Finding Satisfaction…

Satisfaction for all of us is sometimes very elusive but still possible and when it becomes real a very surreal experience. It is like the butterfly finding the perfect flower! 2019 has been an experience in many ways and my values and ethics have been challenged in various ways. In many ways my empathic personality attracts toxic actors. I will continue to walk away without compromising my values and ethics. Satisfaction aligning with Source energizes me in all ways as the butterfly is energized by the discovery of the perfect flower!

Why Butterflies?

When I first envisioned EMPOWER Excellence and designed the logo of the energy circle when working with money, there was a gap in the center of the circle. Really, a big blank space, and I meditated and asked for guidance from my Inner Being. The answer came and was influenced by all of the metaphysical and spiritual books and work I had done in past years. The circle had to have a butterfly because the butterfly is a symbol of transformation as depicted in the above graphic. I had seen fantastic creative artwork in various mediums like the metal sculptures in the gardens of The Gathering Space in northeast Ohio, visiting butterfly gardens, knowing the transition from a caterpillar to the actual beautiful butterfly, this was the choice for the symbol of the transformation of energy that all of us must go through to make any change in our life, but ti also had to do with the power of the butterfly wings. When change is pursued, minds can fill with monkey mind chatter. Thinking of butterfly wings and their quiet flapping that makes changes throughout nature made all of the sense in the world to choose the peaceful butterfly rather than any other option. Let the butterfly of any color and size accompany you as you become EMPOWERed!

Why “EMPOWER Excellence”

As I am rebranding all of my programs under Jan Litterst,it is a good time to tell EMPOWER’s story briefly. In 2011, I left my second traditional sector of the United States’ economy: Wall Street or Main Street Financials. Twelve years before I had left the governmental sector. Looking back, it was all a part of my path towards working with women to empower them to reach financial freedom. I had seen stories in both sectors over more than three decades that led me to this: women making less money than men, women struggling as single parents, widows, divorcees, and more. I had been given the privilege of a wonderful education in government and finance, and I chose to follow the entrepreneurial route to work with women in their striving to become financially free. In my first year, I wrote what is now SET THIS BUTTERFLY FREE to be published in 2020, and I worked on programs which I presented pro bono to GED students, to women in transition, to church groups, and more to prove the concept.

One women’s transition group was comprised of women leaving homeless shelters and existing on welfare. It was an interesting group facilitated by a Sister of St. Joseph in Cleveland who was against my meeting with them because “they have no income”, but they did–any money, no matter the source, helps provide a path to freedom. So we met for m allotted one hour in a roundtable fashion with my question to the women “What would money make you feel like?” Their answers included that “Money would make me feel excellent” and another that “Money would empower me”. So that name of the company to do just that became EMPOWER Excellence, and one Saturday morning so after I sat down and created the logo.

The logo shown above originally had words in each circle beginning at the top with “Energy” and moved to “Work” and then “Excellence” followed by “Empower” and the final purple circle with “ENERGY” once again. When faced with money issues, begin with one issue, take a little bit of energy, do the work needed, become excellent with the work and you become empowered and are blessed with more energy allowing you to repeat the process innumerable times! It is that simple to EMPOWER Excellence, but it does take time and patience as well as a desire to pursue financial freedom.

To this day, the concept works for women in transitions, in financial difficulty, in creating family legacies and more. Stories lead to solutions, and they sometimes are very simple especially when Source has provided me with decades of tools to implement what is needed for women seeking financial freedom! Tomorrow, the story of the butterfly in the logo!

A Weekend Kind of Blog, Growing Pains are Real!

Some friends just really get to know you, and those friends send me social media postings with comments and others sent me notecards with butterflies but never write on those notecards! Joni knows who she is, and Beth knows who she is, and they are both precious reminders of who I am and what I am doing in this world.

They know that I talk all of the time with other women about what transformation really is: painful, joyful, confusing, and more. And the butterfly in all of its stages represents transformation. The butterfly speaks to me in my work to empower, connect, and share wisdom with women of all ages. Transformation or change is healthy but it is also a little unnerving and disarming. And I have experienced it all as well.

