And Here We Go Again!

My mantra about money and energy is that everything is related to money, and everything is related to energy!  This blog is definitely about money for whenever I am not well my productivity as a solo entrepreneur plummets.  Whenever my voice is shaky because of a cough or a tickle in my throat, I cannot […]

Servant Leadership and Money…

“Servant Leadership” is a new buzzword phrase lately.  Have you heard of it?  If you have not, there are plenty of books out there about it.  I am not here to give you a book list.  I am not here to load you down with definitions.  I feel that I have been a servant leader for […]

Dysfunction Positively Affected Carol!

1933, not a prosperous year in the United States.  Two alcoholic parents fighting all around her.  Texas?  How did she get to Hollywood?  A grandmother who took her in at her one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood!  The movies were a special treat where Carol Burnett fell in love! An anonymous gift of $50 in her grandmother’s mail […]

End Blaming Your Parents!

We are all connected; consequently, we all have an impact on each other!  And it is oh so true when it comes to family, especially our parents.  And it is a long held family tradition for children to blame parents for everything wrong in their lives.  On the other hand, many parents blame their children […]

When the Sacral Speaks…

Good morning, and it is!  I am very glad to be here talking with you as a group and individually for each of you will receive what you need from messages.   Twenty four hours ago I spoke of good vibrations, and yesterday’s activities made it clear that I was doing a lot of clearing physically […]

Breaking Habits to Reach Happiness…A Labor of Self Love

Labor Day, 2016!  The end of Summer, the beginning of Fall, my favorite time of the year.  And today I am continuing on the path to take small steps toward what is important to me.  I have labored my whole life to do what I thought I was supposed to do; and it was not […]

What is Living in the Moment All About?

Every day I need to remind myself to slow down.  As a single parent for years, maintaining a household, and, most importantly, maintaining in a loving way two young boys to have them become independent adults, was a daunting task.  As a product of a very dysfunctional, predictable household, I was already a control freak planning […]

What Is Your Story? Is It Time to Let It Go and Create a New Story? You Can Write Your Story Any Way You Want It!

The time is now.  The story is yours.  If the stories you have been telling yourself and others for years have not produced the success you are looking for, then maybe it is time to stop believing your old stories and begin writing your new stories… It takes a sense of commitment to yourself to […]