Sunday Morning is…Transitioning


The window is open with the promise of 70+ degrees.

The sunshine is out.

My allergies are watery, itchy eyes, runny nose, and waiting for the natural allergy cure to kick in!

A stiff neck from too much sleep from the natural allergy cure from last night having me sleep too long!

And listening…to the birds outside, to the sound of traffic, and to the sound of cackling chickens next door…

But it is also listening to an unsettling voice in my head, heart, and soul saying I am in a transition.  

Oberlin is now home…it is my new threshold which has opened up, parting the old from the new, and plenty of Spirits who have walked me through the transition to Oberlin.  But transition is not a time for fear; it is a time for magic.  It is a time when I listen to my inner guides, it is a time when I tune in to my higher intelligence, and a time when I refuse to tune into any darker fears.  It is me who is creating the next part of my life.

And any uneasiness this morning comes from the need to say goodbye to some of the guides that brought me here for they are no longer what I need.  That includes Doreen Virtue who has made a major change in her approach since she participated in a religious baptism and is now diverting from what I used to depend on.  Her daily messages are no longer delivered at my best time of personal reception when I awake every morning, and they are no longer as deep and meaningful as they once were.  I am a Christian and a follower of Jesus, but that is a part of me that is fully ingrained in me, and it is not a source of inspiration from Doreen.  

Doreen Virtue, thank you for your guidance through my transition, but I am seeking new thought leaders now, and I bless and keep you in my heart.

More recently, Esther Hicks and Abraham were there when I needed them, but I have found that they no longer speak to my heart and soul.  I respect their presence, but even my phone is doing weird things when I tune into them!  

So who or what do I need right now?

I learned many years ago that I am a strong student, but only for the time I need what is being offered, and then I grow restless and move on.  This used to bother me, but it no longer does.  I am a Spirit on a mission, and I am on the path for that mission:  to help others begin a good and healthy relationship with money to allow them to empower their lives in all areas.  I have reached the point over the years that I have asked for what I need, Spirit and the Universe has answered and continues to point me in the right direction.  Every day is a transition, every moment provides what I need in all respects.  It is up to me to be in the moment to listen and to continue…

Staying with Doreen Virtue and Abraham Hicks is not staying in the moment; my moment keeps changing where theirs remains in the past because that works for them.  So, I will share where I land with spiritual guidance when I know.  But for now, and maybe forever, I am listening to God aka The Universe moment by moment, aware of the gifts provided through nature, art, culture, and all the beautiful people in my life and to come into my life.

So, is this what “TRANSITION” is all about?

Transitions can be good or bad or both.  They can dredge up fear, anxiety, and all kinds of emotions.  Even the greatest transitions can bring up unhappy thoughts and fears.  In times of transition, it is faith in yourself, in your family, in your community, in your religious beliefs that can be a support system for you.  An emotional support system, and sometimes more.  What I have learned over the years working with others going through transition of any sort is that emotional support is great, but many times the fears and anxieties can also be related to the future and what that future may hold.  While there are many parts of a transition, there is usually a financial component of uncertainty.  When that is present, walking the path with another who can guide you through that part of the transition does make it easier.  That is my path, and I continue with the guidance from above to walk the transition path with others.

Have a fantastic Sunday listening to the birds, to nature, to the sunshine, to the wind, and to your higher power pointing you to the path that is yours to take!

What Do You at Sunrise…


Starting your day is starting over with one more chance to make the NOW what you wish it to be.  I start my day with meditation, many times inspired by someone like Abraham Hicks or Doreen Virtue.  I actually set my alarm for an early hour so that this is dedicated, sacred time.  I have found in the morning that my mind is clear, that my heart is free of anxiety and concerns.  But not always; and, when it isn’t free of anxiety and concerns, this is the time to breathe and take a quiet approach to settling the anxieties and worries, many times finding the answers in such a simple form.  If more work is needed, I have found that meditation many times provides the answer in that quiet space.  It is great way to experience the sunrise of on the exterior while experiencing a new sunrise internally.



Realizations & Epiphanies, No Intentions!


Taking my cue, and the contents of my vortex, Doreen Virtue gave me the greatest gift of the new year this morning:

What a beautiful and powerful card for the new year! You are going to receive great insights, and personal revelations that will set you on a positive course of action.

Pay attention to realizations, and ahah! moments when you recognize a truth that is meaningful to you.

It’s a wonderful idea to spend quiet time as the new year begins, listening to your inner voice. Ask yourself what you would like to change, and what you would like to work on.

Set your intentions for this New Year, and of course pray for guidance about what steps to take in your intended direction.

