NOW Ageless Women of Wisdom is on the Move to 2020…

Today has been an adventure plus all in the scope of the last 12 hours. Making decisions is usually easy for me, but this one has taken at least 72 hours. The uncertainty of what to do had me totally discombobulated. But that is over. At the crack of dawn this morning, with the help of Deepak Chopra leading me through a meditation, I laid out the steps that needed to be taken to cancel the Launch of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. This event had been my focus since May, but no matter how much marketing and networking was done, the attendance was not where it was supposed to be. Remember, I am a numbers person. So, I got up, showered, had breakfast, and I began the unwinding of the event. By the end of the day, everything including refunding all ticket purchases were complete allowing me to officially cancel the Eventbrite event. That done, we are awake and alive on the edge of becoming the movement AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. The work of the 2020 Retreat Program starts. Join us

AWE, The Stories of Women!

Yesterday, I spoke of Mercury Retrograde and Stories…and the one thing I have learned about women’s stories is compassion. Three of my favorite authors in my teens and young adult years were Sylvia Plath, Anne Frank, and Ayn Rand. Very different women, very different stories: one lived in the prison of mental illness, one lived in the prison of the Nazi rule in World War II, and one lived in her own prison rejecting the norms of her day. And yesterday, I witnessed Eugene O’Neill’s LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT sharing the issues of a mother’s longstanding drug addiction, it’s own prison. All about women, all about their stories.

Moving into more current years, Oprah has been an advocate of women’s stories for years. Her current book THE PATH MADE CLEAR is different and is subtitled “Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose”. It is a treasure telling short blurbs about many women and men. I say “About” because they are in the words of the players and talk of purpose and more. That truly is written from the heart; they are their stories in very short form. Elizabeth Gilbert, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Carolyn Myss, Deepak Chopra, Ellen Degeneres, Pema Chodron, Cheryl Strayed, Thomas Moore, Iyanla Vanzant, Joel Osteen, Mitch Albom, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Debbie Ford, Michael Singer, Gary Zukav, Brne Brown, Marianne Williamson, Mindy Kaling, Shonda Rhimes, Eckhart Tolle, Father Richard Rohr, Jon Bon Jovi, Gloria Steinem, Thich Nhat Hahn, Lynne Twist, President Jimmy Carter, Jack Canfield, and more, but all that I have learned their stories through their books and their music. Most are labeled “New Age”, “New Thought”, and “Whoo Whoo”.

And it is new thought, new age…the past several decades have brought some very positive change, but we are now into year three of some very dark times including potential Constitutional challenges. The top percentage of the wealthy are ruling directly or indirectly. The authors I have named above are not Constitution writers, they are writers of life, of optimism, of hope, of kindness, of freedom of the most basic kind. They seek to free many from their own personal prisons. These are the folks who have been capturing the hearts of America for many years–quietly and effectively. They have not been seeking to necessarily capture the hearts of corporate America although many have touched the hearts of corporate America. Be cautious in discounting their reach in Election 2020. Many of us discounted the speaker of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in 2016, and it is time to open the “prison” doors of traditional thinking. MAKE AMERICA KIND AGAIN. Start with you, start with your story, each and every person, especially each and every woman. Hate is not working, Love can work! AWE

Facial Expressions & Energy

Thank God for friends like MEO for this photo this morning; it made me laugh which I needed so much to do! My LIVE talk on Facebook this morning was on Energizing Your Money; but it was supposed to be on “Emerging Money”. Another perfect example that I am far from perfect… But I did good with the magic wands and all on Energizing, and I guess that was what I needed to hear myself. Looking back at the video, I did a good job with not dislaying my true dismay at myself when I realized the mistake. And I think that means that I am doing a fine job of controlling my facial expressions. Ok, but it is something that I do need to continue working on because my eyes and my facial expressions are dead give aways of what is going on in my head. I know it is an energizer or a de-energizer, so I will continue to work on it.

In the meantime, “Emerging Money” probably made me smile on the LIVE program because I am in the beginning stages of learning how much money is involved when the “Check Engine” light comes on in my car, a 2007 Toyota Camry with more than half of its lifespan yet to live. In a few short hours, my local mechanic will begin his diagnostic work. Prayers and gratitude have already gone on for the 24 hours leading to this morning. I have meditated, I have listened to Sarah Bareilles and John Legend ‘s “A Safe Place to Land”, and Joel Osteen enouraging us to encourage ourselves. All of that 6 am work along with Deepak’s Meditation on Gratitude produced a smiling, breakfasted, showered, and dressed “Jan” for the LIVE spot. It is true that we can energize our money and ourselves by encouraging ourselves. And, when we encourage ourselves, we turn the positivity on to help the money “emerge”! I have the source of funding probably even the worst case scenario can use. Because it is “emerging” money, there are sources to pay back the “emergency” fund, I hope, arriving soon. It is funny that this is the first time I noticed that “emerging” is also a form of “emergency”. Funny, yes, but no. For now, the emerging money is energized because I energized me for many hours already today! Energy is a great thing…

“Om Shanti Om”versus “I am Stressed!”

