BEGINNING AT THE BEGINNING… #Ageless Women of Wisdom

Brian Thomas Swimme

Many times in my past blogs I have mentioned THE POWERS OF THE Universe authored by Brian Swimme, A very good friend, Maureen Haggerty, introduced me to THE POWERS through a program I attended at River’s Edge in Cleveland, Ohio. Thank you to Maureen and Brian Swimme for the mention in this blog.

Also many times I have mentioned “CATACLYSM” in my social media postings, and I have decided to put CATACLYSM in its rightful listing of “The Powers”.

  1. Centration (birth to a new being…)
  2. Allurement (gravitational attraction)
  3. Emergence (on going creativity)
  4. Homeostasis (maintenance)
  5. Cataclysm (systemic destruction)
  6. Synergy (complexity, collaboration)
  7. Transmutation (always transcending)
  8. Transformation (entire community)
  9. Interrelatedness (nurturing)
  10. Radiance (Magnificence of the Universe; well being of the entire earth community)

It is best that you refer to the book to get the true meanings of each of The Powers. It is an “exploration of the powers coursing through the Universe and each of us”. Dr. Brian Thomas Swimme is a professor of cosmology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco as well as the Center for the Story of the Universe. His work through Maureen Haggerty will remain forever with me.

As I begin my time to disconnect to connect, this is part of my beginning over the last several decades. I will try to not discuss the 2019 pandemic but will discuss how I got to this point in my journey in very small ways, and THE POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE was integral to me today. Because of this work, I know I am a part of The Universe from the very beginning, and I know I am an intentional member of the Universe and in the flow from the beginning of time. I also know I have had a mission from the beginning, and I am beginning to truly connect to that mission. It has been a long time coming, a long time preparing, and now is my time… And I will be connected through all of my programs but especially AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

Exhausted and Exhilarated…2020 Such a Surprise…Cataclysm!

Breathe is what I need to do for a day or two after experiencing phenomenal energy to do what needed to be done in the wake of the pandemic. I have purged large parts of my life, both personal and professional, in an effort to let go of all that no longer serves me. I am nowhere near done, but I have found the spiritual energy to keep moving on while discovering what the flow of my life really is.

For my whole life I have been told that i sleep too much. Since January when I pledged myself self care with visits to all practitioners which turned out quite well, I have been allowing myself to sleep as needed. But this week, it became clear that my total waking and sleeping patterns are changed. I no longer go to bed so early to get up so early to accomplish all I should do. Rather I am in bed by midnight, reading and relaxing after very full days. And I sleep better, with just a bathroom visit at first awakening. But then, I have continued my meditation practice and invariably fall back to sleep to around 9 am. And I have never felt better. I am no longer guilty about sleeping in. Sleep is a must for me, then meditation, and then sustenance midmorning. It is all working. I actually tried a Hulu trial to watch a drama series “Little First Everywhere” after several months ago reading the book. It felt good.

And now for at least the third day, I am purging everything from my office that is no longer part of my future plan for Empower Excellence and more. It feels so good while at the same time clarifying what I have thought out in February and March before all of this happened. I have consolidated business accounts to reflect the consolidation of the programs that are encompassed in EMPOWER CONNECT SHARE! I have met with a publishing coach, I have a meeting with my attorney to seriously pursue licensing for my networking groups and EMPOWER coaching program.

Sometimes it takes a Universal Cataclysm to subconsciously move us into consciously letting go of what no longer or may never have served us. For me, it has been a good year plus to let go of those who have betrayed me in both personal and professional manners, but I was still holding on. The pandemic was not just for my benefit, but I am benefiting from self isolation to avoid becoming sick. At this moment I am exhausted from four days of nonstop energy. It is time to breathe and begin again when the energy signals that it is time to complete the letting go and to begin my journey of the Ageless Woman of Wisdom that I am. IT IS TIME FO EMPOWER CONNECT SHARE…

And This is AWEsome Progress?

As hard as I try to not bring anything political to my blogs, when EcoWatch publishes all of these stories on one day, it moves me to anxiety. This is not anxiety about politics or public figures, this is anxiety about our Earth home. The Universe since creation has cycles. This cycle is cataclysm. And every time in the 14 billion years plus since creation, it is the wiping clear of the slate and beginning again with all forms of life affected. This is not progress of any kind. But I am in AWE of Planet Earth finding the ways to fight back with what mankind has created!

The Awesomeness of Fear

Everywhere I look today the word “awe” or “awesomeness” pops up! It is driving me a little bit crazy but I know it is reticular activation, but it is still unnerving. And I really do not want to go into the scientific explanation, I just know what is happening, and I love it! Awe shifts us, and I do mean us because it is a universal emotion, it is a collective emotion. It is where there is a shift from me to we. It is huge!

But there is a sad part of awe. Nature is a major provider of awesomeness, and there is a deficit of folks spending time in nature. This is a lack in society, and it is up to me and we to cherish and protect the awe in nature. We are scrambling in the world, and it is no secret. In Brian Swimme’s work on the powers of the Universe, our world is in a cataclysmic state. We do not need to delineate everything that is wrong. Awe may be our hope. It is our childlike wonder that makes us stop and breathe and mentally and verbally whisper “awe”. It is the side of us that is still the child with the open curiosity.

While awe is hard to capture, hard to define, hard to measure, our body responds to awe; it reduces stress! It is up to us to make time for awe. It is time for goosebumps to return to our everyday existence. And it can be so simple, so very simple as taking a walk. Join me in a daily walk with no other goal than to experience awe wherever we might find it. I call it my “awe walk”. Walk with me into the awe that surrounds us…

Transformation for All, Not Some!

