And the Transition Begins When?

January is usually a month of change; a month of change that does not last into February.  And the desired transition usually lies in the area of food, money, and exercise.  Of course, there could be many other areas, but these three are areas where people want to see change.  The choices are not as important […]

What I Am is the Plan…

Poignant words seen time after time, but this is my plan… Change in the world is my plan.  Change in the world is what I am here for.  Change in the world is all I have experienced moving forward in a very positive way.  There is no time nor room for viciousness, violence, unkindness, racism, misogyny, […]

When Change is a Catalyst for Growth

I am sure that many will find change disturbing, but change is a catalyst for growth, a catalyst for happiness.  If we would only embrace the change…  Many times, change comes about through a transition that we did not seek…we find ourselves between assignments, between clients, and we become anxious.  Yes, anxiety…but, if we allow […]

Who Are You Waiting For?

Yes, we are the ones we have been waiting for… Being a lifetime Clevelander, the last few days have been a reminder that life is a course in patience for many reasons.  But the time of waiting is over for Cleveland.  But it serves as a lesson.  Each of us may have experienced the “when this happens” […]

Just Wishing There Were Fewer Opportunities…

It is a sad day for many reasons, some that make the headlines, some that do not.  Orlando two times in two days with headlines of violence–maybe really of hate–with mass killings in a gay scenario and a single killing by a stalker.  Ironically, Orlando, the home of the happiest place in the world–Disney World–was […]