Awareness Eckhart Tolle

Deepak Chopra is a fantastic source for mantras including “Om Shanti Om”, “I am Peace”, which in fact was a favorite of a friend from long ago, Roberta.  Before you can find peace, you must find quiet, you must find alertness, and you must find awareness.  All of these findings are also a way to really come to peace with money.  Most of my clients with Empower Excellence find their way to me because they are stressed, and they cannot find their way to peace initially in their money relationship but it also spreads to their total life–their family, their coworkers, and their health; and not just their personal health but the health of all they interact with.  Yes, the stress they experience may start as emotional stress with lack of patience and anxiety.  But it spreads to their overall health:  fatigue, loss of sleep, and general discomfort and that becomes over time hypertension, heart disturbances, and even cancer.  Disease is not what we are here to talk about.  We are here to make you more alert not only in your money relationship with stress but also in your general life.  If you can find “the quiet”, you can begin to turn stress around in general in your life and it will funnel down into your life with money!  

I would first like to suggest that you substitute another word for “Stress” because even the sound of the word can cause more stress for many.  Really!  “Discomfort”, “pressure”, or “lacking love” could be used.  Or you can create your own word which in fact will signal a time to Stop, Breathe, and Be Quiet.  Yes, that short exercise will slow you down, make you quiet, and lead you to a more peaceful state.  More than that, avoiding noise, chaos, and negativity also helps.  

Why am I talking about stress in relationship to money?  Well, money is a big stressor, but, more than that, stress sucks the energy out of your life and out of your money.  It is that simple.  Energy is a precious commodity that we must become aware and alert to protect for all areas of our life, our longevity, and our money.  Feeling discomfort, find a way to become quiet, find a way to breathe, and find a way to turn the stress into energy rather than sucking it out of your life!

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Fulfillment is Foundational to Legacy…

Aimng too low Arneil

Facebook:  Empower Excellence  “financialwellnessforall”

Facebook:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More

LinkedIn:  Janice Marie Litterst

Twitter:  @empowerwithjan

Email/Phone:     440-670-2252


In my LIVE Facebook post this morning, I spoke of Your Soul & Money.  Using the soul as a reference point, remember that when we are young we truly believe that we have sufficient energy and time.  As we age, we are uncertain of that.  But really, all the way down to the soul level, we always have sufficient energy to reach our purpose, to become fulfilled in the NOW.

It is up to us to develop the quality of our energy and then strive to maintain it on a moment by moment basis.  The quality of our energy for our inner world, including the soul, needs energy that is not available from the outside world.  Deepak Chopra cites the following needs for our inner world:  meaning, achievement, love, self -esteem, purpose, positive core beliefs or values, and the belief in a higher power.  When we are deprived of these needs, we can eventually starve our inner world.  Fulfillment flounders and disappears.

Nourished, the inner world becomes fulfilled, creativity flows, and life energy in all forms:  emotional, mental, and more becomes filled with infinite potential and allows us to be in pure consciousness.

Fulfillment and pure consciousness are foundational to move forward with a family legacy for financial wellness…Do not deprive yourself of fulfillment!

Go For UNLIMITED in the Future…


Begin with JOY!

Deepak Chopra shared:  “Life is a field of unlimited possibilities.”  And indeed it is!

Remember, with God all things are possible.  We are the ones who create “short lists” of possibilities for us.  Forget what society says, forget what your family says, and go for what you want to manifest.  Don’t forget, it will take effort and work, but with the Universe as your partner, you can do all sorts of things!  This expands your sense of self, your confidence, and removes the limits placed on you by others and yourself.  Just remember, keeping the future in mind that each day you awake a new person…what will you do?

Joy Words in Cloudy Sky Satisfaction Happiness

The word Joy and many related words and terms in 3d letters against a cloudy blue sky, including enjoyment, bliss, delight, elation and satisfaction

Women Empowered is Front & Center…

Life is Good Can You Feel It

So much happens that is considered feminine and masculine, while there is a feminine power within each of us.  But envisioning the feminine within requires a much deeper sense of self awareness.  If you believe in Source, it is pure awareness, and there is no gender.  The issues of gender–masculine and feminine-are a social context.  Whether it is your beliefs, your attitudes, your mental conditioning which define you, the physiological is just a matter of life!  No matter, the eternal feminine is a part of everyone’s wholeness as Deepak Chopra shared in a recent article.  So how does the eternal feminine manifest in everyone’s life?  The feminine would include motherliness, inner beauty, devotion, nurturing, loving, kindness, inspiration, and creativity while the masculine includes hardness, cruelty, war, ruthless competitiveness.  One is softer than the other.  And the thought carries through to your money life.  Men are thought to take more risks, women are thought to be less competitive.  In real life, this is totally exaggerated.  And bring in the money, you will find that women often turn to their male counterparts to take the lead.  Maybe it is time that more women learn to become more empowered with their money while men learn to take fewer risks with money.  Just sayin’…

