Miracles are Yours

Why would you not believe in your dream when the Universe can do all things?   And your definition of the Universe is your definition.  I am not talking religion.  You are connected to everything in the Universe.  You are a part of the Universe, so stake your claim.  Define your dream–you were born with […]

Why Did I Dream of Oberlin?

Short and sweet answer:  I am an optimist who is spiritually grounded and I thrive in a community and atmosphere of equality, justice, sustainability, and diversity.  I am a liberal who has a strong conservative bent.  I am a minimalist, and I respect the Earth.  Over the years since 1997, when I first visited Oberlin as […]

Oh the Journey It Will Be…

When you decide to live your dreams, the journey will be phenomenal. Phenomenal good and phenomenal bad!  Yes, that is what I said.  But when I found my dream a number of years ago, I began a journey that will go on forever, quite literally.  In all the good and bad, it will go on. […]

Calling All Caterpillars, It Is Time to Change!

The life of a butterfly is very short, but still caterpillars unknowingly are preparing their whole life to be a thing of tremendous beauty for a very short time!  So, caterpillars, what are you waiting for?  You are held hostage by your very nature.  You are preparing to be a most beautiful creature with an unknown […]