Jan's Butterfly Bottle and Bottega 3 15 18 2

Several weeks ago, I created my first piece of creative endeavor–my blue butterfly!  I have often wondered why I am so totally drawn to the blue butterfly in my logo, in my wall hangings, and more.  For many years, I was very politically active through government channels.  I was touched very much by the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and I can tell you exactly where I was coming home from Parma Senior High on Longwood Drive in Parma.   I was touched by the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in June of 1968.  But the April 4 death of Martin Luther King, Jr. earlier that year overshadowed the death of Bobby.  I fully believe that all are created equal in the plan of the Source (aka God, Buddha, and more), there was no difference.  But much has stepped in the way of that equality.  Yes, it is not only the color of your skin but also your gender, your nationality, your sexuality, and more that keep us from all  being considered equal.  We are all in the process of Transformation to being equal in the eyes of all.  There is no secret that I absolutely do not believe that our current administration is a part of the Transformation in a positive way.  I do believe that it is so negative that a shift will come sooner because of the emotional immaturity present in government today…in the work by Brian Swimme and The Powers of the Universe, we are in a cataclysmic period, and new positive changes are coming.  I, too, have a dream.  Thank you Dr. King for taking us a step further in our total Transformation.   P.S.  The blue butterfly is one symbol of Transformation in each and every one of us…

Recruitment Unnecessary…

Gray Haired Women Army

There is no need for recruitment as the Wild Woman Sisterhood is an organic movement.  It appears that by the time women turn gray, and sometimes even before they turn gray, they are ready to join with other women to make a difference in the way the world is moving!  The radicalness of many women grows over time.  I know I was radically minded early on but the forces that be including being a daughter, a wife, and a mother, not to even mention being an employee of local and federal government organizations stopped me in my tracks.  It was not acceptable.

But it no longer matters.

I am damn tired of what is happening in this country–and maybe, the world, but I can only handle one country at a time–with the poor government leading to poor climate policy, poor women’s policies, and more.   More than that, we are allowing corporate America free rein with their chemicals flowing into our food systems at all levels, vaccines that are harming children and adults, and so much more.  We are allowing our country to become fully entrenched in a cataclysmic state.  

But it no longer matters?

Of course, it does.  I am not sure the route I will take, but I do know that I am advocating for a Path to Personal Sustainability.  And I do know that there are many other women who will join that Path in one way or another.  It is quietly happening because men do not necessarily take us seriously.  Even women do not necessarily take us seriously.  The latest coverage of how Melania Trump visited Houston in her designer clothes–how can she take herself seriously!  Seriously!  What are we asking for?

I can honestly say that I am asking for the government and its citizens to become responsible.  Vote!  Pay attention to what the leaders of this country are and are not doing.  If we were responsible and attentive, we would be marching on Washington demanding the resignation of this inept President.  He is not a good person!  You would have to do some big time convincing to prove to me that he is.  He is a sexist, he is a racist and he is not an intelligent being.  If he was, he would have had the good sense to put his ego aside and never run for the highest office in our country!  But, yet, this is month eight ending, and the worst, I feel, is yet to come!  He is being abandoned by his favorite people…no one wants to be in his court!  He will begin to act like a caged rat, and then who knows what he will do.  This is not funny any more, and I, for one, have had enough!  

The World Will Go On…But How?

Hippie Thoughts Sustainability

Yes, we are in a cataclysmic state at the moment.  It is not the first time, and it will not be the last.  All of us are paying attention to this in our own personal way…or not.  I am paying attention, but I am also continuing to find the way through Personal Sustainability.  I truly feel I am meant to be in Oberlin at this time.  I had to move here five months ago to know I am part of the community, and last night I began to feel my way “into” the community as we stood on Tappan Square with hundreds of others from as far away as Cleveland finding our way through this moment of Charlottesville and knowing that this travesty is not over…it is just beginning.

In a small way, we are going back 50 years with the Vietnam War, with racial injustice, and more.  But for those of us who were young and impressionable then, we are now adults with children and grandchildren of our own, and we have lived a life that was sooner or later going to repeat itself.  And it is.  Just the way that those who witnessed WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and more.  There were very ugly periods in each of the decades.  And this is one for now!

Yes, we need to be a part of the global community, but we must remain personally sustainable in order to do that, so I am continuing with The Empower Excellence Experience:  Personal Sustainability for ALL everywhere.  But, I am also now a part of the “resistance”.  There is no choice for me after Charlottesville and the death of Heather Heyer!  I am repulsed, and I am paying attention.

Floating in the Flow!


I doubt that God had the word “flow” in mind as he created the Universe–through whatever form of evolution pleases you–but “flow” is what the Universe and life are all about.  I had used the word “flow” for many years to describe how I felt when things were going well, and I felt like there was no struggle in my moments or my hours or my days.  “Flow” was a good thing.  Through the years, through my spiritual studies of life, the Universe, and transformation, it became very clear to me that “Flow” was much more and that it became a part of evolution billions of years ago.  Contrary to the story of the garden of Eden, in all practicality the Universe developed from the very basic of creations to what we have today.  And it was not a smooth flow for billions of years.  There were cataclysmic events, but the Universe flowed on albeit a little changed.  This has served as a major lesson to me in my life–things flow on, we stay in the flow until it is our time to be removed from the flow.  It is all a part of “the Plan”.

My work with people and their money has brought many realities to my work.  It is rarely “money” that creates the problems, and disrupts the flow, in someone’s life.  Money is just a tool that is misused in some way which causes the problems.  The flow is disrupted.  And life gets a little messed up because people try to “fix” it.  The first step to recovery in life is to stop struggling, breathe, and float–get back in the flow.  Then the problem can be focused on and remedied.  Yes, it is that simple.  We are not at the end of our flow just because our money relationship hits a snag.  Stop struggling and float and then look for a solution to put you back in the flow moving forward.