Now to Empower Our Children #Financial Freedom


Once we become empowered and soaring, it is mandated through values that we empower and teach our children how to be patient and get their wings so that they, to, can fly!

Energy can be good or energy can be bad! There are energetic highs and energetic lows. The energetic forces can be physical, psychic, and emotional. Financial energy can be devastating as children grow and learn the role that money plays in everyone’s lives.

We must be sure as the adults and as parents that we have energy under control in our own lives before we try to help our children through their own energetic highs and lows. If we are unsure, that message will carry over and magnify our own feelings with children.

Yes, good energy practice such as meditation, reiki, yoga, and more are good tools to show, share, and teach children. It helps them center, move their body, and breath. You and they are worthy of knowing this side of energy. But when they need it, they also need to know how to turn fear into fearlessness. Mindfulness can help them center, help them breathe, and help them find the joy in their lives. By loving kindness in their lives, they learn loving kindness , and they can become adults who practice mindfulness and loving kindness. They then can be reminded by their own thoughts and actions of their power, their support of themselves and how to celebrate their truth.

All children have the right to feel empowered to be able to decide on their lives and their futures and to love themselves and know that they, too, are loved!

Everyone Has a Dream! #Empowering Families

When we are children we look at the world through the eyes of children, and when we are adults we look at the world through adult eyes. It gets a little complicated when the children become adults and become parents and become a family. Each person in a family has a different perspective according to their life experience and age. But their perspective is valid, and far too many times parents become totalitarian in their approach to their children. But children have dreams, too, and their parents still have dreams not only for themselves but also for their families. Everyone is still a child at heart!

Each family member has needs and wants, and children need to express those needs and wants as well. Every member of a family has an invested interest to be happy and to make their family happy as well, and it isn’t always easy.

And money always enters into family matters. Parents tend to control the money, or not control the money, from the beginning of their family life. Children not only do not learn how to work with money, they are many times excluded from the decision making process for the family. It is no wonder that as the children grow into adults decision making i not always smooth and loving. This is one of the reasons that through my company Empower Excellence I created “Empowering Families”.

“Empowering Families” is not a secret formula, but it is a formula: COMMUNICATE, COMPROMISE, and COLLABORATE. Learning how to do the formula with children from a young age allows the parents to educate and retain necessary control until the children begin to feel and act like a part of the family in decisions involving their lives and the resources of the family. It is a learned process, and it may be a process that parents never learned in their own families for many reasons. Maybe it is time for all to learn this formula through practical use and maybe a little coaching. Stay tuned for more on this innovative concept!

SHARE Your Incredible WISDOM!

WISDOM is a funny thing. You possess it from the moment you are born but it often takes years to admit you have wisdom. Sometimes it is even hard for any of us to admit anyone is wise unless they are in an advanced age. It is a strange misperception that must be passed down genetically because no one seems to talk about wisdom with any of us in our childhood and yet we are wise. Small children oftentimes are the wisest among us. We definitely have a connection between our thoughts and words and that develops from childhood. Many times we refrain from speaking to a person who really needs to hear us the most. What we don’t realize is that we really are doing people a favor by letting them share our incredible wisdom no matter what our age is. Maybe we can share our wisdom first with ourselves to know how wise we really are.

AWE, nothing is impossible, BUT…

When I was faced with a decision to be a part of Ageless Women of Wisdom in the Fall of 2018, I accepted what could have become an impossible journey. And it did several weeks ago when my co-collaborator walked away which was a mutual parting. Never for an instant did I hesitate to take Ageless Women of Wisdom on as a solo project. I believed in what it had developed into through weeks and months of my hard work. End of that story.

Now into the final days of the first phase of Ageless Women of Wisdom, lovingly known as AWE Ageless Women Emerging, I am glad that the transformation of AWE happened because it created a transformation for me, a liberating transformation that may affect many parts of my life. I am moving on in a big way… Those of us who are truly BRAVE do move on and become BIGGER in so many ways. End of that story.

