Add a Little Intuition to Your MONEY!

I like to think of my intuition as “this little light of mine”! Really, I do. It is like when you are really thinking hard about a money decision and nothing seems to come to me as an answer. But, if I get really quiet, and I become still, my intuition comes to me just a like a nightlight in the dark. It really does, and it makes decisionmaking so much easier. Just like this little light of mine–intuition–helps, people in my life who love my light, and usually I love their light, really add to my intuition because intuition for me is simply everything and everyone who has been in my life–they all add light to my life!

Spending Time with Gratitude!

Enlightened Gratitude

So many folks think that Personal Sustainability is all about the Power of Attraction or Abundance.  While that is a part of Personal Sustainability, it is not what I am focusing on with my Personal Sustainability work.  In fact, the focus is on our relationship with money and how that affects our Personal Sustainability.  The main areas begin with the money relationship and spread out to the energy and the power of the mind, body, and spirit.  But to get there, the money relationship needs to be explored and eventually understood before any significant change in any part of our lives can occur.  

The fundamentals of money — saving and spending– are a part of the money relationship; but, once again, that is not my focus.  My focus with a Personal Sustainability slant is being comfortable with making decisions about money, no matter how much or how little you have.  There could be volumes written about this, but most people only want to get more and how to do that.  Not my thing.  My thing is the energy and the power of money.  And money does have energy, just as you do; and money has power inasmuch as it allows you to become Personally Sustainable in your mind, your body, and your spirit.  

I am often asked how do I decide what to write about daily, and that is an interesting question.  Today, and on many days when I am experiencing positive energy and power from meditation and nature–I have already walked 1.5 miles in nature this morning, I allow the words to flow.  There may be an inspiration as today’s is from a favorite spiritual leader, Michael Bernard Beckwith.  There may be an emotion or feeling that is yelling to be shared.  But the most powerful are when I am hearing the main idea in my head over and over.  That is what I am writing about today:  Gratitude.

Without defining “enlightened” which could be a whole book by itself, I want to talk about “gratitude”.  And gratitude is personal.  I can just wake up feeling grateful.  I can feel grateful when I get home safe at night with a dashboard indicator light popping on during my freeway drive.  I can be thankful seeing a whole yard of the most beautiful golden yellow leaves that have fallen with the windy days we have had .  I can be thankful when Trader Joe’s has the couscous I need for a special dish.  It does not have to be big, and it does not have to be major.  It is the little things that warm my heart and my soul and sometimes bring me to tears.Liam's Candle 10 31 2017

The above photo is of  simple candle given to me by my 3+year old grandson, Liam, after giving me a piece of chocolate cake with this candle lit in it and singing happy birthday to me on my recent birthday!  He told me to take my candle home…Yes, that gives me goosebumps I am so grateful not only for the candle but for the thoughtfulness and love this small child has!  These are small things that are oh so big and so heartwarming.  That candle is on my desk where I work, and I cannot look at it without the feeling of thankfulness for small blessings.

As we continue on the Personal Sustainability path, gratitude and thankfulness will appear frequently.  This is an energizing attitude, emotion, and feeling that is necessary to become Sustainable, Personal and Universally.  

Home is Where the Heart Is…Especially on a “Snow Day”

She believed she could

At 4:30 am, looking out my front window on to Route 58 in Oberlin, the wind was blowing, the streets were unplowed, and it was so cold!  All the schools in Northeast Ohio were closed by 7 AM, and my two appointments with financial planners with a recent client were being discussed as to whether we should venture out for the 25 mile trip with a weather alert active until tomorrow night…She was not comfortable with doing that, and we mutually declared a snow day!

There was a time recently that I would have ventured out–I am woman, here me roar!  

That was before I moved to Oberlin.  Part of my conscious reason for the move was to put my life into the vortex I wanted it to be in.  For far too many years, I did what others expected, and they expected that I could and would walk on water, or snow, to keep an appointment.  I do try to carry out my commitments, but a week into my move, my home is just beginning to feel like home, and I needed a day not to venture into inclement weather–and I had a client who is being coached to take control of her life as well.  She made the decision for herself, and I did not disagree.  So here I am, and I am working beautifully because I believed I could, and I did.

This is empowerment.  I coach others on empowerment, and I am glad it is totally taking hold in my own life…I am living my values, and it feels good.



When Limits of the Moment Affect Your Vision for Your Future…


My mission and my topic is money.  Not greed, just helping people create a great relationship with their money.  It is amazing to me when folks in business just totally walk away from opportunities, and that means they are walking away from business, and they are walking away from money.  WTF!  In the last several days, I have experienced this first hand.  

