Jumping for Joy!

Yes, you do have to be healthy to be personally sustainable!  There is no doubt about that.  Yesterday’s blog was about personal sustainability, and within an hour after writing it, I was faced with the first de-energizing decisions about my own personal sustainability. Without disclosing personal details, I had to live out a decision that […]

Be Willing to Climb the Stairs…

Every once in a while, I find that I am lost!  Not physically lost, but emotionally lost.  Nothing is falling into place, and yet nothing is falling apart.  The last 24 hours or so have been like that.  While I am tranquil, I am not energized!  And I like being energized! So a good night’s sleep usually […]

Living Local, Buying Local, Being Local…

Empowering Excellence in Personal Sustainability is unconscious work after it requires conscious work…Almost 5 weeks into Oberlin, and I have had some soul searching moments as I found it harder to break old habits than I thought it would be. My question to myself became “Why did I move to Oberlin?” The answer to that […]

Is this a Conspiracy?

Moving to Oberlin has been really good, and it has awakened in me the reasons I moved here.  It was to begin a new phase of my life, and I am rolling out new programs that will become part of The Empower Excellence Experience.  But, like all new things, old things get replaced…and that has been hard […]

Getting Back Into the Flow…Serious Stuff!

It all started out a week ago with a tightening in my throat.  I am very sensitive to throat issues because they have been with me since I was a toddler…tonsils removed, strep throat history, complications from bronchial issues, and more.  So, when I became educated about the chakras, I am very aware of what happens […]

It Begins Again…Another Monday…

Mondays should be easy…  They should be the example for every other day of the week.  This is especially true today as I begin a week that really was set off in the right way by reading 400 pages of a dean Koontz novel, “Ashley Bell”, in one day.  Easy reading, challenging content by page […]

To Whom Do You Make Sense?

If I were to answer the question “To Whom Do You Make Sense?”, I probably would answer I am under no obligation to make sense to you.”  Sometimes I make no sense to myself.  It just does not happen.  I try to be logical, and I usually get into trouble.  Much of the world does […]