And more than a personal transformation, the Jan who has been here for years, after a hiatus in Oberlin, Ohio in order to create more, still believes in Oberlin, Ohio as a “romantic notion”, but now that “romantic notion” is stirring in my head, heart, and soul. I am reinvigorated, and I am positive that what folks here and outside of Oberlin might consider impossible is just an opinion, and I definitely have an opinion: Nothing is “Impossible”. Just this morning, flying in the face of remaining nonpolitical on social media, I was upset by several environmental stories: the dropping of criminal charges in the Flint Water case, New York ending its religious exemptions regarding vaccines, swallowing plastic by animals and humans, lab grown/factory produced plant-based meat, and more. This is truly a cataclysmic universe we are seeing. These are topics that concern everyone in all stages of aging.

So, now, as a founder of Ageless Women of Wisdom (AWW) and the first phase of Ageless Women Emerging (AWE), I want to ask each and every one of you to think about these topics: Will these topics affect my aging, the aging of my children, the aging of my grandchildren, and the aging/existence of future generations? While there are many future discussion topics that affect ONLY women, there are many topics that definitely include WOMEN that fall outside of that gender-specific areas. AWE throughout this summer invites women to put those topics into play for discussion, all topics that are of concern. End of that story…there are no limits!

While there are limits to what can be done by AWW, there are no limits to the discussion, and that may be exactly why the Universe removed my co-collaborator because her focus was much more limited than mine. And now, AWW and AWE can move ahead touching on subjects brought forward by AWE members to include the role of religion, the LGBTQ culture, and so much more than is typically covered by many in the energy field. AWE is going to listen to all suggestions. AWE could become a catalyst for women to begin new discussions through retreats and seminars that touch on the holistic future of our Universe.


Facebook @AWEAgelessWomenEmerging

The AWE of Children…

On Mother’s Day, there is much for everyone to be thankful for…either we are a mother or we have had a mother. There is an AWEsome quality about motherhood. Some have had more than one mother, and others have had more than one child we have mothered. And then, there are grandchildren… No matter with whom you celebrate Mother’s Day. on the actual day or surrounding days, there is an AWE that comes with it. And it leads to gratitude and understanding of all of the ways mothers are realized and celebrated. Take a moment to acknowledge the AWE of the persons involved…no matter how or when you were mothered or mothered.

oh the fun of money…

Toddle Laughing Happiness

Talk to a toddler about money!  Really. About two years ago, I worked with my son to begin a money discussion with my now “almost four” grandson.  He created a bank, shoebox, etc.  I began sending “Liam” single dollar bills in the mail!  He was 1,so he got $1.  He is 3, so he gets $3.  It is a double happiness moment😃😃 since he loves getting mail as he knows his name on the envelope and he now knows what money can do!

And that is powerful…

He has slowly learned that he can choose how to use his money:  at the grocery store, giving to others, at the toy store, or just “stashing it away”.  And he has begun to be a collector of piggy banks!  

And that is powerful…

But there is more, we now have his baby brother, now 18 months old, who is getting his “mail”, and the cycle begins anew with one major difference—Liam, the big brother, “knows” that he has seniority because he gets more money in the mail, and he tells his little brother the “why”!

And that is powerful…because it has also brought the conversation of money to three generations:  my generation, my son and daughter-in-law, and my grandsons.  Children are wise, but they are also open to see that money can be powerfully fun!

Think Happy, Hippie Thoughts…Really!

Hippie Thoughts Sustainability

Finishing up the month of August, the days of summer, the children of summer, think happy thoughts, which also can be thought of by those old enough to be “hippie” thoughts–love and peace, transformation, organic living, consciousness, compassion, expression, expansion of your mind, acceptance, exploration, appreciation, music, poetry, sustainability, world peace, and, yes, love.  Hate to say it, but that is what I am all about, and I was not raised in a “conscious” household!