There’s a message to remind you that you are limitless! Beware of the ego (your own ego or someone else’s ego) trying to talk you out of your dreams or ideas.

If God has given you a divine assignment that you are passionate about, you can be sure that God will also support you each step of the way.

Make this your year to fly high, and explore the boundless loving energy that God has gifted you.

Happy New Year with lots of Love!

Several days ago I declared that 2017 would be the Year of the Butterfly…Need I say more?  My spirit sings, my soul is on fire, and my head has given way to the spirit and the soul as I embark on the greatest year of my life…The Empower Excellence Experience.

And Doreen Virtue Ratifies My Choice, Again!

Fresh Local Produce on counter top

Since I have given up the local printed media because it is OLD news and a waste of time amid negative vibrations, I no longer have the daily newspaper for my horoscope, but my virtual friend Doreen Virtue’s daily angel card messages are much more welcome and so true for me so many times.  But, unlike a horoscope, Doreen’s messages are now coming after I make decisions, which really serves me as a ratification of those decisions.  Nice!

But it is getting little unsettling.  On September 8th I made my decision to expand Empower Excellence to The Empower Excellence Experience when I move to Oberlin, which will include among several new programs, a cooking program using the produce of local farmers to display how to use local produce at the seasonal farm markets, and the idea was shared with several folks at that time.    And then yesterday, on Monday, September 19th, Doreen’s angel messages focused on Healthful Eating.  OMG, here we go again.  

Her post actually asks “Do you feel ready to make this commitment?”  She goes on to say that “Remember that true healthful eating is built upon basics such as fresh organic produce that you can buy inexpensively at farmers markets….”

Yes, I am already a healthy eater, but this is a unique idea that has just been moved forward by this message.  I am grateful for the ideas that are part of my mission, and there is so much in my past that supports this food segment of my future.  It is exciting, and it is my mission among all of the programs of The Empower Excellence Experience.  And I am grateful for the inspiration and for the ratification…It is exactly this that keeps the weirdness in my life moving forward!

But, I must say that I am not weird.  In the book ORIGINALS by Adam Grant, he shares that being an original is “risky business” because originals are going against the grain when they introduce a “fresh” initiative in an inventive capacity.  Welcome to my life. I have always had a choice to be a conformist or be an original.  The cooking shows using local food from the farmers at the farmers markets is a better option, and I do take radical risks.  I follow my mission, I follow my intuition, and I know Divine Guidance is with me as I walk through the Universe!

This Is One Battle…

Choose Your Battles

This is one battle that I choose not to fight, at least not openly and verbally.  I am a good reader of people, especially when people, while still in integrity and within their values, say one thing and really mean another.  I am not a quiet, keep it all to myself person, especially when it comes to my integrity and values.  And when an especially good friend who I respect and hold close is sending mixed messages, something is wrong with this picture.  I am also quite perceptive, and my interpretation is this person is feeling threatened in certain areas of our relationship.  

My initial analysis to create a more harmonious transition for us was for me to acknowledge to myself what the situation was and how best to come to terms with it for me.  And that was, not for me to let the relationship rest quietly,  but for me to take the quiet position in the relationship for a while tending the relationship.

That made perfect sense to me…until this morning.  

Part of my morning ritual is to receive and read a message from The Universe’s Mike Dooley through  And that message was:  

“Give it thought, Janice.  Consider every angle.  And then speak your mind.

You’ve not been drawn into anyone’s life just to listen.

Loud and proud, The Universe

You’re not here to be quiet, Janice.  Actually, you’re one of my spokes-peeps.”

Ok, ok, first it was the messages through Doreen Virtue, and now Mike Dooley from The Universe?  As a student of spirituality and The Universe, I know when my messages are coming through loud and clear intuitively and literally!    The irony of all of this was the subject matter in this relationship has been about intuition and being a student of life.  Being politically correct has always been a strong point for me.  The politically correct approach was my initial one.  Stepping out of the fear of not being politically correct, I am not to keep quiet.  But my message will be spoken through intention and through energy.  I do believe I have made the next move through transformation…so is this a battle I am choosing to fight or not to fight.

Intuition plays a large part in transmitting energetic messages to others without speaking a word…  So I begin this energetic exercise with a smile on my face as I know my friend will receive this energetic message before we even come upon each other in person again.  You see, in addition to their integrity and values, I respect their energy…

Divinely Working…

spirituality energy 4

Way back in January, Oprah Winfrey in “O” declared 2016 to be “The Year of You”, an article to unlock the secrets of true motivation…and watch(ing) your life soar”.

