AWE is Magic and Wild!

Many times I choose graphics from social media in the middle of the night during what I call my meditation time…it is a time between 2 and 4 a.m. when I wake up after 3-5 hours of sleep and have quiet time which usually results in my going back to sleep for another 3+ hours. This graphic struck home right away because of many items:

  • the butterflies as a symbol of transformation
  • the mandolin because music is the voice of the soul
  • the tree sprouting from the crown chakra representing our connection with nature
  • and the sentiment that we each have our own magic, or AWE

Women are the nurturers of the soul, of nature, and we possess magic of our own, a magic that is wisdom, and wisdom is meant to be shared once we discover our own wisdom and magic. You have magic, and we are all in a constant state of transformation as we move agelessly through our lives, no matter our age…

A New Way of Seeing “Broken”…

Yes, it is time for a new way of seeing. Let’s shift from pain to bliss. I want to live as my soulful self doing a quantum flip from victimhood and self-help to being a creator! Yes, a creator, that is an archetype that I am quite familiar with. I have a role in creating my life, and I have done that for years. Long ago, I switched with the help of Deepak Chopra to knowing that everything is energy. More than that, I became the preacher that my life is a reflection of my energy. In my work with money, this was an extremely powerful belief that I shared all over the place.

With my awakening several decades ago, it was clear that my spiritual body was pure energy. The mental body followed along with its thoughts and beliefs. Then the physical body with its chakras housing my body temple came to the belief in energy. Put it all together, learn all about it, and what did I have? I had me as the creator of my life. And we must not forget the center of it all: Source. Source is our beginning seed and it is forever with us. And, just as Source is ever expanding, so am I, so are we!

It is really very easy: we have a purpose shared with us by Source, and our purpose, my purpose, is to discover just who we are as a creator.

I already know that “flow” is not new, but I learned many years ago, that I entered the “flow” when it was my turn in the creation by Source of the Universe and all of its members. I know that everything about me is designed to heal with the help of the chakras, and I know that everything about me is unified: mind, body, and spirit or “breath”.

  • Energy responds to our chakras. Dr. Sue Morter in THE ENERGY CODES outlines this all as the Seven Energy Codes:
  • The Anchoring Code “back in your body” anchoring to the earth (Root Chakra)
  • The Feeling Code “the language of the soul” (Sacral Chakra)
  • The Clearing Code “the healing power of the subconscious”(Solar Plexus Chakra)
  • The Heart Code “the universal solvent”(Heart Chakra)
  • The Breath Code “the power of life itself”(Throat Chakra)
  • The Chemistry Code “the alchemy of embodiment”(Third Eye Chakra)
  • The Spirit Code “where the many become one”(Crown Chaka)

And I stand in AWE to learn that all of this is really very simple. Everything works together with ENERGY, and it all happens through our body temple and chakras. And when we become a creator we stay a creator. We may forget it for a while, but it comes back when we give it a chance, when we give it a quiet space to gather up all we have ever been and become it once again. It matters not what is broken in our lives, in our world, it can be fixed. The light that is ours to share is the light that will love the world into what it originally was and will be again. We are emerging into that light…

Through My Chakras… I Listen

It may sound strange to you, but I truly listen and feel through my chakras about life and money!  The chakras are the energy centers of the body, and, if you listen closely to your body through your body, your mind, your heart, and your soul, your feelings vibrate.  Oh, yes, they do!  If something is not right in one of my energy centers, then there is something wrong with what I am feeling al throughout my body.  It is the result of many years of meditation and contemplation and learning to be really quiet within myself.  So, open to the truth and really listening, the intent of any message, spoken or written or simply thought, is screened through my chakras, and I know the truth behind the intended words.  But the words themselves lose their value as the truth, and that is the important part of the message, the truth comes through.  And, sometimes, when the truth is really forcing itelf out of my brain, my heart, and my soul as a result of much distress, it comes through as a very strong message not only from me but to the intended or unintended recipients–the Universe really does protect me.  Sometimes, I do not realize it until much later that it was me the Universe was protecting.  When I will not make the move forward to communicate what must be communicated, my Source does the talking.  And the recipients react…

Motivation Mojo & My Butterfly…

Jan's Butterfly Bottle and Bottega 3 15 18 2

Motivation is funny and strange!  The above piece of art is an original of mine which began as a flower and became a butterfly.  In my work with money, the butterfly is always in my mind, body, heart and soul!  It is my mission, it is TRANSFORMATION!  It is all about the colors, the chakras, and my mojo.  Really, once I have tuned into The Universe aka God, as long as I stay out of my own way (thank you, Keith Jordan, for that wisdom many years ago), The Universe knows where we are going according to my chosen mission, and it works with me to keep moving ahead!  

