And This is AWEsome Progress?

As hard as I try to not bring anything political to my blogs, when EcoWatch publishes all of these stories on one day, it moves me to anxiety. This is not anxiety about politics or public figures, this is anxiety about our Earth home. The Universe since creation has cycles. This cycle is cataclysm. And […]

The Awesomeness of Fear

Everywhere I look today the word “awe” or “awesomeness” pops up! It is driving me a little bit crazy but I know it is reticular activation, but it is still unnerving. And I really do not want to go into the scientific explanation, I just know what is happening, and I love it! Awe shifts […]

Transformation for All, Not Some!

Several weeks ago, I created my first piece of creative endeavor–my blue butterfly!  I have often wondered why I am so totally drawn to the blue butterfly in my logo, in my wall hangings, and more.  For many years, I was very politically active through government channels.  I was touched very much by the assassination […]

Recruitment Unnecessary…

There is no need for recruitment as the Wild Woman Sisterhood is an organic movement.  It appears that by the time women turn gray, and sometimes even before they turn gray, they are ready to join with other women to make a difference in the way the world is moving!  The radicalness of many women grows […]

The World Will Go On…But How?

Yes, we are in a cataclysmic state at the moment.  It is not the first time, and it will not be the last.  All of us are paying attention to this in our own personal way…or not.  I am paying attention, but I am also continuing to find the way through Personal Sustainability.  I truly feel […]

Floating in the Flow!

I doubt that God had the word “flow” in mind as he created the Universe–through whatever form of evolution pleases you–but “flow” is what the Universe and life are all about.  I had used the word “flow” for many years to describe how I felt when things were going well, and I felt like there was […]