Spending Time with Gratitude!

So many folks think that Personal Sustainability is all about the Power of Attraction or Abundance.  While that is a part of Personal Sustainability, it is not what I am focusing on with my Personal Sustainability work.  In fact, the focus is on our relationship with money and how that affects our Personal Sustainability.  The main […]

Home is Where the Heart Is…Especially on a “Snow Day”

At 4:30 am, looking out my front window on to Route 58 in Oberlin, the wind was blowing, the streets were unplowed, and it was so cold!  All the schools in Northeast Ohio were closed by 7 AM, and my two appointments with financial planners with a recent client were being discussed as to whether we […]

When Limits of the Moment Affect Your Vision for Your Future…

My mission and my topic is money.  Not greed, just helping people create a great relationship with their money.  It is amazing to me when folks in business just totally walk away from opportunities, and that means they are walking away from business, and they are walking away from money.  WTF!  In the last several […]

No Matter What…

Yes, I am talking to you, and I am talking to me!  Several years ago I made a decision to leave corporate America and begin my own company to work with people and their money decision making.  It has been an interesting trip.  Every day it is an interesting trip… Yes, I make a commitment every […]

The Energy Cycle in Your Life and with Your Money…What Does That Have to do with Transformation/

  Every logo has a story!   And the EMPOWER Excellence logo is no different …Created on a wintery November morning, a little bit of creative energy began with a circle and ended up with a butterfly symbolizing transformation.   I think it is important to share this story as it is what my company […]