Self Esteem = Self Trust

Trust Yourself

Very simply, and I am a great fan of simplification, self trust really is the foundation of self esteem.  Self esteem is so much of what is missing when life goes wrong and folks founder because of money, health, or chemical influences in their lives, and I am not talking just addictive chemical influences.  I am talking about how we, all of us, forgot who we are and became hypnotized with all that corporate America “processed” and sold to us.  Food offered to us as well as all of our traditional cleaning products, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, body care, and more have been overcome with chemicals.  When we stop listening or have never learned to listen to our bodies, we listen more to all the media has advertised to us in the last 60+ years.  We begin to believe we are not enough.  It is that simple.  And it became not so simple to trust who we are, how we feel, what we think.  We do not trust ourselves!  The self esteem all of us were born with can be recreated, not all at once, but step by step.  And the first step is self trust.  Listen to what you are thinking right now, think about it,   and then trust that.  Go ahead, do it and do it again…you are worth trusting!

Humble and Kind, Cleaning the Temple!


Sundays are a strange day for me.  They really are a day for me, especially since I started EMPOWER Excellence.  I really work hard all week between coaching clients, networking for my business, and providing significant networking opportunity for others through Professional Women’s Connection and now The Partnering Program.  i love it all, I really do.  But there is a real sign of OMG when we get to 5 PM on a Saturday, and I am where I need to be for the coming week.  That means Sunday is mine.  

Some Sundays I leave to spend time with Liam and my son and daughter-in-law so that the week starts right without traffic concerns on Monday morning.  But today was a day of good weather, and the day for me.  There are no plans–it is one step at a time.  Today it was meditation without a time limit, leisurely breakfast with The Plain Dealer and Sunday news shows, and then it started.  A total half day working out…

Bathroom linens were gathered.  Shower was prepped for cleaning.  Making nontoxic chemicals to do all of this at the same time.  Laundry is finishing as we speak.  My Christmas candle, while soy, has chemicals for the scent, so it is gone.  The LED light bulbs were the victim of new knowledge I have gathered–light bulbs made in China have been the source of fires, especially when left on for prolonged times.  That has been a concern since I use a timer for my lights even when I am home.  So out went all of the light bulbs–they were all made in China!  There is no longer bleach or cleaning liquids in my house with bleach, it yellows clothes and I disdain the Clorox Company!  Bleach also weakens fibers, and it does more damage when you are using it than it is worth.  I could go on and on…but it was a soul purging day as I purged my household of damaging contents.  It is good for the soul because I was doing it for me and for all who come into my home–I am removing body damaging and soul damaging items to make my home safer and cleaner and natural.  

I have been purging personal items using more and more coconut oil, food grade essential oils, and fewer cosmetic items.  Natural hair color is replacing chemical hair coloring as well…

Now, I have showered with an oatmeal soap, moisturized with coconut oil, and I am going to have homemade Italian wedding soup, filtered ice water with organic lemon and spend the afternoon reading.  Yes, it is my day, and I love it because I am ready for my balancing day with Liam tomorrow and another week of pursuing my passion 12 hours a day empowering excellence not only for me but for everyone I come into contact with!