Today is the beginning of another month and for many the beginning of a new school year.  For me, it has been a very transformative few days; and the change is not yet over.  And I am sure that I am going to be learning a lot as I move forward.  According to Doreen Virtue, working with the Butterfly Oracle Cards, of special significance to me as the butterfly is part of my logo as well as a sign of transformation and transcendence, for this week’s messages, change is coming big time.  For me all I have done with my business has been instinctive for the last four years.  I have known what steps to take each moment of the way.  I have grown.  I have healed.  I am meeting all who will advance my direction moving forward.  I am on a journey of co-creation and happiness.  And the butterfly is playing center stage…

Just this afternoon on Public Television, there was a program on The Butterfly Project of the Holocaust Museum of Houston, a program where school children are creating masterpieces of butterflies, each one symbolizing a child who died without reason in the Holocaust.  Beautiful butterflies!

Only the divine knows where each of these occurrences will fall on my path that I started four years ago.  What just occurred to me is that what I am doing is truly a “Transformation Into Happiness”.  A transformation not only for me but also for all I work with.  I think that is a pretty big Divine mission.  It is a further definition of what I have been doing; but it is also the path ahead as I move to Oberlin and create a center for transformation into happiness for anyone experiencing a transition in any part of their lives.  Empower Excellence is there, just like the transformative caterpillar becoming the butterfly, to empower the excellence within each and every one of us…

Want to join in the Transformation Into Happiness?  Now, I must go and continue my transformation.

And Then One Scary Day…

Butterfly Bejeweled in Blue

Always with me and Empower Excellence, there has been talk and wonder and images of butterflies, but today changes everything!

And it truly began at midnight today…unexplainable inability to get to sleep.  Tired, exhausted, but no sound sleep.  Nothing helped….meditations included.  And Friday mornings are always powerful meditation times for me.  Another unexplainable phenomenon.  But today blew my mind beyond any imagining!

This week has been a proving ground of my ability and intention to help others in many ways…too numerous to mention and not important any more.  It is what I do.  But this morning, after finally getting a few solid hours of sleep, a friend’s FB post caught my attention.  I responded with a suggestion.  The next immediate post was a potential solution for her.  I shared.  Then a friend posted the most wonderful meditation  I have ever seen or heard in almost 20 years of meditating.  It was an OMG moment, which I shared in appropriate places.  And Doreen Virtue always out there with strong messages told me it as time for me to listen to my inner child, to care for that inner child, and it just kept coming.

This coming weekend is “scheduled” for me to really get my current business “plan” down on paper!  And all of this flows into that…  There is a proverb on my bedside table that reads “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly…”  And I became the butterfly this morning.  The transformation is complete after all of these years, I am a butterfly, the symbol of transformation.  I am shaken, I am not of this world right now.  And I am happy!  I cannot say more than that…

Are You Sparkling Lately?

Butterfly Bejeweled in Blue

Doreen Virtue wrote a book “Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle”, and I must say, while the title was a little misleading, it was a book that went far deeper than I suspected.  It is really about breaking free from negativity and drama; it is about addictions that are results of unresolved traumas.  It took me through a drama detox that probably was needed for decades.  It took me through stressors like money, jobs, and the economy.  It took me through healing steps.  It was eye opening inasmuch as I learned how I had been rewarded for drama throughout my life:  sympathy, attention, focusing on others’ issues, feeling needed.  The drama was a revictimization over and over again.  

But I soon found that I SPARKLE!  

I learned over the years that I went through all of the reactions to trauma:  fight, flight, freeze, and fawn!  The trauma started early with in utero distress, a mother with mental health issues, and more.  I have suffered through death, divorce, abuse, illness, moving, accidents, financial difficulties, losing jobs, surgery, legal issues, and natural disasters.  

Over the years, my adrenals became severely fatigued; I burned out more than once.  In essence, many of us go through PTSD as a result of childhood abuse; we recover.  But there are residual signs:  boredom, we are looking for the drama.  We have fears, and we block out memories.  We become emotionally frozen.  And we have an impaired inhibition towards fear:  we are constantly proving ourselves.  We binge on foods we are allergic to:  drama.  Stress helps us feel alive.  

But eventually we travel the path from self blame to self worth.  We seek out more light–light energy–AND THEN WE SPARKLE!

No longer afraid of the future, w find meditation, we stop the noise in our heads.   In meditation, we become aware of our chakras, we see sparkling light…  It is then up to us to stay in the light–inwardly and outwardly–and then, we may just SPARKLE! 

Recognizing How Powerful We Are…


Butterfly Hot Air Balloon

Time for Take Off!

