And then September began…

Nor is it an excuse… Yesterday was September 1, and it turned out to be a very productive day in a very different way…I am beginning an invitation-only program to fast track me in a selected area of The Empower Excellence Experience.  It came to me without any request on my part.  That was a […]

Softening to the Challenge

The transformation to Oberlin has begun…maybe, I should call it the transition to Oberlin.  Whichever, the process has begun.  Where nesting is a natural introduction to a change, dismantling is the beginning to transformation and transition, and it has begun.  I will spare you the details, just trust me, the beginning has begun. Whenever you […]

What Does Joy Have To Do With It?

What does Joy have to do with anything?  Joy has everything to do with everything!  It is kind of like money.  Money is a barter form that somehow has made itself important in all parts of our life.  Whether it is mental health, physical health, emotional health, nutrition, housing, clothing, education, entertainment, or anything else out […]


MIRROR #2 is CHALLENGE!  Begin with acknowledging what your strengths and challenges are…  How do you feel about challenge?  Is it a monster that promises a “gift” if you can befriend the monster.  Is the “gift” worth it?  You may stop and think the challenge through, or you may charge ahead with an adrenaline rush […]

Where Did Summer Go…Finding Peace on the Beach as Fall Begins to Prepare for Winter

Life on the edge of Lake Erie is so transitional!  With the beauty of each passing season, life by the Lake is so fleet of foot and ever changing, much like life itself.  It is a constant reminder that each moment, each day, and each week is forever bringing new challenges and new feelings… Much […]