Hope is the bridge from the problem to the solution… #Empower Connect Share

We have talked a lot about hope right now for many reasons. HOPE is always in my life, and it was in my life when I created Empower Excellence for work with women on money relationships. It was in my life when Professional Women’s Connection was offered to me as West Side Professional Women’s Connection in 2013; it was the hope to make it more effective to benefit more women in their professional networking needs. It was definitely hope that guided me into the formation and perilous journey of Ageless Women of Wisdom. Hope has been with me and remains with me during this pandemic of Covid 19. In each case the “problem” was unique, and the solutions were not known.

In this time of Covid 19, there are multiple worlds of problems: health primarily, financial, socialization, anxiety, mental depression, isolation, and many more that rise to the surface when time becomes a commodity that we seldom have. The isolation, the concern, the change of patterns of life all pose a different problem for each person. And HOPE is there if we have become accustomed to knowing what it is all about before the pandemic hit. Otherwise, we may find ourselves stumbling through new schedules–our own and other family members. More than that, there are emergency needs in the area of health, money, and isolation. Many of us are also still actively employed while being placed in a remote employment situation which can be very disruptive in light of all of the other changes occurring.

As I enter my own fourth week of “shelter at home, which was easier as I work from home as the owner of my own business and programs, I found myself feeling very blessed with an additional gift of time as scheduled events and meetings were slowly cancelled. It gave me time to work through the cancellation of a major Ageless Women of Wisdom retreat which was to occur on May 27th. There were the presenters, the venue, the advertising, the caterer, and potential attendees. The Universe made it very clear, not just for me, that it was time for the world to stop. It was time to have everyone take time to find their own path through this as everything changed.

It has been a time to notice that every part of our world is changing. Just the past evening into the overnight the weather was thunder, lightening, wind, and total disruption of sleep in my location which lasted all night. While I went to bed calm and peaceful, that soon ended. My newer sleep patterns of 9 hours of sleep were totally disrupted, followed by sun in the early morning, warmer temperatures, and now in the late afternoon falling temperatures and high winds. Not unusual in Ohio, but those of us who are more aware of climate change and the total disruption of world patterns right now, it is as if the Universe is washing the Earth and spin drying it all in one day. There is a cleansing happening. There is a return to human kindness. There is a return to keeping the home fires tended with regard to family, friends, and ourselves. And, yes, for many there is fear, downright total fear.

The problem may be considered total uncertainty in many parts of our lives except for one belief and emotion: faith. And a clear tool of faith is HOPE. While it may not be recognizable right now, the Universe and consciousness are totally organized even in these uncertain times. Part of that organization is HOPE in all things. For every problem there is always a solution, and the bridge to that solution is HOPE. Yes, it is true that each person’s path is unique, and the Universe provides the solutions in a time that is unique for each, everything happens at the right time for each of us.

If faith and its tool HOPE have not been an active part of each of our lives, I believe we are being given the time to be still, to listen to the voice within us which, when given the chance, does speak to us to recognize the problem or problems and gives us some ideas of how to resolve the problems. If we listen, we will feel HOPE, the bridge to the solutions we need. But it is faith that will let us be silent enough, calm enough, to listen to what is our internal wisdom. It is then that we will feel HOPE rise up as we begin to find what we each need in this time of pandemic!

How Do You Find Courage?

Become still! Tune in to the part of you that has the answers! Open up to your deeper wisdom that is trying to emerge! You are on a journey to find the courage to live your life you love! And “Money” is not the answer. Money is rarely, if ever, the issue. You get who you are in consciousness. You have a perfect pattern and a divine intelligence that knows how to bring our courage into expression. The more you emerge, the more things will come to you including the courage to live the life you love. This is really self-realization, and it is not a straight line. Your life that you love will need a certain amount of money in the form of wealth, abundance, and the ability to be fiscally responsible, including basic health needs. But no matter how much or how little money you have, keep ascending. Dig your roots deeper, and you will find that breakthrough insights will happen, paradigm shifts will occur, and you will find that you have a new way of being and seeing in the world. One warning: do not let the paralysis of overanalyzes hit you. You will be revealed to yourself. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said it best “We are a nonhuman being having a spiritual experience. We are spirited beings having a human experience.” Courage comes with the experience…

Beauty comes and goes, but the energy remains, AWE!

