This Week Is Gone, Thank You, GOD!

While I heartily disagree with apologies, I really feel that I owe my readers an apology for this week.  My mind has been too many places as I am “The Wicked Witch of Everything” during Halloween week as Halloween was my birthday.  But it was more:  the calendar moved to a new decade, I met […]

The Happiness Vibration…

Yes, vibrations do have colors.  And today’s vibration is golden.  Peaceful, meditative, and rain to nourish the Earth and my soul.  Sleep, beautiful sleep, without interruption for a full 8+ hours.  Awaking feeling calm, wonderful, happy.  There is nothing better.  Meditation with Esther Hicks and Abraham to start the juices flowing followed by a meditative […]

Purple, Purple, Purple is All About ENERGY!

When you think about energy, do you think that creativity and inspiration? When you think about the color “Purple” do you think energy? What is really interesting is that “Purple” has been considered a “royal” color! But the “Purple” color also connects us to our spirituality–wisdom, guidance, inner strength!  It also is the color of visionaries, creatives, […]

The Only Energy We Can See…Are You Green Today?

Light is the only energy we can see.  Colors are powerful manifestations connected to parts of our body.  Each color affects us mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Energy work takes on many forms, but simple colors:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, can also have an effect on our energy. My logo for Empower Excellence was […]

Why Do Angels Always Wear White?

I have spent a lot of time with Angels in the last few days… Not literally, but figuratively. But maybe literally as well… Having just finished the book by my friend Linda Street, “RAYS OF LIGHT”, angels have been on my mind, in my heart, in my soul, and in my daily journal as the […]