Many Things are “AGELESS”!

Including a wonderful woman named Mary Faktor…and Mary Faktor among many achievements produced THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN. When “Ageless Women of Wisdom” manifested itself in the Fall of 2018, I called my friend Mary Faktor, and the end result many months later is that THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN is an important part of […]

Women of all Ages, THE CITY OF GIRLS from Elizabeth Gilbert…So AWE!

This weekend was a battle of wills between me and a book! Seriously, the book was overdue and I just could not get into it…I think I made it to page 8. The serious thought was to return it to the Oberlin Library, but there was a compulsion, almost an obsession to not return it. […]

LOVE is Where We Choose to LIVE…

Love is getting a lot of public exposure recently with the appearance and new popularity of Democratic Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. The debates have not been a popular way to be entertained for me since 2016, but my allegiance to Marianne Williamson led me back to this year’s political circus. In reality, this graphic today […]