How powerful are we?  It is an awakening when we realize that we are as powerful as God and the Universe as we are all one.  But throughout our lives we need to be reminded that the power of the Universe and of God lies within us…always has, always will.  We are the ones who allow that power to be pushed down as we progress through life.  And then, we slowly peel away the skins of the onion that is us, and we end up at the core.  We appreciate the sweet smell and taste of the onion that is our life.  And then we go back to our lives.  Until the next awakening…

Sara Bareilles has a song about “Here We Go Bluebird” that talks about taking to the sky.  That is me at this moment.  I have built a good solid foundation for Empower Excellence.  I am gathering my strength and rising up to face a new challenge.  I am doing this voluntarily; but only after the Universe has been pounding me with messages for 72 hours that I need to take flight.  I am leaving the foundation that is Empower Excellence in tact.  I am returning to the roots that have taken hold in me since the 1970’s, and the 1980’s, and the 1990’s, to fully explore living in Lorain County with a move to Oberlin in 2017.  That foundation is being built, and I am comfortable with it having returned to First Church and having found my preferred landlord.  A peaceful home and a peaceful refuge for Spirit are a good start.  This is a serious venture well thought out for many years.

And then, in Lorain County, on Wednesday, May 18th, a presentation on the “Impostor Syndrome” brought home who I used to be, but I am no longer.  I have built professional credibility and confidence through the years, and I now work with clients on this.  I went on to a program with Oberlin Community Services, and a colleague I worked with on the beginning foundation of the Oberlin Project several years ago and I became reacquainted…there are no accidents.  We talked about my Professional Women’s Connection Lorain County and the Partnering Program the Women’s Fund of the Community Foundation of Lorain County, with the Lorain County Community College Foundation serving as a fiscal agent, funded in a small but “big” way.  The Partnering Program is a mentoring program to teach Lorain County women how to network to build their careers from whatever point they are at.  The mentors are the members of the Professional Women’s Connection in Lorain County.  And then this “Angel” hit me in the gut figuratively by sharing something with me I had already been made aware of, but my Soul was not yet ready to hear.  Now my Soul perked up and began a campaign to make me listen…72 hours later following “sign” after “sign”, “message” after “message” from everyone from my friend, my spiritual intuitive friend, Keith Jordan to my sister who has been non communicative for 3 years to Doreen Virtue speaking loudly to my Soul through messages that were scripted daily to shake me awake, figuratively and literally, and Brendon Burchard, and a good energy friend…everyone of these friends and messengers telling me there is no choice.

This path I am quietly–this is pretty much all I am sharing right now–taking begins in earnest today.  Where it takes me is where I am meant to travel.  What the outcome will be I do not know, but I trust it is where I am to be walking for right now.

Way back in the beginning of April, before any of the events that put any of this in motion, I dedicated May to laying the foundation to take Empower Excellence to a new level.  Small steps that were put into effect, including exploring licensing several parts of Empower Excellence, changing my mode of delivering client coaching beginning June 1, changing my pricing structure for coaching, and developing some new products to work with family law and estate planning attorneys.  The biggest change that was totally implemented in May was to graduate to merchant services with a national bank to replace Paypal.  We are going to the next level.  Yesterday, the Empower Excellence newsletter was reintroduced.  The https://www.empowerexcellencewith website has been purged to work for the next year.  And my book has been retitled to be published within the year.

Yes, I set out the intention to move to the next level, but what I received was much more than I had even thought about.  Now, it is up to me to follow the path that has been set out in front of me…slowly taking one step at a time, in faith, with trust, and feeling no longer an “impostor” as an entrepreneur.  I am the real thing!

How Can One Word Totally Turn My Head Into Mush?

Leadr from DOreen Virtue May 19 2016

This word “leader” is nothing new in my vocabulary.  I have heard it for years.  I have practiced leadership for years.  I am an oldest child from a dysfunctional family, so I learned to be self-determining and attentive from a very early age.  It has served me well; it has alienated me from those who should be closest to me.  But, last night, I meditated asking for a sign that what I am about to undertake was wise or not wise.  I have been known to say lately that I have to be careful for what I ask the Universe, my God, for.  I have also for many years, but more so lately, put the question out to the Universe through questions with many who cross my path at the appropriate time, what is it that keeps pulling me back to Oberlin and Lorain County.  And then, yesterday, someone from some past work in Oberlin came back into my life for a brief conversation and made an observation that I knew about but had ignored.  And it did not simply pass with the minutes and the hours of the day.  I began my usual “checking it out”, and I went to sleep waiting for a sign of some sort to continue with my silent pursuit.  This card was in Doreen Virtue’s message overnight.  The message was strong, and, once again, my mind is in good turmoil; but it is already going to work to clear a path for me to move further in this pursuit.  The irony is that my path to professional leadership was formulated through three mentors from Lorain County, and now that path continues as I begin to plan the move to Oberlin, and….