What Would I Do if I Was Being Truly COURAGEOUS?

Money often times requires decisions; decisions are often times hard to make!  And, when, those decisions are in regard to something you want for you, they may be harder to make as we have been raised to think of others.  That is a valid and admirable trait, and it avoids being labeled as “selfish”, but […]

Six Years Ago…What If I Had Not Left Edward Jones!

I love Snoopy, that daredevil comic creation of Mr. Schultz.  Snoopy has no fear, he doe snot care if it is the weekend or a Saturday or the beginning of  a New Year.  We do not even know if he can think through his decisions; he just takes the leap and pays the consequences, whatever […]

Transitions Can Begin in the Workforce…

Unless you work on Saturdays, the weekend can be considered a workplace transition as each week ends and new one begins on Monday morning; that is a very simplistic transition.  And it does affect your money:  you don’t work, you don’t get paid! While the workforce is also transforming, the blending of work and life […]

Not to Reinvent the Wheel…

First of all, I offer gratitude in this Thanksgiving week to all who are experts in fields aligned with my Personal Sustainability work.  In particular, I give credit to a professional who came to my attention because of her work with food, Roseane Oliveira, and with gratitude, I include a blog from 2016 that has […]

Jumping for Joy!

Yes, you do have to be healthy to be personally sustainable!  There is no doubt about that.  Yesterday’s blog was about personal sustainability, and within an hour after writing it, I was faced with the first de-energizing decisions about my own personal sustainability. Without disclosing personal details, I had to live out a decision that […]