Butterflies…Transform Each & Every One

Butterflies are the perfect example of transformation…personally and professionally, and I am here to share everything butterflies with you.  While we are at it, we are also sharing ways to transform; and I do believe personal examples can be powerful. Have you a good story about your own personal or professional transformation which you would love […]

Women in a Men’s Field or is Corporate America Just Not Looking!

Now that I have your attention with the photo of George Clooney, which is from his movie “Up In The Air”, let’s also look at the title of my blog today.  While women are outpacing men in advance degrees, women are capable, so what is holding women back especially in the financial advising industry.  Rhetorical question! […]

Mentally Strong with Money…

Good news does not always arrive with a smile…and many of us are at peace enough that we can face anything when given the time to go within…that is when we hear the bad news, too! Having a strong mental position is helpful when the news is bad and it concerns money as well, which […]

Why Do More Women Seek Help?

I wish I could answer that when it comes to working on a money relationship.  All I know is that with each and every client I ask myself two questions:\ What is trying to emerge from the client? What gift am I meant to share? I do know, as a women, that there fairly universal […]

I AM Personal Sustainability…

Sometimes, I scare myself!  And this is one of those times!  My birthday is in this season, and today, there are two birthdays of folks I love and respect for who they are totally–personally and professionally.  And, yes, I am going to name them.  It is a day of truth!  One is Joe Kraft, a […]

And the Transition Begins When?

January is usually a month of change; a month of change that does not last into February.  And the desired transition usually lies in the area of food, money, and exercise.  Of course, there could be many other areas, but these three are areas where people want to see change.  The choices are not as important […]