AWE, The Stories of Women!

Yesterday, I spoke of Mercury Retrograde and Stories…and the one thing I have learned about women’s stories is compassion. Three of my favorite authors in my teens and young adult years were Sylvia Plath, Anne Frank, and Ayn Rand. Very different women, very different stories: one lived in the prison of mental illness, one lived […]

Facial Expressions & Energy

Thank God for friends like MEO for this photo this morning; it made me laugh which I needed so much to do! My LIVE talk on Facebook this morning was on Energizing Your Money; but it was supposed to be on “Emerging Money”. Another perfect example that I am far from perfect… But I did […]

“Om Shanti Om”versus “I am Stressed!”

Deepak Chopra is a fantastic source for mantras including “Om Shanti Om”, “I am Peace”, which in fact was a favorite of a friend from long ago, Roberta.  Before you can find peace, you must find quiet, you must find alertness, and you must find awareness.  All of these findings are also a way to […]

Fulfillment is Foundational to Legacy… Facebook:  Empower Excellence  “financialwellnessforall” Facebook:  Empower Excellence “It’s Your Money” LIVE and More LinkedIn:  Janice Marie Litterst Twitter:  @empowerwithjan Email/Phone:     440-670-2252   In my LIVE Facebook post this morning, I spoke of Your Soul & Money.  Using the soul as a reference point, remember that when we are young we truly believe that […]

Go For UNLIMITED in the Future…

  Begin with JOY! Deepak Chopra shared:  “Life is a field of unlimited possibilities.”  And indeed it is! Remember, with God all things are possible.  We are the ones who create “short lists” of possibilities for us.  Forget what society says, forget what your family says, and go for what you want to manifest.  Don’t forget, […]

Women Empowered is Front & Center…

So much happens that is considered feminine and masculine, while there is a feminine power within each of us.  But envisioning the feminine within requires a much deeper sense of self awareness.  If you believe in Source, it is pure awareness, and there is no gender.  The issues of gender–masculine and feminine-are a social context.  Whether it is […]

Motivation Mojo & My Butterfly…

Motivation is funny and strange!  The above piece of art is an original of mine which began as a flower and became a butterfly.  In my work with money, the butterfly is always in my mind, body, heart and soul!  It is my mission, it is TRANSFORMATION!  It is all about the colors, the chakras, […]

Money R-Evolution or Transformation?

Welcome to the Money R-Evolution!  Please do accept and join us on a journey to BIG this year.  It will share JOY, Enlightenment, and Spiritual Awakening as well as a new found freedom with MONEY!  Please do RSVP and join in the excitement of my finally having arrived at Peaceful Money and Money Energy! In […]

And Then My World Opened Up…Again!

I am not a photographer!  I know that!  We all know that!  But this photo taken this morning is super significant, not because of its photographic quality, but because of its 5-year anniversary, literally, of the subject matter, the book by Tama Kieves, INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE! IN 2012, on August 1, this book became available […]

Rainy Days Make Me Glad While Rainy People Make Me Sad

This blog needs to be bold! Reading my daily words of wisdom from Tama Kieves, I had to smile when she spoke today, April 29th, of people who make her sad.  I relate.  Today is my mother’s birthday.  She died in 2005 at the age of 86.  She would have been 98, and I believed […]