Belief: Change the World by Changing You!

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Transformation Always Occurring!

Many times I have asked the question of myself and of my readers: What is Your WHY? What is Your Mission? What is Your Dream? And, if you have your personal answers to those questions, are you following your mission, your dream? IS IT YOUR PASSION?

As I contemplate the pathway to becoming a B Corp (a Benefit Corporation) I have visited the questions and my personal answers many times. The professional benefit I provide to my clients is to help them discover their WHY With Money and then work with them to realize their WHY With Money and then take it on a path to Financial Freedom. There is a benefit to them, to their families, to their communities, to their world in doing this as we are all connected. Each of us choosing our own right path contributes to the smoother journey of every other person in our lives and in our world. Think about it: You can change the world by changing you!

This morning I began my daily call to action to my readers: Place a comment on this blog about how you can make a change that would change the world by changing your life!

Dream…of Financial Freedom and more! #Financial Freedom #money #empower

In every sky, there can be found among the clouds, a stream or two of color. No matter what is happening in your life, there is always something more that you can find that is positive. And that is what dreams are all about. Dreams are HOPE! On this day, Martin Luther King Day, many years after his speech that memorialized the phrase “I have a dream…”, the journey for freedom of all sorts is not finished and it is not perfect. But then again in life, there is no perfection and nothing is ever done! That is pure simplicity. And I am all about making life simpler. So dream of FINANCIAL FREEDOM…BUT MAKE THE DREAM YOUR JOURNEY. No matter your status in life with money, gender, relationships, etc. keep a dream alive. Keep HOPE alive. Without HOPE, there is despair. EMPOWER EXCELLENCE strives in an infinite way to help every moment of every day to make another woman’s live better through compassionate education and coaching , and my quest, even while simple, will never be done, and I am okay with that. Even when a woman’s money relationship improves and gives her more to dream and HOPE about, there are other dreams she may have like becoming a business owner, finding the right job, and sharing what she has learned with other women in her world and outside of her world. Once empowered, then she connects with other women and shares her journey not only to FINANCIAL FREEDOM but so much else! I have a dream, I hope you have a dream also!

Dreams Can Come True!

For the weekend, for next week, for next month, begin to dream. One of the reasons I created AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is to allow women to enter into conversation with other women of all generations to share their dreams, their hopes, and their fears. Conversation is a liberating force, and women really know how to converse when they find the time to sit, listen and talk. And one woman’s dream can inspire another woman or two or three or four or more to share theirs as well. Just think your dream can become the dream for another woman of a totally different generation. That is SHARING the WISDOM!

The Transformation is On Schedule…AWE to AWW!

You may call me a dreamer, but I am not the only one! The creation of the AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING this summer began with talk in the Summer of 2018. It was a conversation about collaboration. Like all conversations, some of the words held promise, but promise is not always real. The parent company AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM became a legal entity in the latter part of Winter 2018-2019 and the vision was set forth. It was a possibility. And then a schedule was set, and the dream and the possibility now had the reality of bones. Reality can be a journey of awakening. What had begun as a collaboration became in late Spring a solo entrepreneurship, and the reality became scheduled with real dates and real people. And I had learned many lessons, but the dream lived on.

Today, with summer fading into the beautiful season of fall, my time of the year, I am celebrating the dream that became the vision that is now a schedule for many months to come, and it is a reality that is now my reality. Since June, there have been three conversational sessions of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. Conversation leads to participation, and the dream of having women choose the topics for future retreats in 2020 became the vision and now is the reality of having almost 100 topics chosen by the participants of AWE the AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING group who I have so much admiration for…they took on the idea of my dream, envisioned it, and made it a reality to begin the transformation from AWE to AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom on October 16th.

AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM AWW is the SHARING of WISDOM across the generations of women through retreats and programs beginning in 2020 at ten different retreat venues, steeped in nature, across Northern Ohio. This is the time for women of all ages to invest in self care for themselves, and more importantly, it is the time for all generations , all ages, “Ageless”, of women to SHARE the Wisdom they all have. This is not metaphysical wanderings, this is reality. What they want to learn from others in 2020 to make their life better. This is the awakening of the women to schedule time for themselves once a month, in the middle of the week because it is that important to be on their calendars for a whole day, one day out of an average 30-day month , a little more than 3% of their total month. The women of AWE this summer did exactly that–they scheduled 1 day of the month to work on AWE. They SHARED conversation, they SHARED what they would like to make their lives better in 2020. This was personal, not professional, in nature, and still they came. They know that their personal life affects their professional life, and they came, they talked, and they SHARED.

This is the beginning of a transformation of AWE to AWW… Stay tuned about October 16th’s THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN with Mary Faktor, and the sharing with many women all of the almost 100 topics for the 2020 retreat program which will be unveiled that day.

Why is AWW different? Because the potential participants have already begun to participate and to have ownership of the intent of AWW…SHARING WISDOM ACROSS THE GENERATIONS OF WOMEN.

The dream of summer 2018 became the vision and is now a reality because of the women who SHARED this summer, and I thank them all with my head, with my heart, and with my soul!

Thank you to Jessica H for sharing this wise thought this morning!

Make the Dream You Envision REAL!

Life is many moments in which you can choose to dream and talk about your dream. When you envision it, you make it possible. But to make it real, you have to schedule it. Please do not stop reading because you believe this is going to turn into a lecture or a seminar or worse. Tony Robbins and so many others have built their businesses on thoughts like these because they are needed, but I want to take a different approach. Making your dream a reality is a big step but the first thing is to find the dream. What will make your life better? Many will not take the time to find that dream, identify it, and then move onto the step of envisioning it. In a way, I am telling you to daydream, see the dream in your mind’s eye. Some will tell you not to share the dream, but that is up to you. Some of us need to SHARE to make the dream real, and it is not just accountability. Accountability is good, but, if the dream is real, you will hold yourself accountable. And that personal accountability, remembering your Higher Power within you, is within you. If you have found your dream, and you envision it, scheduling it is good. But I am going one step further…I have had a very busy, productive year with a dream that I had not planned to undertake at all. And there have been major obstacles in spite of my obsession for planning. But I have stayed on my path without compromising. I have learned much about those who appeared to care about my dream, and I have learned their real motivation as well as mine. And the vision is becoming real every day. Now I am learning to trust the inner wisdom, I am sharing the inner wisdom of Ageless Women of Wisdom (AWW), and I am not pushing myself on the path but listening to the inner wisdom giving me the directions of what to do with each moment knowing that a total schedule does not always work for me because I am on my path and I am wise enough to know that what inner wisdom tells me is the way to proceed! And I know that all is well and each step for AWW is appearing as it should!

The Reality of AWE Moves to NOW!

While I rarely use red for text color, I am deliberately doing it today. Once upon a time in August of last year, a coffee meeting between two established women business owners, and then a second meeting a few weeks later, and the talking continued until a joint dream was hatched. It became a “real” dream on November 30th, Operational mechanisms were put in place, and on April 28th one of the two women put a “draft”marketing plan out to “envision” it. “Magnificent” said the second woman. Pivotal dates were chosen and shared, but only one woman really scheduled it. And then in the waning days of May, the reality for one woman crashed and burned. Once there were two women business owners pursuing a “Dream”; now there is one “real” business owner moving into June with the business of AWE. Dreams are great, visions begin to move towards real, but real only happens when a schedule is created and worked towards. And this is one of the few times I use red text!

The moral of this blog is “dreams” are great! “Visions” are better! But “Reality” is what moves it all forward! With thanks and gratitude, it all began with a dream, but the work has made AWE “Real”.

Dream, Damnit, Dream!