Today is a federal holiday, and I have chosen to work.  I scheduled a 9 am about 20 miles from my home as I had a client appointment on the book further down the road later today.  My client was ill and cancelled three days ago.  I gave thought to rescheduling the 9 am but thought that this was an opportunity for me to meet this person for  a one-on-one.  If they were as dedicated as I am to schedule our meeting on a holiday, then I would be there, too.  I was there 20 minutes early, and 20 minutes after nine, having left a voicemail at 9:10 to clarify our meeting and received no return call, I let a text message that 20 minutes was my limit to wait, then I received a phone call that the 9 am party had overslept.  The reasons do not matter, they did not call for any reason and left me sitting there.  This is not professional business etiquette. (Period, no matter what the reason).  Their meeting with me was to see if they would be added to the list of financial professionals I refer to.  My suggestion was that this professional follow up with me in Mid-March to see “if” we could reschedule.  If the party concerned is reading this, that is fine.  They need to be aware of the impression they are leaving and that they are walking away from opportunities.

It happened as well a few days ago when I met with a professional to whom I had indicated I was interested in scheduling an appointment with them.  When we met, their time was adequate but they had to leave before I had to, and they left the meeting never asking to schedule the appointment.  Once again, it left the taste of unprofessionalism in my mind.  Will I reach out to them again to schedule; probably not.  It is not up to me, and there are others who I can receive the same services from.  It really is unreal to me…

Usually, I would not blog about this, but it really is all about what I do with money relationships.  Money is a tool, but it needs to be taken seriously.  Any relationship that is taken for granted, money or not, is not in good stead.  The message sent to the Universe is that the money does not matter to your business or that your business is something you do not take seriously.  If that is your approach, then do not expect me to take the responsibility to take your business seriously when you do not.  

Ironically, this is not a venting.  I am smiling as I write this as it makes it so easy to decide whether or not to do business with some folks.  Take your business seriously, including respecting me as a potential client in whatever form, and I take you seriously and help you do whatever I can to help you build your business.  It is that simple with money!

Entering the Year of the Brave

brave lyric 3 jpg

This is day one of my new year having celebrated my birthday yesterday.  And this is my year of being brave, and I invite all who are inclined to join me to do so.  In every part of my life, I want to stand up for the values I have embodied after all of these years.  I have the moral courage to stand up for what I believe in.  And that does not always mean that it will turn out for the good.  I need to be there to stand up not only for me but for others as well.  And, as many experts agree, I have several questions that I ask as I am making decisions.  These are questions that have been placed out there by many over the years, but I believe they are worth repeating:

  • Is this decision for the greater good?
  • Is this something I have to prepare for before I make the decision?
  • Am I a victim of “groupthink”?
  • Can  reframe this situation to better reflect the conflict and my values?

But I will add another factor that is very important to me:


And, I know, in the end, how I respond to any situation is a reflection of who I have really become…



Connecting with a Higher Purpose…

Butterfly Smile

No, I am never alone, even when I am alone.  It is really very simple:  From the beginning of time I have been a part of God, and God is always within me.  Thus, I am never alone.  That still small voice within me–is it my intuition or is it God?  Or are they one and the same?  That brings a smile to my face.  And it is the reason that I have always looked for a higher purpose in my life work.  That really has been a part of my career choices, and today it is a driving force for whatever I do.  As long as I do that, I know I will never be alone.  If you use your passion or purpose to drive your decision making, everything falls into place.  And, yes, I am smiling!

No Matter What…

Decide Commit Succeed

Yes, I am talking to you, and I am talking to me!  Several years ago I made a decision to leave corporate America and begin my own company to work with people and their money decision making.  It has been an interesting trip.  Every day it is an interesting trip…

Yes, I make a commitment every day to be as committed as I can be.  In turn, I prefer and carefully choose clients that display a sense of commitment to energizing and transforming their money decision making life.  Some are more committed than others; those who are committed find a resolution to what they are seeking.  There are different paths folks want to take:

  • To gain control over how much money they could make.
  • To gain control over the hours they spend making that money.
  • To open up a new passion in their life.
  • To have an impact in their life.
  • To gain personal power.
  • To work less, get more done.
  • Rethinking their “expertise”.
  • To successfully change careers.
  • To “Sparkle”!
  • To Find their Vision.
  • To find their personal value.
  • To find their purpose.
  • To be in nature.
  • To stop living for deadlines.
  • To take a flying leap of faith.
  • To build a legacy.
  • To save the environment.
  • To turn a setback into a success.
  • To regain motivation


You may have noticed, few people really work with me to become rich.  There is a reason for that.  Money affects control, time, passion, impact, power, productivity, expertise, careers, vitality, vision, value, purpose, environment, risk, success, and motivation.

So what have you decided to change in your life?  What commitment level do you have?  

Success comes when the decision is made, the commitment is made, and the behavior is there to be successful…

Faith vs. Fear


If you believe your fear, you will always be running, but you will not reach your dreams or your life of peace and passion.  You cannot believe your fear, but that is easier said then done.  Feeling like a hamster on a wheel, you will keep running, but in essence you will be stuck.  Doors will not open.  Your mind will remain closed.  You have shut the Universe out; and, by shutting the Universe out, you have shut down your mind, your heart, and your soul.  Fear is your only companion!    But you do have a choice.  You can face everything with the faith that you can face it.  It is not simple, but it can become a habit:  walk on by the fear, face the reality, and focus your attention on what has gone right in your life.  And things have gone right for you because in simple terms:  You are here today!  

