Would YOU Change Your Life…

About 11 Months ago, September 28th to be exact, I participated as a breakout presenter in a program celebrating women. My presentation was about Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother’s chant of “Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo”. It was a fun presentation that would make a great series of fairy tales and money, but we have moved on from there. And over the last 11 months, AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM came to life. As I write daily about my mission–my mission is your excellence as a woman on the personal, business, and financial times of your life–I find myself going back to September 28th for many reasons. One reason, in particular, was the outstanding presentation by a long time friend which was entitled “The Beauty of Being a Woman”. The presenter was my friend Michael Jeans. Yes, Michael was the only presenter that day to the best of my recollection who was not a woman. And he was fantastic, capturing the attention of every woman in the room.

Michael and I have talked in short snippets about that presentation when we run into each other, but today I am going back to his presentation as I begin to really launch AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. There were three sections I want to ruminate about here this morning: Epiphany, Recognize your unique competitive advantage, and My ask of you. They are being taken out of context because AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM (AWW) needs to speak of what Michael spoke about almost a year ago.

In the Epiphany section, I will quote Michael’s words leading into this part: We are still doing our girls a disservice earlier than we are addressing. We (collective) must do a better job.” He goes on to list what we can do: help girls find a big blank canvas, ensure they see themselves in their tallest dreams, preparing them to be resilient so that they never cease to see themselves in the “painting of their own making.”

In the area of competitive advantage, he suggested that they be strong and intelligent, run fast and have empathy , be able to fix a leak and prepare a gourmet dinner, and bring home the bacon–all or some of it as they choose. This is not being competitive with others as much as being able to be there, be independent for themselves. Their choice to compete or complement is their choice to be made.

Michael Jeans made the “My ask of you” to the total group of women, and I am asking the same of each of you as you consider becoming a part of the movement AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM:

  • Don’t allow a society molded by men to cause you to set unintended limitations on yourself
  • Know your value/Know your worth/Know the difference
  • Ensure your daughters and sons see your worth

The above was written in black and white because it needed to stick out as Michael spoke it. AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is a movement. It is structured as an LLC to be credible in our world, but the action is resulting from the women from the conversation sessions held this summer. It will go on with the October 16th program led by Mary Faktor with her THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN and the culmination that day of the launch of the 2020 AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM Retreat Series with topics chosen by the very women who are participating in the movement.

Literally, I am offering you a magic wand as you join this movement of AWW. I do have magic wands that I share with women who join my mission. IF YOU COULD WAVE A MSGIC WAND, what sharing from other women through retreats would you want to have offered to you in 2020 and beyond to make your life better. Think about this and it is only fitting to take Michael Jeans quote to end today’s blog “Embrace the beauty of being a woman”!

Women Empowered is Front & Center…

Life is Good Can You Feel It

So much happens that is considered feminine and masculine, while there is a feminine power within each of us.  But envisioning the feminine within requires a much deeper sense of self awareness.  If you believe in Source, it is pure awareness, and there is no gender.  The issues of gender–masculine and feminine-are a social context.  Whether it is your beliefs, your attitudes, your mental conditioning which define you, the physiological is just a matter of life!  No matter, the eternal feminine is a part of everyone’s wholeness as Deepak Chopra shared in a recent article.  So how does the eternal feminine manifest in everyone’s life?  The feminine would include motherliness, inner beauty, devotion, nurturing, loving, kindness, inspiration, and creativity while the masculine includes hardness, cruelty, war, ruthless competitiveness.  One is softer than the other.  And the thought carries through to your money life.  Men are thought to take more risks, women are thought to be less competitive.  In real life, this is totally exaggerated.  And bring in the money, you will find that women often turn to their male counterparts to take the lead.  Maybe it is time that more women learn to become more empowered with their money while men learn to take fewer risks with money.  Just sayin’…