I am where I am, and so go I! Just like the beautiful red lilies blooming outside my door, they were beautiful last evening and this morning with the overnight rain, the petals of all of the lilies were found on the ground. Always, always, always, they moved forward just like energy of all things. It was a brief time of awe. I wish I knew what the lilies thought about this: were they sad that their time was done, or were they excited with the energy that they were becoming a part of a new cycle? They are now asleep, they are releasing the consciousness of their brief time in the sun, and they are releasing their resistance to move forward. Just like our sleep, their energy moves, and I am aware of my own energy movement during sleep for when I awake I am on the verge of being ready to launch…so much is happening right now, and I finally am trusting everything that is happening in my life. It is time for the launch of Ageless Women of Wisdom in so many different ways and the Universe is responding. I asked, I trust, and I move forward.

How Can You Empower a Family with Financial Wellness?

Empowering families is a major concern in my work.  While everyone in the family may have a dream, all of the dreams in the family need 





It is truly a case of respect to begin with. But it becomes a point of COMPASSION and CONSCIOUSNESS. It has to start with the “family” in order to spread it to the community, the world, and the planet. It is the only path to peace on earth!


Think Happy, Hippie Thoughts…Really!

Hippie Thoughts Sustainability

Finishing up the month of August, the days of summer, the children of summer, think happy thoughts, which also can be thought of by those old enough to be “hippie” thoughts–love and peace, transformation, organic living, consciousness, compassion, expression, expansion of your mind, acceptance, exploration, appreciation, music, poetry, sustainability, world peace, and, yes, love.  Hate to say it, but that is what I am all about, and I was not raised in a “conscious” household!

I was not even raised in a loving household, but look how I turned out.  Today, I stand for all of the words used in the paragraph above, and as we head into September, Fall, my season being a Scorpio, I wish you love and peace and all of the sentiments previously mentioned.  I do know where I am going, in general, and I go forth with a spirit of love and adventure.  I would have been a hippie if I had not been a typical woman of the ’60″s.  We went to school, we met a man, we got engaged, and we married, eventually had children, and today we are grandparents wishing to make the world a better place for all children throughout the world.  Many of us are divorced.  Many of us are becoming the women we really, deep down, wanted to be in the ’60’s.  It is never too late to find our purpose, and we have had many purposes throughout the years–all good, whether we think they were or not.  But our purpose now is to be the strong women we really are, to go forward as we are meant to be.  May we live healthy, fulfilling lives following our own path to sustain us for all the years we are now going to make meaningful!



During the last several weeks, vivid and lucid dreams are becoming a major part of my sleep!  I am still receiving fantastic rest, and I am still sleeping 9-10 hours, but something changed.  At first I credited it to the new naturceutical I began 3 weeks ago, soon after moving to Oberlin.  For the most part, that is going well.  So why the sleep phenomenon?

Well, I have done more research, especially after the very graphic and lucid dream about counting attendees at one of the networking groups that I run.  It was hilarious inasmuch as 67 people flowed into a room meant for no more than 30, and the proprietor was nowhere to be found.

And then it hit me that many years ago my holistic doctor told me that I am too hung up on numbers!  These vivid and lucid dreams are happening as I am finally in a place where I am emotionally and spiritually finding my truth.  All of them have been about deeper issues, all issues that I am in the process of letting go.  They are representing new spiritual energies, about my subconscious, about my Higher Self.  They did get my attention!  These dreams are serving as a bridge between my earthly life and my expanding consciousness.  They are a spiritual wake up call!

And I am ready for that wake up call as The Practice in Oberlin is moving towards a Fall Launch, and Pampered Chef Healthy/Empower Excellence is 99% of the way there.  It has been a long hard road, but I am there at the portal, and the dreams are pushing me on through!

