Logic Can be Laughable but True!

Money can make you cry, but it can also make you laugh!  Choose laughing!  Not everything is the end of the world; drama can kill you, literally!  Take the time to breathe first before making money decisions.  Take the time to deep breathe three times and then think through the logic of any decision; find a […]

Talk to Yourself Positively, Optimistically!

Find your words carefully!  Speak your words silently and out loud!  Learn to look yourself in the eye in the mirror and begin to speak positively and optimistically!  If you cannot be kind to you with your spoken words, why would anyone else take the time to do just that? This is the time to reframe any […]

Money and Drama…

This is a time for history.  This is a time for inauguration.  This is a time for swearing in.  This is a time for marches.  This is a time for drama. But it is not a time for drama with money. There are few people really looking out for you as an individual today. We […]

Fueled by Purpose, Energy Abounds!

Oh yes, I am pumped today!  I am wracked with allergy symptoms, but that is not stopping me.  I have listened to one of the Abraham Rampages that was so appropriate for where I am right now with my life. More than that, my journaling last evening put into writing the saying “Not my Monkeys, […]

Are You Sparkling Lately?

Doreen Virtue wrote a book “Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle”, and I must say, while the title was a little misleading, it was a book that went far deeper than I suspected.  It is really about breaking free from negativity and drama; it is about addictions that are results of unresolved traumas.  It took me through […]


When surprises hit you, how do you react? Are you paralyzed and unable to make a decision what your next step should be? How do you get “unstuck”? Open Up Your Thinking! Begin by Stopping… Breathing… Tap Into Your Inner Being… Just “Be” for a Moment… Tap Into Your Mental Resources in This Calmer State […]

Money? Be a Survivor with Money, Whether it is Good News or Bad News!

How do you react when you get news about your money? Do you jump to extreme conclusions? Stop!  Breathe!  Catastrophic thinking gets you nowhere.  It will raise your stress levels, and it will keep you from determining what action needs to be taken. It is FEAR! False Evidence Appearing Real! You can listen to the […]

“Wasting Your Breath?” or not

All of us have been children at some point in our lives, and as a child I know I heard “I am just wasting my breath” talking to you!”  It could have been from a parent or a teacher when we did not agree with their advice…   In a way, they were right, I […]

It’s Showtime! Break a Leg! You are the Producer/Director of Your Life Story with Money!

Welcome to the Theatre of Your Life! The seats are filling fast! Are you ready for your opening night? “No, no!”, you say? What is possibly wrong? It is after all the holidays; everyone is gathered here to play their usual parts in the play of your life–tragedy, comedy, love, war. It is all right […]