I was not even raised in a loving household, but look how I turned out.  Today, I stand for all of the words used in the paragraph above, and as we head into September, Fall, my season being a Scorpio, I wish you love and peace and all of the sentiments previously mentioned.  I do know where I am going, in general, and I go forth with a spirit of love and adventure.  I would have been a hippie if I had not been a typical woman of the ’60″s.  We went to school, we met a man, we got engaged, and we married, eventually had children, and today we are grandparents wishing to make the world a better place for all children throughout the world.  Many of us are divorced.  Many of us are becoming the women we really, deep down, wanted to be in the ’60’s.  It is never too late to find our purpose, and we have had many purposes throughout the years–all good, whether we think they were or not.  But our purpose now is to be the strong women we really are, to go forward as we are meant to be.  May we live healthy, fulfilling lives following our own path to sustain us for all the years we are now going to make meaningful!

Recruitment Unnecessary…

Gray Haired Women Army

There is no need for recruitment as the Wild Woman Sisterhood is an organic movement.  It appears that by the time women turn gray, and sometimes even before they turn gray, they are ready to join with other women to make a difference in the way the world is moving!  The radicalness of many women grows over time.  I know I was radically minded early on but the forces that be including being a daughter, a wife, and a mother, not to even mention being an employee of local and federal government organizations stopped me in my tracks.  It was not acceptable.

But it no longer matters.

I am damn tired of what is happening in this country–and maybe, the world, but I can only handle one country at a time–with the poor government leading to poor climate policy, poor women’s policies, and more.   More than that, we are allowing corporate America free rein with their chemicals flowing into our food systems at all levels, vaccines that are harming children and adults, and so much more.  We are allowing our country to become fully entrenched in a cataclysmic state.  

But it no longer matters?

Of course, it does.  I am not sure the route I will take, but I do know that I am advocating for a Path to Personal Sustainability.  And I do know that there are many other women who will join that Path in one way or another.  It is quietly happening because men do not necessarily take us seriously.  Even women do not necessarily take us seriously.  The latest coverage of how Melania Trump visited Houston in her designer clothes–how can she take herself seriously!  Seriously!  What are we asking for?

I can honestly say that I am asking for the government and its citizens to become responsible.  Vote!  Pay attention to what the leaders of this country are and are not doing.  If we were responsible and attentive, we would be marching on Washington demanding the resignation of this inept President.  He is not a good person!  You would have to do some big time convincing to prove to me that he is.  He is a sexist, he is a racist and he is not an intelligent being.  If he was, he would have had the good sense to put his ego aside and never run for the highest office in our country!  But, yet, this is month eight ending, and the worst, I feel, is yet to come!  He is being abandoned by his favorite people…no one wants to be in his court!  He will begin to act like a caged rat, and then who knows what he will do.  This is not funny any more, and I, for one, have had enough!  

Repeating a Very Important Message to Females…

Men pay attention, too!  

When it comes to money, in many households mothers handle the money while the fathers earn it.  Oops, that was the past.  Today, in many households which are two income households both parties handle the money, often in separate accounts.  Yet I do see young women handling money and not handling money.  It is a strange phenomenon.  There is no norm.  Your gender has little to do with money comprehension.  Men and women may handle money differently, but they do handle it if they want to be part of any society.  Money is needed for everything.  There are no copouts for either gender.  Be the example you need to be if you have children.  Money is not the end all but it is a very important tool to live in a poor or rich fashion.  You would be surprised how many rich people do not know how to handle money while many poor people are great money managers.  The amount of money has nothing to do with it.  Gender has nothing to do with it.  Learn about money, use the money you have wisely, and be the example you need to be for your children.  You are their light as they become mini you and then life size you!

It is Story Time…Guess What the Topic is!


Do you like stories?  Most people do especially if they can relate to it.  That is why stories for children sometimes become the most favorite stories for adults when they become adults!  Children like simple stories about things they can relate to as well–simple stories about animals, fishes, dolphins, farm animals, mommy and daddy.  Rarely do you see a children’s book about money.  Maybe that is why children do not learn to talk about money–their parents do not like to talk about money either!

so, begin to think about money in your childhood.

Then, with truth and simplicity, tell stories about the good things money did for you.  You will be amazed how children will relate, especially if you are mommy or daddy.