Chase Away, Chase Away!

Stress Chase It Away jpg

There are many ways to overcome stress, and that includes money stress!  The illustration appears to be having money grow out of small soil-filled pots.  Not sure that will work, but it reminds me of cups of coffee grounds!

Stress will happen, and no matter if you use gardening or caffeine to chase away money stress, it is up to you to remember there are consequences for whatever action you take.  Caffeine in moderate amounts can probably help.  I combine my organic tea (caffeinated) with my fresh banana, berries, and pineapple of the day with a little bit of good cocoa powder and cinnamon for my morning smoothie.  It does energize me!  And it is fairly healthy!  I know many who like to get up early and tend to their gardens, now that the weather is warming in Ohio, and that works for them.  

My point is that it is up to us to chase away or prevent stress because stress is good unless it overwhelms us, and it is up to us to chase away the stress that will overwhelm, and that can be money stress.  Money on its own is not stressful, but it is stressful when it leads to bad decisions or a lack which can be bothersome.  

Pay attention to any bad stress in your life and see how you can chase it away!

Let’s Talk About the Selfish Basics!

Owl Evening Worrying

No matter where you are on your path, make sure that the basics needed for a sustainable life are included in your plan.  Sleep is one of the greatest healers, and we many times carry with us the stigma from our parents about sleep issues.  I know as a child I was always told that I sleep too much.  So I went around with not enough sleep, not quite as sharp as I was told I could be by teachers.  No one ever addressed the sleep problem without being told by my parents that I sleep too much!  I believed that for many years, and upon my beginning work with a holistic, intuitive doctor, I was suddenly told that I was sleep deprived.  Of course, after many years of being a single parent, burning the candles at both ends and in the middle building a life for all of us, I was sleep deprived with fatigued adrenals.  Then I began to listen to my body and soon learned that I function best on 8-10 hours of sleep.  I feel fantastic with my sleep routine.  I do try to minimize that when necessary but I can feel it within the day.  Some say that it is a selfish way to live, sleeping away a third of the day, but OMG can I tell the difference.  I guard my sleep in all ways:  caffeine intake, exercise routine, meals, and scheduling activities.  I wish I could be happy with 6 hours of sleep, but it will never work for me!  I do not lay awake 99% of the time.  I hit the pillow, go into meditation and sleep.  It is a foundation for Personal Sustainability in all ways.  When I sleep appropriately for me, I stay in a positive place with my money relationship, my eating habits, my cleaning habits, my successful Personal Sustainability practice housed in The Empower Excellence Experience.  Take the time to analyze your sleep habits and how they affect your total life.  You could be in for sweet dreams!

On a Vibrational Journey…Don’t Need No Caffeine!

Happiness is a Journey

Oh yes, I am on a journey for that is what life is.  And there is no end to the journey.  There is no moment in time when I can announce “I am done, I have done what I am meant to do in this life!”  You can say it, but it will prove you wrong every time.  Abraham, through Esther Hicks, has shared a line of wisdom that made me stop and think (Much of what she says makes me stop and think!).  This is not an exact quote, but the intent is that if we live in the NOW, there is no tomorrow for when tomorrow arrives, it is the NOW, and it goes on and on.  Simply profound.

 More than that, I have discovered on this journey that I am on a vibrational high, so much  so that I no longer need caffeine or any other energetic enhancing substance.  And, I finally realize that I do attract other high energy–high vibrational folks–in most parts of my life.  Or, they are folks who want to be on a higher vibrational level.  It has been a major awareness that has been awakened…I get my high from myself and others who are on a similar vibrational level.  Whether we are that way 100% of the time is not relevant for we know how to manage our vibrations so that we are on the higher level most of the time.  It is vibrational energy that drives us, makes us happy, and keeps us on the journey with no end…


Caffeine will remove all walls…

Freedom Dancing in Red

It is no fun becoming healthier and healthier…what wine used to do, iced coffee now does–a real buzz and extreme energy!  I love my life when I am living my life, when the walls come down.  It is rare that I allow that because there is just so much to do all of the time.  Do not get me wrong, there is balance in many areas, but I also love my entrepreneurial endeavors including Empower Excellence and Professional Women’s Connection groups.  I love the fact that I am coming alive with the plans to move to Oberlin and all that is involved with that.  And then, my small secret mission that I am on now for the next month.  I love the fact that I will be attending the 30th Anniversary on June 1 of Leadership Lake County, one of my first creative expressions that will live on forever through the thousands of folks who have been affected by the many programs that the many have created because of that.  I love that I am reconnecting with old friends for drinks and more.  I love that I am making so many new friends through today’s endeavors.

I am ready to dance into the fire on all counts…I have always been a risk taker, but now the Universe and I have a strong bond, and, as I dance, the Universe, keeps playing the music louder and wilder than ever.  There are no more containing walls…be warned, there are no more walls, and there is plenty of iced coffee!