Meeting You Where You Are…in Life

Great thoughts come to me during meditation…remarkable thoughts, in fact.  As I prepare for a business expo next week which will cover The Empower Excellence Experience I was thinking way too hard when the Universe delivered to me, as it usually does, an exact thought that I needed to explore, and I did.  That thought […]

The Root of the Concern…

The butterflies are back even if only in the graphic of the roots of a tree.  Butterflies are important to me in many respects as they are a symbol of transformation.  They have a short lifespan, but they maximize their time on Earth.  They begin as caterpillars, not really knowing the glory that will be […]

Self Esteem = Self Trust

Very simply, and I am a great fan of simplification, self trust really is the foundation of self esteem.  Self esteem is so much of what is missing when life goes wrong and folks founder because of money, health, or chemical influences in their lives, and I am not talking just addictive chemical influences.  I […]

What Are We Thinking…

Really, what are we thinking? Have we become so complacent to allow manufacturers of foods, of cosmetics, of cleaning products to shower us with chemicals in our homes, on our bodies, and into our bodies?  Have we forgotten how to read labels?  Do we really believe there is no alternative?  Or have we just become […]

Courage is What is Missing!

Some folks think I am being risky with some posts lately, that I am taking on “the corporate food giants”!  Yes, I am pulling up my courage in the area of Sustainability. Personal Sustainability is our responsibility from birth. We acquiesce as we grow, letting others make decisions; and then as adults, we attempt to […]

Vibration of the Earth on It’s Day

This is a very low key Earth Day for me for I have done so many things to make the Earth more sustainable through my effort towards  Personal Sustainability and Community Sustainability over the years. But I do want to ask you to consider several things that have hit my eye today to begin your […]