YOU are as Precious as Time!

When we began this year, I had no idea of all that would happen in my life in 2019. Now, as we head into August, I really have to take the time to catch my breath and find my balance on a daily basis. I have found through all of the previous months that I […]

AWE, Really You Are Quitting?

First of all, let’s brighten this picture up a little! Some of you may know that I am the facilitator of four women’s professional networking groups in Northeast Ohio. For many reasons while it is extremely rewarding helping women grow their businesses there are times it can be frustrating but all the while I smile […]

Ready to Transform…What?

Butterflies. White Butterflies pure and simple. Butterflies trust throughout their life cycles. They are the epitome of faith. And we do not even know if they know. We know they cannot see their wings when they arrive, but we can. What we do know is that butterflies are the symbol of transformation. They are transforming […]

Pretending Into Legacy

If I am anything, I am authentic.  I discern the truth as much as I can, and I move forward with the next right step.  I do not take anything for granted.  I may be very quiet thinking it through.  I have been criticized for taking too long to express a thought.  Tough, I am working on slowing down totally in my life.  I make decisions easily, but the steps up to the decision can be slow and deliberate.  I know who I am, and I am what I am.  Just like everything created in the Universe, the trees, the flowers, the animals, and more, I am what I am, and that is the truth of all of life.  And, if you are your truth, you will have my respect forever.  I really only want to know the truth; no games, no pretenses, no social accepted ness.  Just be authentic…as the words above express:  there are only three things that cannot be long hidden:  the sun, the moon, and the truth.  If those things disappear in my life, then life has changed for me!

Money, Health, and Life…Longevity!

For me, it is natural, as it is for many, that we keep looking for improvement in our abundant life including health and money.  If we take care of our health, and it may be expensive at times, then it may be less expensive as we continue to age.  But taking care of us is […]

I Am the Goddess of Money…

I am leading the Money Revolution, yes, I am!  And you, too, can be a part of the Money Revolution!  Attract money thoughts, attract more than money!  Attract joy:  gain confidence to make money decisions, know your needs and wants, regain hope!  Tune in to Money thoughts you have:  nothing negative, only positive!  It makes […]