it!

  • Do you dwell on the past?  Do you feel sorry for yourself?  Are you a wallower?  Are you a victim?  So many times working with clients, I find that they are still stuck on what happened with their money when they were a child, an adolescent, a young adult, when they were married, when they were divorced.  I agree that identifying the source of the situation is extremely helpful, but then LET IT GO!  Wallowing, victimizing, and self pity keep you stuck back there.  You are now in control, and it is up to you to move on to find a solution…
  • Who holds your POWER?  No one has power over you unless you have given them that power.  Really!  Sharing the blame for whatever may be wrong with your money life is fine for a very short time, if it is truly to be shared, but then it is time to remember that you have the POWER to change it.  You always have choices, and you have the POWER to make those choices.  Put the responsibility for the problem where it belongs, including yourself.  Get on with it!
  • Bring on Change!  No one likes change.  Just ask the caterpillar!  It is the uncertainty; and, when the change is inevitable–you have no decision in the matter–you cannot stay stuck no matter how much you want to.  So bring on change, and you bring on self esteem and confidence even when you fail!  This is empowerment.
  • Quit worrying, quit complaining, and quit wishful thinking.  I am not saying that you should never worry–a little bit is healthy!  I am not saying never complain–complain and move on!  I am not saying never to dream, and there is a difference between wishful thinking and dreaming!  Invest your energy in a positive mode to make the change rather than squandering it wastefully!  If you have the control and the power to change, worry, complaining, and wishful thinking become time wasters as well as energy wasters.
  • Be a risk taker!  Oh yes!  I am a risk taker, sometimes too much of a risk taker.  But I also am someone of strong faith, and I know through experience that I will be taken care of because I have the faith from the years.  Fear precedes risk; too much fear can keep us from taking risk!  The admonition to stop thinking too much is so true in risk taking.  Life experience paired with intuition can lead to a decision to take a risk or not.  Decide, then let it go!
  • Learn from your mistakes and move on!
  • Do not quit after your first failure…the more you fail, the more you will succeed.
  • Learn how to be alone.  Quiet time, meditation, being in nature, you choose; but do choose because alone time is healthy time for your mental, emotional, and spiritual development.   Thought gathering occurs…and creative thinking becomes part of the process.  Try it and you will see that it does happen.
  • Forget feeling entitled.  I could write a book about this.  We all come into this existence with a mission, and we are soon left without knowing it until a long time later, but it is not an entitlement–it is our work to do.  WORK, get it!  
  • Learn patience…This is all about self esteem, self growth, and self development.  You cannot do it all at once.  Take it a step at a time.  Start where you feel ready and comfortable to start.  No one can tell you where you are but you…

Being Thankful for the Enlightenment…

vibrations-goldThanksgiving was a great day for family, friends, and the local police department in Oberlin.  Thanksgiving evening the upper respiratory experience returned after abating for a few days.  The cough syrup experience resulted in being escorted the last several blocks home from Beachwood by the Oberlin Police Department.  It will take an act of God for me to take cough syrup ever again.  Two days earlier, I had an od experience by doubling up on the dosage by accident.  I will regain my health and keep it, that is the promise to myself.

Moving on, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were definitely “sick” days, but they were also the days of returning to health.  

About a year ago, the first of four episodes of this muck hit me and took away my voice for a month.  Soul searching led me to find what was happening since I do not get sick, or didn’t get sick for years.  I left an association with a business acquaintance at that time following 3 years of working with them.  It was time.  It was also the time when the Oberlin move began to materialize and several opportunities to add cash flow appeared.  I was off and running until June when I began to implement the plans and had already moved to Oberlin.  I jumped in and episode number 2 of the muck hit!  But I ignored it and kept up the crazy pace of beginning two new ventures:  Pampered Chef and Norwex.  I also became an active volunteer in the Oberlin Business Partnership.  Three months later, episode 3 hit; I dropped the Oberlin Business Partnership.  My voice came back.  The focus was on Pampered Chef and Norwex to get them grounded. My core business was being ignored, and I fully intend to get back into it, which I began to do.  I was not happy because I thought I should be able to handle everything.  I always could, but I had forgotten that the move to Oberlin was to grow Empower Excellence the way I envisioned it originally.  I created the concept document, and episode 4 hit!

