Are You Ready to Create Your Miracle?

It is easy for me to talk about miracles, and I truly believe in them!  But it is not always easy.  And yet, on days like yesterday, when I could say forget it all, I will live on what my retirement gives me, and forget about making a difference in my life or others.  There […]

Realizations & Epiphanies, No Intentions!

Taking my cue, and the contents of my vortex, Doreen Virtue gave me the greatest gift of the new year this morning: What a beautiful and powerful card for the new year! You are going to receive great insights, and personal revelations that will set you on a positive course of action. Pay attention to […]

Energy From the Source, and the Energy is What I Am!

The Big Bang billions of years ago is from where I come.  I have arrived in the FLOW of life when it was my time, but before me came the cosmos, came the flora and the fauna, came the dinosaurs, came the birds, came the bees, came the catastrophes, and came everything else.  I arrived when […]

Energy Can Make Us Our Own Best Friend or Our Worst Enemy!

Today is part of a self-imposed personal retreat from the world.  It is a working retreat to catch all of the little issues that have fallen through the cracks.  But it is a difficult retreat…I tend to do these retreats when things are not going the way I want them to go.  That does not mean […]

Clarity & Openmindedness in Everyday Events: I Think It It Just Being Flexible!

You may notice by the illustration and font this morning that I am in a fairly light mood. A great 8 hours of continuous sleep, the climatic change overnight from high temperatures with high humidity to the 70’s and sunshiny low humidity, a healthy breakfast with blood sugar numbers improving, and lab results from ultrasound…all of […]

Is Pretentiousness Really Materialism? Why Can’t Everyone Just Be Real?

it has taken me years to become who I am.  No surprise in that.  It feels really good to be me… I can do things today that would have really bothered me years ago, months ago: Forgetting my earrings would have sent me back to the house to get them Styling my hair every day Never […]