And Change Happens…


Today is Day One of Completion of The Empower Excellence Experience and the message that I must focus on what is important…and that means eliminating what is not working and keeping what makes my heart sing!  As of yesterday, two major points fell into place:  The Practice at Oberlin is now real with a start date of September 26 and a place to call home:  First Church Oberlin !  A few fine points will be developed as the days progress, but that is the work and people are already expressing interest.  New people who are eager to learn.  The second point is that I am now a Pampered Chef Consultant, and my website when completed will be http://www.pamperedchef.biz/empowerexcellence.  This is to cover the area of Healthy Food and empowerment for others while The Practice at Oberlin will be covering consciousness and spirituality.  It is only 6 weeks since moving to Oberlin and the intention of developing and rolling out The Empower Excellence Experience.  Now the work begins with grace and blessings and passion and mission!

But there is the other side of the coin, and that is the Clean Living, Modere piece.  Biocell has one more month to prove its efficacy and to work out the dreaming phenomenon.  Last night’s dream was extremely real and bizarre with my mother passing and my father being alive, which in reality he died 20 years before my mother passed.  In the dream, I take the lead to clean out her house and to place my sewing machine in her casket as well as knitting needles.  She never sewed, she never knitted.  And I had nothing to do with cleaning out her house.  Busch Funeral Home did the arrangements; never in my parents’ belief–only Tomon & Sons buried the dead!  I think the Clean Living will remain a personal choice for a while, and then it will fade into a personal belief and not a part of The Empower Excellence Experience.  One must make the right choices!

Faith, Love, Stability, Power…

Blue Butterfly Strength

Pico Iyer’s words, “None of the truest things in life–like love or faith–was arrived at by thinking; indeed, one could almost define the things that mattered as the ones that came as suddenly as thunder.”  

It is not as if thunder or lightening strikes and you are given the answers that give you the strength, the stability, and the power; but you have within you a vibrant faith that was born at your conception.  It was passed to you as being one of the Universe from the moment of the Big Bang.  That vibrancy is the Source of your energy for all of your life.  It is the Love of the Universe within you, and that gives you strength once you tune into it.  In turn, stability comes to you in all areas of your life, and your innate power returns to your consciousness.  It never left, it just was in a state of repose until called into action through the faith that has always been yours.

All decisions, all times of your life, including the ever-present decisions about money in your life, can become vibrant decisions once you find your strength through your faith in life, your love of life, your stability and the power of your life are awakened and that can only happen through you…it is waiting for you to stir!


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Learning the Lessons of Money Over and Over Again. Learning Life Lessons Over and Over Again…The Lessons Are All the Same!

Butterfly Transformation 4 3









so how do we empower excellence?  in all truth, we go back to who we decided as a part of the Universe that we were going to be as we became human… we made a decision as a part of the Universe what role we were going to play, and then we became human.  we were born, and then everyone else stepped in to create who they thought we were to be…we got lost in the process, and becoming adults, if we are lucky, we begin to peel away the effects of our humanization in order to find ourselves.  some of us do, some of us never do.  to empower excellence requires finding who we are, who we really are, in all parts of our lives.  my role in empowering excellence focuses on the money relationship because money is a key, only a key, that opens doors to all parts of our lives.  please do not take me on with that statement.  i am a follower of simplicity.  i believe money is over-rated, but it is the key to good health, good nutrition, good education, good physical fitness, good housing, good clothing, and more.  living off of the grid is a goal of mine, but in the meantime…  money, or lack of money, has a role in who we are and who we believe ourselves to be.

money is always changing, always transforming in our lives, and in turn changing and transforming our lives.  just like life, change and transformation are constant processes.  many do not like change, shy away from transformation, when in reality every moment is change and transformation.  think about eckhart tolle’s work on the power of now and living in the moment.  the concept is brilliant in its simplicity because this moment is all we really ever have.  so everything else, all the rules of life, all the rules of money, all the rules you can ever conceive and intellectualize about are only applicable in one given moment, and other than that the rules are always changing.  one hint on how to cope:  learn who you choose to be as a human, spend your time learning “you” and base “your rules” for everything, including money, on those rules, what in essence are your values.  Really, it is all about you.  it is all about your values, your rules