The Source of AWE…SOURCE

The source of AWE is SOURCE…Plain and simple and ageless and true. I am moving so slow on this Saturday morning, and I am not trying to rush anything. While I have been on a nonstop schedule for weeks, yesterday and today was like a fast-moving train hitting the brakes, and it has taken more than 24 hours for this train to come to a stop. In the meantime, I have employed healthy eating, coffee with friends, nature even with the rain, and meditation. With the slowing-down process, good sleep came my way last night: 7 hours without moving (the sheets demonstrated that to me this morning), and then a meditation time. The body was totally in a state of gratitude, and so was I.

But being in that state, brought so much to the forefront of my mind. I found a one-minute meditation on God, which I consider my Source and the Universe. Kirk Nelson is a new found source on YouTube, and the following was a total inspiration this morning:

Science and religion have the same purpose…to describe reality.

Science tells us the Universe began with a big bang.

An unseen force caused the Universe to expand at the speed of light.

Scientists call this force Dark Energy because they don’t know what it is.

As you approach the speed of light, time slows down.

When you reach the speed of light, time stands still.

So there is an unseen force creating the Universe from a place where there is no time.

This is almost the very definition of God.

And God is love.

Share that love.


I needed that right at that moment. It was the reminder that God is Source, and the source of AWE, Ageless Women Emerging, has been with me since the moment of the Big Bang. I have been on my path for only several decades of the 14 billion years since the Big Bang. I am a newbie, and I have learned so much. But it has all been to bring me to today. I used to wonder what makes the difference in people’s lives. Yes, we can acquire intelligence, talent, and dedication. Many of us have had DESIRE that burns within us. In the beginning we are not always aware of what it is, but then further down the path, through perseverance and protection from Source, we “learn”. That is the key word “learn”. Through divine guidance we are directed toward learning the right tools for our purpose. We can become mentally proactive to search for what our mind, heart, and soul put on that path for us to choose. But the decision to learn, to acquire more and more knowledge, steers us away from those who think “Ignorance is bliss”. That phrase may be liberating, but it is not part of my life. I am on a path that keeps expanding, and it is exciting. But, like this morning, I needed to come back to my center, and my center is Source…I will never forget that. Because I am a part of the Big Bang I am a part of Source. Yes, I am part God, and that feels good right now and forever.

Passion Not Totally About Raging Desire!

Spiritual Energy 5

Passion can be many things; can you describe your passion?  

Have you ever come alive and became bursting at the seams to share? Passion is truly what is yours to do.  Do you have issues?  What is holding you back?  But the two basic questions are:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What can you offer?

It all starts with being intentional in your personal growth.  Are you ready to claim your calling?  If yes, then begin to translate it into your personal livelihood!  Create a cash flow to sustain yourself.  Create a one-page business plan with projections.  Begin to live a prosperity mindset!  It takes time to leave your current life behind, to become personally joyful, and to become financially stable!

What if you have no clue about what you would like to do.  Or you know what you want to do but you are not doing it.  

So, what are you doing now?  Can you transition to do what you want to do?  Does your passion drive you?  Are you good at it?  So now, ask yourself “Why is this your passion.”

Become aware, begin to take action, any action…some action!  You must be attracted to what you think you want to do!  

Why?  Because you must be accountable and there will be a price to pay.  You have to learn what that price is and be willing to pay it!  So take a moment now to pause and breathe!  Seriously.  Reflect on what you have been thinking about.  Investigate, incubate, illuminate, and illustrate your passion.  

What is your biggest asset?  Your biggest liability?  What makes you legally high?  What makes you low?  What is your best emotion?  What is your worst emotion?  What is your best/worst habit?  What fulfills you?  What do you prize most in your life?

You are not, and should not be, perfect!  What do you need to improve?  Be patient and value the process.  Are you aware when you need to improve?

As you design your passion, you need conducive surroundings to design your systems, to be ready for pain, to think like a success, to stretch in every way possible.  And then you need to know how to take tradeoffs.  Give up to grow up!  Give up financial security today for tomorrow’s potential.  Give up the fast life for the good life.  

More than anything, be grateful!  Put people first.  People and stuff cannot own you, and SOW SUCCESS.      Empower Excellence, LLC

Who Put the Limits on You?

Limitless Possibilities

There is one principle that needs repeating here on the 3rd day of January of this new year:  You are limitless!  You can do whatever you really want to do if you take the time to figure out what that is and then begin your journey to achieve it.  It is not difficult, we just tend to make it so because we let too much of everything get in the way.  Seriously, if we take the time to figure out what we want, what we desire, and then take a logical look at how to accomplish it, then it is up to us to begin visualizing it and feeling how it will feel when we achieve it.  But stop, an important thing to learn is to act like we have already achieved our desire.  And I do mean how we achieved it because I learned a long time ago that it takes work on our part to move towards that desire.  But the hardest part of all of this is to start believing that we are limitless!

Financial Self Defense, Sexy Spending Plan, What Do You Want Me To Do?

brave lyric 3 jpg

Yes, I want to see you be brave, in the words of Sara Bareilles!  Practicing Financial Self Defense, Working in a Sexy Spending Plan, and more is what I am asking you to do.  This is some of what it takes to have a good relationship with money.  This is what it takes to Empower Excellence!    This is what I wish for you!


Cheryl Strayed’s book by the same title, BRAVE ENOUGH, shares many thoughts about being brave.  I will share some of the thoughts in the book in the coming days.  But let’s start with “Are you brave enough to break your own heart?”

Yes, I mean that exactly.  Anyone who has ever wanted something materialistically so bad that they would die if they could not have it understands this thought.  It could be a car, it could be a pair of fantastic shoes, or it could be a pair of Uggs.  Really it could be anything.  And what makes that object so desirable?

It is like sex, you fantasize about it for so long.  Then comes the day when the desire is materialized.  Maybe the joy lasts for a minute, a day, a week, or a month; but then it becomes part of our ho-hum world.  Boring!  And on to the next desired scenario!  Without going into the deep reasons why we create these fantasies, if we deny ourself what we truly believe we have to have to go on living, we truly can have a broken heart for a moment or two or a month or two…  Not going there.

To deny yourself so that you are brave in the area of money, you may be brave enough to break your own heart.  Maybe…                                                  


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