Money, Health, and Life…Longevity!

For me, it is natural, as it is for many, that we keep looking for improvement in our abundant life including health and money.  If we take care of our health, and it may be expensive at times, then it may be less expensive as we continue to age.  But taking care of us is the main concern whether it be health or money…

As a fan of The Voice, one of the few television shows I really like to watch, you learn contestants’ stories and really learn in the process.  Kelly Clarkson was a new coach this year, and I guess I always thought that with such talent her health could not be ideal which was apparent.  She reminds me in many ways of Adele.  When she appeared in the final weeks of The Voice, there was a major change in her appearance…a phenomenal change.  As The Voice ended, her story was being shared in the media.  Because of health concerns, she began following a program called The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven R. Gundry.  In recent weeks, local television programs, as well as national programs, have begun to cover, and,  in many cases present negativity with dietitians’ opinions that it cannot be good if it eliminates so much.  

Well, today I am beginning the three-day cleanse.  It is not radical, it includes real food, and so far it has not been difficult.  For breakfast, it was a romaine/spinach, avocado and mint (all fresh) smoothie.  The only exceptional thing is that I have not been used to having my smoothie smell like a salad.  It was totally easy to prepare and to drink.  No gagging, no aftertaste, and it was simple enough that, while I drank it, I prepared the other half of the avocado to become a simple guacamole to be stuffed into romaine boats for two of my snacks for the day.  Lunch will be pastured organic chicken stir fry with organic mushrooms and organic celery on cauliflower rice (prepared non GMO frozen Hanover product.  Dinner will be pastured PRE steak (2 oz.) with organic bok choy and organic broccoli over cauliflower rice.  Lots of vegetables!  In the TV coverage, folks have shared that because of the quality of food that it is expensive.  

I do want to address this in my blog today because it is all about money now or money later.  Your body is your temple, and you do not get a replacement body.  I am fairly healthy.  Because of a 40 year love affair with Pepsi (full strength sugar) that ended with a costly hypnosis about 6 years ago, I am Type II diabetic under control with medication and diet and exercise .  I have three fingers that are arthritic.  Other than that, my concerns are flexibility and joint aches that are natural, or are they, with age.  A lot of things are caused by gut issues and inflammation, and this program anecdotedly helps in this.  

But more than that, in the last year, I have read about the downside of dairy, cheeses, grains, breads, conventional fruits and vegetables.  I am also an advocate of less animal protein.  When a restaurant or a cooking show demonstrates an individual serving of meat that is 6-8-10-16 ounces or more, it makes me think “are they crazy”  I am an advocate of eating foods in season that you can find fresh in your local grocery.  I like to know that my foods have been grown locally.  I do not eat anything that is GMO.  I buy maybe 1-5% of my total groceries that may be processed.  And even that is too much.  I have experienced over 10 years ago, a reaction to naturally occurring glucose after having a love affair with fresh-squeezed orange juice daily which lasted about 3 months until I became so ill that even the Cleveland Clinic could not figure out what was wrong–severe sore throat mimicking strep, congestion, coughing, and sneezing that lasted from May until October when I had my introduction to alternative medicine.  I was taken off of all fruits and meats and poultry.  In 2 weeks all of the symptoms were gone.  The alternative medicine became a permanent part of my life.  The point of this was fruit is not all that healthy for you because of the sugar content.  I really was careful with fruit but Dr. Gundry refers to fruit as “candy”.  I agree.  Fruits are selectively and slowly brought back in after the cleanse and beginning weeks.

I already eat organic whenever possible, so I am used to the increased cost, and I would not choose to do differently since I know what the food is sprayed with to make it market ready!  The increased cost is obvious–the pastured meat and poultry and wild seafood.  But all this is important to me because my health is important.  I already believed what Dr. Gundry talks of in this book; it just brought it all together for me.  Yes, there is a cookbook as well; but I doubt that I will buy it as I prefer clean, simple foods, and the internet already is including whole sites with cooking methods for this type of eating.  I do not want to make it “fake” regular food.  I just want pure, good nutrition.  I want longevity.  I want health.  

Oh, by the way, when I enter Phase 2 on Tuesday, the 86% cocoa chocolate is waiting for me as a 1 oz. snack recommended every day…there is a sweet side to The Plant Paradox…I think I can do this.

I will spend a little more conscious money know to make me healthier for the future…why?  Because as Michael Bernard Beckwith puts it I love my life, every minute of it, and I am worth it!