Weight is Not Just a Woman’s Issue, and It Does Involve Money in More Than One Way…

Money is so totally involved in our every day life and decisions, even on the weekends, and that is a time when many go to the grocery store, farm market, and out to eat!  Several years ago I learned of Geneen Roth and two of her books:  WOMEN, FOOD, AND GOD and LOST & FOUND.  Yes, she is a woman, but she also talks to men about food, money, spirituality.  And they are all connected.  The way we eat is the way we spend in our total lives.  The way we eat affects our binging and hoarding in life.  There is a strong correlation between our cash and our consciousness and mindfulness.  That is why I believe grocery shopping happens on the weekend:  it is a type of entertainment and escape!  It is a time when we toss around the concept that we don’t have “enough”; it is a time when we “stock up” like a winter storm that will last for weeks is coming.  Or, the food we need or do not need is “on sale”.  Food gives us energy literally and figuratively!  It also can lead to regret when we see the total cost and bring it all home to put it away!  Why did we buy all that we did?  Are we undernourished?  In a way, yes, we are.  Eating and spending money, in general, can be a way to try to fill an emotional hole that we many times cannot identify.  If we took the time and found the “hole”, we would have the choice to fill it or not and stop the eating and spending habits that could be making us “poor” in other ways.  We might become content, we might spend less, and we might eat just the right amount that we need for true physical and mental energy. When we overspend and overeat, we are at war with ourselves, or others as well.  How to stop is a forever question…resolve to stop, or resolutions to stop eating as much or spending as much, is quite common at this early part of a year but it usually fades away as the calendar pages turn.  It is very true that looking at simplifying our lives can help…both with money and eating.  It is also true that finding a way to simplify is aided by four simple actions, which can be done together of separately, to find success on a path to reduce overspending and overeating:

  1.  Meditation is so ingrained in my life, but that is because it brings quiet and stillness into my life.  It brings peace.
  2. Paying attention to your feelings.  What is missing?  What had made us feel that we need to spend or to eat more than we really want to in the long term?  When our feelings are positive, we tend to eat and spend less because we are ok.
  3. Breathing when tension or stress begin to show their signs.  Deep breathing for several minutes helps you slow down and listen to…
  4. Intuition.  You and I both know what we need to do and what is right to do.  Intuition is always with us.  Learning to tune in is the key.


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Happy Money!

happiness-is-brought-by-youyes, you think money will make you happy!  Think again!  Here is the secret:  begin with making YOU happy, not with material changes, but with eating healthy, thinking healthy, sleeping healthy, and see the change in YOU.  THEN look at your Money relationship and begin to change the money to Happy Money!  

Chase Away Money Stress on “The Road to 104+”..It is a First Step!

Stress Chase It Away jpg

This blog is not in all caps, nor is it in bold font.  

There is a reason why I choose certain fonts for certain blogs.  It has everything to do with the content.

Since we are talking about chasing away stress with money, I want this to be low key, friendly, as if I had written it myself instead of with the computer’s help.  Money stress is being conquered in these first months on the path to 104+.  Money has everything to do with everything in life.  That will not change as I journey to 104+.  Money is the number one stressor as indicated by study after study.  Stress can cause physical as well as emotional illness.  Let’s keep this simple, shall we.  Stress happens with money.  Illness happens with stress.  Illness will slow down my journey to 104+.  No way, my dears, is that going to happen on my watch.  With the diagnosis of diabetes this week, it did slow me down in terms of time, money, and stress.  Medical care costs money.  The “things” needed to eat even healthier than I have been eating–really good food, plenty of food (cutting out calories can be just as deadly as eating too many calories, especially in my situation where my overly eager liver creates sugar if I am not creating it naturally!).  Time was spent finding the right food scales, a Sharps disposal container, blood sugar monitor, strips, lancets, new prescriptions.  Time reading all of the information provided to me in a day long series of doctors, nurse practitioners, lab workers, and more.  Time spent understanding and implementing all of it.

For those of you just tuning in to my blog, but knowing that I have been very vocal about being holistic and not tuning in to the messages of the traditional medical community, that all changed several days ago when I was faced with overwhelming data, real numbers in my own lab work of how much things changed within me so quickly.  But more than that, there is a very complicating circumstance resulting from a lifelong history of liver problems that  need to be addressed because it is affecting the diabetes with me….  That is what I had to weigh and work with or fight and remain totally holistic.  No explanations are needed.  I did change my position, and it happened within a day, when I was faced with my goal of living to at least 104.  While I believe God brings us home when it is our time to go home, I also believe that we as individuals have a personal responsibility to do all we can to remain here on Earth to accomplish the mission we chose before our birth.  So onward to 104+.

So unknown to me I really have been working to remove stress with money in my own life as I work with clients to help them through planning and action to remove money stress in their personal professional lives including their businesses.  It is a long journey, and it will always require conscious choices even at 104+, but I have made great progress, and I am going to share here what some of the actions I have taken and continuously take and will continue forever taking.  Do not judge yourselves, be compassionate with yourselves.  Wherever you are on the road to wherever you are taking, be grateful you are where you are and decide where you want to be.

  • I sleep 7-9 hours per day.  Sleep is a time of rest, re-creation, and healing in all parts of our life.
  • I eat three healthy meals every day composed of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables.
  • I find peace:  faith,  meditation, quiet, nature and sunshine.  It is not optional, it is required for me to function well.
  • I have found my mission in life, and I live it.  For me there is no division between personal and professional.  I am me 24/7.
  • I know my values.
  • I know who my friends are, and many of those friends I consider an extension of my small family of two sons, a daughter-in-law, and a grandson!  Family is important to me.  My definition of family is changing every moment.

All of these things keep me healthy, and being healthy helps keep money stress under control.  Money is a part of life, and life is unpredictable.  Money consequently is unpredictable, especially as an entrepreneur.  Money and life bring stress.  I am a healthy warrior ready to act appropriately no matter what happens.

At 104+, I intend to be smiling, happy, healthy, and at peace.