Meeting You Where You Are…in Life


Great thoughts come to me during meditation…remarkable thoughts, in fact.  As I prepare for a business expo next week which will cover The Empower Excellence Experience I was thinking way too hard when the Universe delivered to me, as it usually does, an exact thought that I needed to explore, and I did.  That thought was meeting people where they are in life; and it hit like a ton of bricks that each piece of The Empower Excellence Experience does exactly that.  I will share those pieces and parts in the coming days, but here is a brief bulleted summation to ponder where you might be in life:

  • The Mind:  Transitioning in Thoughts or Actions with a Money Relationship due to life, loss of a job, loss of a spouse, career dissatisfaction, insufficient income, excessive spending are just a few examples.
  • The Body:  Transitioning with a Food Relationship, weight and wealth connection, fueling your body inappropriately or insufficiency, eliminating chemicals in your life.
  • The Spirit:  Transitioning into more Spirituality in your life.

The key thing to realize is that they all affect or are affected by money.   And money affects all of the areas of your life….

The Root of the Concern…

Butterfly Listening

The butterflies are back even if only in the graphic of the roots of a tree.  Butterflies are important to me in many respects as they are a symbol of transformation.  They have a short lifespan, but they maximize their time on Earth.  They begin as caterpillars, not really knowing the glory that will be theirs before their lifespan is finished.  They go through what seems to me to be a “dark” period as they begin their metamorphosis.  In the end, they find themselves with wings and the ability to take flight.  Personal Sustainability reflects these changes as we all find ourselves somewhat grounded as children, much like the caterpillar, never knowing what we have the potential to become–to sprout wings and take flight.  As an individual, we each find our wings as we mature, and it is up to us to do what we need to do to become personally sustainable and building upon that to build sustainable families and communities.  We need strong roots like the tree, but we begin as a tiny sapling close to the ground depending upon the right food and the right natural ingredients–sunlight, soil, and water–to grow.  Kept in the dark, nourished with chemicals instead of pure water, and given chemicals to make us grow faster rather than nurturing foods, as a plant or tree, we are not going to reach our pure potential…All of nature is interconnected, butterflies, trees, and more.  Moreover, we are all connected to Nature, and it is up to us to make sure that the relationship is healthy… I think butterflies are great roots for that relationship in the ground or in the air! 

And We are Protecting our Miracle?


We enter this world as pure as our parents genetically allowed us to be, but we become exposed to chemicals right away!  While we are beholden to the world, as adults, it is now up to us to become as much as we can, chemical free.  Yes, I am talking medicines, food, cleaning materials, personal items, and more.  Are you ready for this ride of personal sustainability as we begin to identify how we are Mucking up the Miracle?

Self Esteem = Self Trust

Trust Yourself

Very simply, and I am a great fan of simplification, self trust really is the foundation of self esteem.  Self esteem is so much of what is missing when life goes wrong and folks founder because of money, health, or chemical influences in their lives, and I am not talking just addictive chemical influences.  I am talking about how we, all of us, forgot who we are and became hypnotized with all that corporate America “processed” and sold to us.  Food offered to us as well as all of our traditional cleaning products, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, body care, and more have been overcome with chemicals.  When we stop listening or have never learned to listen to our bodies, we listen more to all the media has advertised to us in the last 60+ years.  We begin to believe we are not enough.  It is that simple.  And it became not so simple to trust who we are, how we feel, what we think.  We do not trust ourselves!  The self esteem all of us were born with can be recreated, not all at once, but step by step.  And the first step is self trust.  Listen to what you are thinking right now, think about it,   and then trust that.  Go ahead, do it and do it again…you are worth trusting!

Be You!

Trust Yourself

It has already been a long day…

Following my intuition is something I am fairly good with, and then there are times I am not!

Yesterday, I was not.  

I just knew from early in the morning when I left my house seeing the markings on my driveway today was the day they were going to repair the driveway as a result of the forever gas line replacements.  But I always have faith that it will all be good!  Well, I was right, and I was wrong!

They did repair the driveway right before I arrived home st 6 pm.  I live on a state route…there is no alternate parking….it all worked out because of previous knowledge I put into play after pulling into a driveway with no cones and hitting bottom because they had dug a hole there and filled it with concrete–now I have one tire concrete encrusted!  OMG!

And they would be working on the driveway where I was granted permission to park at 6:30 this morning.  It Is also trash day!  I was told I could drive on the repair this morning.  So I did!

If I would have listened to my intuition yesterday, I would not have done my grocery shopping while in the city, including a watermelon, picked up dry cleaning, gone to the bookstore, etc.  I would have saved myself all of the trips from a distant driveway in almost 90 degree heat.  

But I have one more story in my arsenal for the future…this is the easy stuff.  The harder stuff is coming out against fake food, chemicals, the medical tradition, and the traditional financial industry, the stuff that is killing so many!  But I am trustung my intuition on this, too, and I hope you are, too!












What Are We Thinking…


Really, what are we thinking?

Have we become so complacent to allow manufacturers of foods, of cosmetics, of cleaning products to shower us with chemicals in our homes, on our bodies, and into our bodies?  Have we forgotten how to read labels?  Do we really believe there is no alternative?  Or have we just become lazy?  Or is our self esteem so clouded by big money being spent on every form of media to allow our ego to believe their claims that what they offer will make us better in some way?

All of us have fallen into their claims at one time or another; maybe right now!

Are you wanting to die earlier because you are slowly poisoning yourself?  Yes, YOU are poisoning yourself by listening, by allowing, by not stopping to consider what you buy, what you eat, what you clean with.  YOU can stop it.  Interested?  Stay tuned!food


Courage is What is Missing!


Some folks think I am being risky with some posts lately, that I am taking on “the corporate food giants”!  Yes, I am pulling up my courage in the area of Sustainability.

Personal Sustainability is our responsibility from birth.

We acquiesce as we grow, letting others make decisions; and then as adults, we attempt to reverse the negative to attain longevity and quality of life.  But it is our responsibility to have courage.

Think about the food you eat, the medications doctors prescribe for you, the cosmetics you use–women and men, the chemicals in your home and yards and gardens, clothing you wear, etc., etc.

You can be courageous, you must be courageous for the body you have is not only the only one you have, it is the temple for all you really are!


Vibration of the Earth on It’s Day

Spiritual Energy 3

This is a very low key Earth Day for me for I have done so many things to make the Earth more sustainable through my effort towards  Personal Sustainability and Community Sustainability over the years.

  • But I do want to ask you to consider several things that have hit my eye today to begin your path towards Sustainability on all levels:
  • Consider carefully what you allow into your body:  
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vaccines
  • Media
  • Foods created with chemicals
  • Politics

All of the above plus many more have actual effects on you through their actual ingestion or the effect of the vibrations they produce.

Start or continue on your path to caring for the Earth by beginning with you and your path to Personal Sustainability!