The Empower Excellence Experience Nov 14 2017-page-0

The concept document promised clarification and it is being clarified as of this week.  This is still my mission, but there is a big explanation of the roles that Pampered Chef and Norwex will play.

When I left corporate America in 2012 for good, I made the promise to myself and to my clients that I would not sell product and I would not represent a company:  I would represent my clients in their best interest.  Somehow I stuck to it with Empower Excellence and my coaching, and I threw it away when it came to the rest of the concept.  And the Universe made sure that I went back to my intention and mission.  As the progression into Pampered Chef and Norwex took place, the muck episodes recurred while both of my holistic doctors reassured me that there was nothing physically wrong.  Then I got it!  

So now, I still am following The Empower Excellence Model of Personal Sustainability, but I am removing myself from the direct involvement in Norwex and Pampered Chef.  When needed by my clients, for employment opportunities especially, I will refer them to my spline managers in both Norwex and Pampered Chef.  I am now phasing out of both entities.  Sure, I personally love both products, but they are not my full-time passion.  The Empower Excellence financial transition is my mission and passion, and it is what I will focus on moving forward.  

Once you enter the path of evolution and empowerment, stepping away from that path can bring changes in vibration, and that happened.  It has affected my health, and I am aware enough that it took the Major Muck #4 to stop me long enough to realize what I had done, and only I could change it…and change it, I did. 

All Transformations Begin With Energy


Butterfly Transformation 4 3


Whether you are transforming good or transforming bad, it is energy that is driving the process…good energy or bad energy.  Change the energy and change the outcome.  It is that simple to say, not that simple to do.  I know this to be true.  I also know that it is hard for someone to make the decision to do something about the energy.  It seems to be an elusive concept for many.  But as the opening illustration displays, there are steps:  shed the past whatever it is, welcome the new whatever it is.  It is hard to let go, and it  is hard to embrace the unknown.  We want to know, and we want to know now.  Let it go on both counts.

Take the following illustration, the logo of my company Empower Excellence.  Here again, there are steps:  part at the top and move clockwise:

  • Muster up as much or as little energy as you can to change only one thing in your life, one small thing, please.
  • Moving clockwise, do whatever amount of work you can with the energy you have to move toward the change you desire.
  • Moving clockwise again, become excellent at the work you have just begun.  Not perfect, just a certain level of personal excellence.
  • Moving clockwise again, feel the empowerment occurring as you have done some work and have become excellent at it.
  • The last circle, before arriving at your starting point, is increased energy –this is the secret–do it again with another small piece of work.
  • Excellent work will empower and energize you to create, in small steps, the transformation you desire in any part of your life, including money.

Oh yes, the butterfly?  The butterfly is a universal symbol of transformation.


ENERGY Begins the Process




Is Your Money Story Heaven or Hell?

Be Happy 4 3

Since I live my life listening to money stories, I really have learned that all is not what it appears to be when I am talking with someone.  Many times, I find that what I am told is a “mask” .  It is the mask of what someone believes should be their money story; not what it is.  The wearer of the mask knows that there are deep down money secrets that they tell none, sometimes not even themselves; and therein lies the stress and worries.  But they tell themselves a false story because they do not want to be known as “that person with money problems”.  So the real story gets pushed down, repressed, sometime for years, sometimes forever.  

As people become more aware of their real self, these money stories become problematic.  The stories are twisted mysteries, but they do begin to surface in the form of real life money worries that simply will not stay buried any more.  The stress increases.  It can affect relationships, it can affect careers, and most of all, it affects the mental health of the individual.

Somewhere the thought occurs:  “I have to do something.”  But the question remains “what can I do?”

This is real; it does not simply go away.  It requires action to change it, and that is why “I listen to your money story…” is what I created with EMPOWER Excellence.  Your money story is very personal.  No two stories are exactly the same.  You need to begin to tell your story, with help, to yourself, and to an empathetic, initially sympathetic, ear.  There is no judgment; you do not have to sit down and write it; you simply begin vocalizing it in a very safe environment when you are ready.  That is the key word “ready”.  I prefer clients call me, even when they are referred to me; they have to be “ready” to seek help.  The processes customized for each person beginning with a complimentary telephone consultation:  you do not have to commit with any resources including your emotions.  The question for the consultation is simply:  “What do you want your money story to be…”

No matter what your story is at this moment, and it can change in an instant, it is up to you to determine if your money story is Heaven or Hell?  You can change it; you just have to be ready.