AWE, nothing is impossible, BUT…

When I was faced with a decision to be a part of Ageless Women of Wisdom in the Fall of 2018, I accepted what could have become an impossible journey. And it did several weeks ago when my co-collaborator walked away which was a mutual parting. Never for an instant did I hesitate to take […]

Think Happy, Hippie Thoughts…Really!

Finishing up the month of August, the days of summer, the children of summer, think happy thoughts, which also can be thought of by those old enough to be “hippie” thoughts–love and peace, transformation, organic living, consciousness, compassion, expression, expansion of your mind, acceptance, exploration, appreciation, music, poetry, sustainability, world peace, and, yes, love.  Hate to say it, […]

Recruitment Unnecessary…

There is no need for recruitment as the Wild Woman Sisterhood is an organic movement.  It appears that by the time women turn gray, and sometimes even before they turn gray, they are ready to join with other women to make a difference in the way the world is moving!  The radicalness of many women grows […]

Repeating a Very Important Message to Females…

Men pay attention, too!   When it comes to money, in many households mothers handle the money while the fathers earn it.  Oops, that was the past.  Today, in many households which are two income households both parties handle the money, often in separate accounts.  Yet I do see young women handling money and not handling […]

It is Story Time…Guess What the Topic is!

Do you like stories?  Most people do especially if they can relate to it.  That is why stories for children sometimes become the most favorite stories for adults when they become adults!  Children like simple stories about things they can relate to as well–simple stories about animals, fishes, dolphins, farm animals, mommy and daddy.  Rarely […]

End Blaming Your Parents!

We are all connected; consequently, we all have an impact on each other!  And it is oh so true when it comes to family, especially our parents.  And it is a long held family tradition for children to blame parents for everything wrong in their lives.  On the other hand, many parents blame their children […]