Yes, it is motivation, but it is also mojo, the indescribable momentum within my soul, that keeps the path clear for the most part.  My motivation to attend a soft opening of the local, only one in Ohio, Bottle and Bottega, opened by my friend Vicki Prete and her spouse Scott in northern Ohio, was to support Vicki as I have never considered myself to be artistic in any way.  Creative, yes, artistic, NO!  But I went for my reason alone.  This had been a creative work of love for Vicki for months–I needed to be there to support her!  And, yes it sparked my butterfly.  

So, why is the butterfly a symbol of balance and inspiration.  If you have ever checked out my Pinterest boards, they are pretty much lately only butterfly pins; and butterflies are truly a work of art of Nature.  You do not see butterflies with abstract patterns–they are balanced and yet each is an individual of its own species.  They are an inspiration.  They are the perfect examples of TRANFORMATION.  They are powerful, but their lives are very short.  They came to do what they come to do and are gone!  No nonsense here!  Even Deepak Chopra has stated in a recent meditation that ” Motivation comes from Inspiration”.  And my famous mantra is the question “Is it fear or love?” questions motivation as a driving force in life…

So, why the butterfly, now?  

This piece of art, and it is, hangs outside of my Empower Excellence office all alone until I create another.  It is a reminder of how far I have come in this my sixth year of business, and it is the motivation of where I am now going.  It is exciting in and of itself, and it gives me chills to know that all the work I have done is only the beginning…



Passion Not Totally About Raging Desire!

Spiritual Energy 5

Passion can be many things; can you describe your passion?  

Have you ever come alive and became bursting at the seams to share? Passion is truly what is yours to do.  Do you have issues?  What is holding you back?  But the two basic questions are:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What can you offer?

It all starts with being intentional in your personal growth.  Are you ready to claim your calling?  If yes, then begin to translate it into your personal livelihood!  Create a cash flow to sustain yourself.  Create a one-page business plan with projections.  Begin to live a prosperity mindset!  It takes time to leave your current life behind, to become personally joyful, and to become financially stable!

What if you have no clue about what you would like to do.  Or you know what you want to do but you are not doing it.  

So, what are you doing now?  Can you transition to do what you want to do?  Does your passion drive you?  Are you good at it?  So now, ask yourself “Why is this your passion.”

Become aware, begin to take action, any action…some action!  You must be attracted to what you think you want to do!  

Why?  Because you must be accountable and there will be a price to pay.  You have to learn what that price is and be willing to pay it!  So take a moment now to pause and breathe!  Seriously.  Reflect on what you have been thinking about.  Investigate, incubate, illuminate, and illustrate your passion.  

What is your biggest asset?  Your biggest liability?  What makes you legally high?  What makes you low?  What is your best emotion?  What is your worst emotion?  What is your best/worst habit?  What fulfills you?  What do you prize most in your life?

You are not, and should not be, perfect!  What do you need to improve?  Be patient and value the process.  Are you aware when you need to improve?

As you design your passion, you need conducive surroundings to design your systems, to be ready for pain, to think like a success, to stretch in every way possible.  And then you need to know how to take tradeoffs.  Give up to grow up!  Give up financial security today for tomorrow’s potential.  Give up the fast life for the good life.  

More than anything, be grateful!  Put people first.  People and stuff cannot own you, and SOW SUCCESS.      Empower Excellence, LLC

Green, Green, It’s Green They Say


Think back to yesterday and the Green Elephant…When you speak of money, the color green is often mentioned.  Interesting.  The Energy system of the body, the Chakras, commonly contain seven areas.  The Heart Chakra is the Green Chakra.  Interesting.  From the Heart comes Love and Healing.  Very interesting.  