Faith has been in your life; and I am not simply equating “faith” with any religious belief.  Faith can be a spiritual core; it can be the belief in the Universe; it can be the belief that you are here because of a higher power, whatever, whomever that might be.

Many of you can be asking what does this have to do with “money”.  It has everything to do with money.  Since money touches all of the parts of your being, whether you want it to or not, whatever your energy is in your life will be reflected upon the money and your money relationship in your life.  

You do have a choice with your money relationship:  Faith or Fear.  Here is an example, taken from my own life.  There is a large obligation that remains in my life in regard to one of my family members.  It has been put on hold officially until November of this year.  It is an obligation incurred in the faith that it will be repaid.  I awoke this morning, two months before it is due, with a peaceful thought that November is getting closer.  I have the faith that the money will be there when it is needed.  Sure enough, this morning I received an email with the amount due in November:  smaller than I had thought.  But there was no fear, there was only faith that all will be well.  Faith has taken over the Fear in my money relationship over the years.

The removal of Fear does not happen overnight.  It happens one moment at a time with a consciousness that my Faith will carry me through; with a consciousness that the Universe is an abundant Universe and all children of a higher power will be taken care of adequately.    It is a matter of facing a fearful situation one step at a time:

  • Admit you have an uncomfortable situation with money
  • Take 30 seconds and breathe
  • Really breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth
  • Face the uncomfortable situation; read the information, look at it in reality
  • What are your choices
  • What is the worst possible outcome
  • Put it aside for a period of time
  • Breathe
  • Revisit the situation
  • Face the reality
  • Make a decision about what to do, even if that decision is to do nothing, and that is a choice!
  • Take the action needed to move you toward the decision
  • Action is the step that puts you in control
  • Being in control helps reduce and eventually remove the fear with your money
  • Breathe!

It Is All About EMPOWERing You!



It is all about YOU no matter what anybody has told you, is telling you, or will tell you!

Not that you are EGO centric. even if you are.  Not that you are SELFISH, even if you are.  Not that you do not care about anyone else, because I am sure that you do.

But YOU have to start with YOU.

So, do start with YOU!

When it comes to money and YOU, it is rare that anyone taught you how to really think about money.  They may have taught you to save, not to spend, how to open a checking account, how to open a savings account, how to go to the bank or credit union, how to create credit so that you can spend and more.

So, YOU, here is the basic course to EMPOWER you with money thinking, to have this simple 1-2-3 process totally ingrained into your brain and thought process with just a little conscious effort and practice:

1.  What are YOUR NEEDS?

Not someone else’s or your parents telling you what they should be, but what are YOUR PERSONAL NEEDS.

2.  What are YOUR WANTS?

Yes, even if your NEEDS are beyond your current capabilities, what is it that are truly YOUR WANTS?

3.  Which of those WANTS is truly a DREAM for you–the most wanted WANT?

Yes, you need to have a dream, because without the dream you have no _ _ _ _!

Think about the first 3 steps and we’ll talk more about the rest…..

The Energy Cycle in Your Life and with Your Money…What Does That Have to do with Transformation/



Every logo has a story!


And the EMPOWER Excellence logo is no different …Created on a wintery November morning, a little bit of creative energy began with a circle and ended up with a butterfly symbolizing transformation.


I think it is important to share this story as it is what my company and my passion and the resulting work I do is all about.


A great deal of thought of how the energy process works evolved into the logo as seen above.  So let’s spend just a moment and travel around the logo:


  • The top green circle represents “energy” pure and simple; not a lot, just a little is all that is necessary.  There has to be some energy present before anything, and I do mean anything, can begin.  When you awake in the morning, it is energy that fuels every move you make and every thought you have.  Energy can be physical, mental, emotional, and more.
  • The emerald green circle is the work you need to do to move ahead with anything you need or want to accomplish.  You start with energy, you move on to “work”.
  • The turquoise circle represents the “excellence” you develop as you do the work.  No matter if it is considered successful or unsuccessful work, it is excellent and it allows you to move forward.
  • As we move around the circle, the blue circle represents your feeling of empowerment you experience by having the energy to move forward, doing the work to move ahead, and approaching excellence.  It is empowerment that tells you that you can and you have done what is necessary no matter what your intended goal.
  • The empowerment leads to the creation of more energy, a deeper level of energy, as your work accumulates, and the purple circle moves you back to the starting point of energy allowing you to move to your next desired work.

You can repeat the cycle infinitely, and the transformation you can experience, symbolized by the butterfly in the center of the energy cycle, can change a moment n your life or your whole future life moving forward.  This process can put you totally in control of every decision and every action you make in your life.  It is the flow of energy.  Do you want to be energized?  Start with one tiny bit of energy, and you, too, can move anywhere you want to be.


…Starting Every Day Anew–How to “BE” with Your Money!