Do you dream? Do you have a “dream”? I hope you dream, and I hope you have a “dream”! Why do I care? Because inside each and every one of us is the Universe’s promise to us and our promise back to the Universe. Huh? When we enter this existence, we come with a plan. Really, we do. We agree with the Universe, our higher power, etc. why we are coming to Earth and what we intend to do during our life. It is true that mission can get lost with all the other stuff happening in a lifetime; but, if you take the time to be quiet enough long enough–in spurts, truly–the mission comes to you. Call it a dream because that is sometimes how it comes back to you. Call it your “dream” because then you are making it real. I am serious when I say I have some magical shit to do. I am busy. And I am very happy and peaceful with my busyness and my shit because that is why I am here. It saddens me when someone tells me they have no “dream” because they do have a “dream”. They just haven’t take the time to seriously find it. It is there. When you find it, the “dream”, you will truly feel the AWE of your own emerging from a nighttime dream to living your “dream”.

Put Your Dream Into Play…A Family Legacy in Financial Wellness can be your Dream Come to Life!

A Legacy Makes a Dream a Reality

Why would anyone want to plan to leave a Legacy, a true Family Legacy for Financial Wellness?  When men and women become a member of the folks in their 40’s to their 60’s, they have reached a level of achievement and success along with some material wealth.  They are at a gateway to the rest of their life, and there are people they hold dear to them, whether family and/or friends.  This is the second part of their life.  While they continue their financial growth in the area of their “net worth”, they are definitely considering investing with meaning in themselves, their family, and their “self worth”.

Consider what your dream is for yourself, for your family, for your friends, for your community.  Just give it some thought…

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Where Do I Start to Build a Legacy?


Starting here, starting now, step by step, this is the only way to build anything of lasting value…

I start with a Spending Plan for NOW…managing your income and expenses is a must even if your income is too low and your expenses are too high.  Just knowing that is a giant first step!  Don’t believe in budgets because they are static.  A Spending Plan can be flexible, and money does not stay the same…it changes.

When you put together the Spending Plan, you will see very clearly what debt you have.  Pay more than the minimum whenever possible.  I have one major credit card and I try to pay 10% more than the minimum as I work to reduce the balance to -0-.  It does make a difference as you see the balance decrease!

While I have the premium level of training in finances, my choice to begin my own business and giving up a paycheck from a commissioned position in the finance industry following my life as a single parent since 1983, I have a spending plan.  I know what my cash flow is, and I am working to bring it all into balance for my short-term and long-term dreams.  With that said, I am always learning more by reading online and offline–Kiplinger’s, Money, Bloomberg Business Week, and more.  I know everyone can improve their knowledge about money and put it to work in small steps–the big steps are the preparation for failure!  

Make your savings automatic.  Pay yourself before anything else with an automatic transfer between accounts designated for saving.  Be selfish…and you will see the results.

Yes, I am a professional with a vast background, but I still work with professionals, and I recommend everyone to have their team–an estate attorney, a CPA, and a Financial Professional.  If you need a credit counselor, seek out a nonprofit that only charges what they need to and really works to reduce your debt and improve your credit score.  

If you are creating a family legacy in financial wellness, start with these steps just like an annual physical checkup.  Know where you are before you decide where you are going!

The Future is Yours…


Following my recent post on living in the NOW with your money and your life, I want to add this one on the “Future”!

Being in the NOW, it is a perfect time to dream about your future.  Contradictory?  I do not think so.  Every idea you have has the potential to go out and become part of your life’s vortex, or treasure chest, for the future.  Of course, some will stay with you, some will depart as quickly as they come .  My friend Esther Hicks (Abraham) offers that all it takes is 17 seconds to have an idea take root, and do four sessions of 17 seconds, and it will definitely take root.  Your mind, your heart, and your soul will begin to take the idea seriously and begin to quietly work on it.  It is reticular activation in my words meaning that the brain will begin to look for answers to make the idea a reality.  Your thoughts do become things…be careful what you think!