When money is concerned with the energy flow, love and healing are what is being sought.  Replacing fear and anxiety and physical illness related to money–stress, depression, headaches, gastrointestinal upset, and even heart attacks caused by stress and more–with love and healing can make all the difference in the world.  It may even cause the Green Elephant to take leave for rooms where money is still a problem.  

It is not mine to cause stress by talking about money and the Green Elephant in the middle of the room, but it is a reality in many lives.  It is time to take the Green Elephant gently and advise him or her that their time in the middle of the room may soon be over.  There are many reasons to heal whatever money ills may be lurking in your life, and that includes physical illness.  

When the money ills are healed, then it is time to find a loving relationship with money and become open to accepting all that money can do for you…

What Difference Does One Blocked Chakra Make?


Happiness does not come easily once you become educated  about so many things.  All of a sudden you know what can go wrong and what does go wrong.  A wise person told me recently that I am a deep student of life, and their comment was correct.  I have been pursuing spiritual wisdom and joy since the mid-90’s.  That period of time was chaotic because everyone and everything I had believed in was no longer trusted in my soul.   Long story, and it is over, so let us go on.  Religion was not a good thing for me because of its structured inflexibility.  Not until major moves in the late 90’s did I begin to find my spiritual footing.  And it was no loner conventional religion.  I embarked on a path that led me to many paths, and I am so grateful for all of those paths today.  i am no longer who I was.  I have traveled some very rocky roads to gt today and to get to yesterday in particular.  

Having said all of that…yesterday was a “personal” day with friends and new experiences.   That was how it started.  How it ended was so much more.  Through a new type of energy work, and a lot of it in one afternoon, the one chakra that has been blocked for years finally opened up in a very overpowering display of energy.  It left me exhausted followed by 12 hours of sleep.  This morning, rested enough, I began to journal the experience and through the journaling a pattern of time emerged.  My sacral chakra has been blocked since early 2010.  My openness, my sexuality, and my creativity began to shut down at that time because of a traumatic end to a very long-term relationship.  I was threatened by my own powers, and I turned inward in many respects.  In addition, I began to find my own very personal path through my career, through my emotions, and through all of my relationships.  I had to be in control; that was my power moving forward.  No one was going to ever put me in the position I found myself at that time–no one, not ever.  Today, I am still shedding tears as I write this.  It was sad at that time, but I did not see it, I did not shed the tears, I kept moving forward, always in control!  Always!  There should have been tears at that time, but they did not come.  Today, the tears are of release.  Six long years later, and a whole lot of change where my creativity won out.  Thank God for that.  Now I am ready for opening the chakra, which began yesterday.  I am now ready to learn to recognize my emotions again  and allow them to be free.  Where that leads remains to be seen, but the soul has begun its work now that I have opened up my heart, my soul, and my chakra.  I am now working my way back to my creative, sexual spirit that I always was.  And I am ready for the new paths I am led to…for I know happiness awaits.

Why Do Angels Always Wear White?

Colors and angels….

Colors and angels….

I have spent a lot of time with Angels in the last few days…

Not literally, but figuratively. But maybe literally as well…

Having just finished the book by my friend Linda Street, “RAYS OF LIGHT”, angels have been on my mind, in my heart, in my soul, and in my daily journal as the book has led me back to Doreen Virtue’s Archangel cards. It has been years, and it is so very good to be back with the angels!

But I wonder why we always see angels dressed in white when in reality they all have their own special colors, and those colors, are important.

For example, we may know a lot about chakras, and the chakras all have their own unique colors as do auras. But Angels?

So now, I have a different perspective about Angels. Yes, they are pictured in white to demonstrate their “light”, their purity, but does picturing them in color make them less filled with light, less pure?

I want my Angels to be more approachable, more colorful, more like me so that I do feel comfortable “asking” them for their help; and so, my Angels have colors like light green, turquoise, royal blue, and purple among other colors.

You may just see me at Halloween in an angel costume in turquoise…I will ask my Angels how they feel about that? And I bet they are going to love it!