Motivation Mojo & My Butterfly…

Jan's Butterfly Bottle and Bottega 3 15 18 2

Motivation is funny and strange!  The above piece of art is an original of mine which began as a flower and became a butterfly.  In my work with money, the butterfly is always in my mind, body, heart and soul!  It is my mission, it is TRANSFORMATION!  It is all about the colors, the chakras, and my mojo.  Really, once I have tuned into The Universe aka God, as long as I stay out of my own way (thank you, Keith Jordan, for that wisdom many years ago), The Universe knows where we are going according to my chosen mission, and it works with me to keep moving ahead!  

Yes, it is motivation, but it is also mojo, the indescribable momentum within my soul, that keeps the path clear for the most part.  My motivation to attend a soft opening of the local, only one in Ohio, Bottle and Bottega, opened by my friend Vicki Prete and her spouse Scott in northern Ohio, was to support Vicki as I have never considered myself to be artistic in any way.  Creative, yes, artistic, NO!  But I went for my reason alone.  This had been a creative work of love for Vicki for months–I needed to be there to support her!  And, yes it sparked my butterfly.  

So, why is the butterfly a symbol of balance and inspiration.  If you have ever checked out my Pinterest boards, they are pretty much lately only butterfly pins; and butterflies are truly a work of art of Nature.  You do not see butterflies with abstract patterns–they are balanced and yet each is an individual of its own species.  They are an inspiration.  They are the perfect examples of TRANFORMATION.  They are powerful, but their lives are very short.  They came to do what they come to do and are gone!  No nonsense here!  Even Deepak Chopra has stated in a recent meditation that ” Motivation comes from Inspiration”.  And my famous mantra is the question “Is it fear or love?” questions motivation as a driving force in life…

So, why the butterfly, now?  

This piece of art, and it is, hangs outside of my Empower Excellence office all alone until I create another.  It is a reminder of how far I have come in this my sixth year of business, and it is the motivation of where I am now going.  It is exciting in and of itself, and it gives me chills to know that all the work I have done is only the beginning…



Money R-Evolution or Transformation?


Welcome to the Money R-Evolution!  Please do accept and join us on a journey to BIG this year.  It will share JOY, Enlightenment, and Spiritual Awakening as well as a new found freedom with MONEY!  Please do RSVP and join in the excitement of my finally having arrived at Peaceful Money and Money Energy!

In 2012, Andrew Cohen published EVOLUTIONARY ENLIGHTENMENT.  It was the year my company was started, Empower Excellence, LLC.  I loved the dedication on the front cover from Deepak Chopra:  “Andrew Cohen made me believe that there has never been a better time to be enlightened.”  The table of contents of the book provide me with the outline for my business of Money Energy today:

  • A Longing to Evolve
  • Understanding the Territory
  • The Path and the Goal

Enlightenment and the Evolution of Culture

The first three are very personal which, one by one, can lead to the Enlightenment and the Evolution of Culture.  My wish!  

And enlightenment through a R-Evolution, be it literal or actual, can lead to Transformation, one by one, my friends.  And Money needs a R-Evolution!  So please accept my invitation and let’s begin our Transformation with Money. 

And Then My World Opened Up…Again!

Inspired & Unstoppable

I am not a photographer!  I know that!  We all know that!  But this photo taken this morning is super significant, not because of its photographic quality, but because of its 5-year anniversary, literally, of the subject matter, the book by Tama Kieves, INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE!

IN 2012, on August 1, this book became available and my trip to Barnes & Noble at Crocker Park in Northeast Ohio to pick up the book I had pre-ordered and then a day long reading of the total book!  It had an immediate impact.  I have referred it to clients, I have done workshops on it, I have seen friends after reading it sell all belongings and travel the country!  This book was inspiring then, and I am sure it still is.

But I am truly shaken to the bone this morning…my morning ritual includes a meditation, and this morning I am in Day 12 of Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s Desire & Destiny Program.  This title is “Inspired Me”  Subtitled:  “I am inspired.  I am unstoppable.”  Even now, several hours later, relistening to it, I am tearful!  The timing is more than a consequence since I am a child of God following the Universe in my passion and mission for many years now!  

There was a break here as I spoke to the Chopra Center in California and secured the meditation series for my own…

Not sure where this is leading, but I know one thing for sure:  The Universe is working hard through powerful people to catch my attention and to keep me moving towards The Empower Excellence Experience, the place in Oberlin where access to Personal Sustainability is easier than searching throughout the country to find what an individual needs to empower their personal sustainability to live a life that will empower excellence:  in their finances, in local investing, in local food,   in chemical free living–food, households, and cosmetics.  Local sources to keep dollars in local communities…travel with me, the road should be interesting!