A lot of my work has been with money, and I am just realizing how I have changed in my latest stage of morphing from a caterpillar to a chrysalis and almost a butterfly with money. And with every stage of that transformation and more than one transformation I was not alone. Many years of work through meditation, spirituality, formal financial training, and more have led me to a program I began 323 days ago and will finish on December 20th. It has made the most impact of anything on me partially because I had done years of work before I began this current exercise. It came from an Esther Hicks Youtube episode and I thought I would try it. You see, everything you read about, hear about, and learn about will not stick for everyone, but I now know I was ready for this and off I went with pen and paper and a calendar so I would remember to do the exercise at first daily, and then weekly which I still do. It took my mind off of the anxiety and worry of money. As an entrepreneur I really depend on my clients and their cash flow to keep my cash flow flush. And that is not always easy. Mentally, I knew how to handle the inconsistency and spiritually I knew that my Higher Power always worked me through to good conclusions, but emotionally I was sometimes a nervous wreck when it came to money in my life.

But this last year has seen me go through many ups and downs and I now go with the flow knowing I will be ok. And I have grown, but really this is the other side of this whole butterfly thing: you are never really done growing and you will never get it perfect because you are never really done. I have a lot of folks I follow who provide inspiration for me: Esther Hicks, Tama Kieves, Marianne Williamson, Oprah, Wayne Dyer lives on, and Simon Sinek with his Infinite Game. My life is not a short term game, not a definite game where someone has to win, but it is an Infinite Game where I keep flowing with Life knowing that there is no winner but I win every day that I live my life to be the best I can be that day, and that, my friends, is my transformation, and, yes, I will still have growing pains. Thank you to Beth for this morning’s post!

My Inner Being & I Have a Mutual Admiration Society!

Thanks to my friend Beth this beautiful graphic came my way. It spoke to me for many reasons: the butterfly, trust, intuition, and more. I interpret intuition as my “Inner Being”, and I want to feel about me the way my Inner Being feels about me. The Inner Being always looks out for the best for me. It is interesting to look at my Inner Being that way as I am a teacher of life, and I am a creator, and I walk with the Universe in acceptance of who I am as a whole being: mind, body and soul. I have no limits in seeing what is or feeling what is. I see with my eyes and I feel with my mind, body, and soul.

Like my Inner Being, my power is in the NOW and I resonate with my Inner Being as my Source. Source is NOW focused and shares its wisdom with me. My Inner Being is not interested in the past, and it does not wait until the manifestation of an intention “happens”. I try to be secure as my Inner Being is secure in the NOW. Consequently, all my power is in the NOW as is Inner Being’s power is in the NOW. I do not see every intention as an already done deal, but I look at every intention with the vision of my Inner Being.

What I do Know is that the world is waiting for my vision of what is real for me. I know that action leads to connection and communication and eventually co-creation. Collaboration always has potential, and that to me is SHARING. Taking a step into certainty empowers my intentions to the Universe. I can then connect to my true self of Pure Spirit and pursue my divine purpose with action, connection, and communication to share and speak my truth. We walk the path of what we want and what we need. Interconnection leads to inspiration, and the new ideas roll in. I then know where to go, whom to meet, and make the human connection to reach manifestation.

I then come to the table with others to SHARE our individual visions and to begin to live in the flow together. It is networking, it is being out there sharing visions but still retreating back into stillness which then encourages and inspires action with the spoken word which is a very powerful tool. Verbalization empowers our intentions into the world: My vision shared with your vision becomes our SHARED VISION. And my Inner Being becomes blended with my outer being of reality to become an AGELESS WOMAN OF WISDOM.

Leadership in the Universe AWW Style…

Yep, you read that right. AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is emerging as AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING from the cocoon. Slowly, so very slowly. Change is hard. And there is no rush. We have no knowledge that I know of how caterpillars are feeling when they begin to feel different. They may like being caterpillars, they may not like it and yearn for a change. They experience many changes in their short lives, caterpillar, cocoon, chrysalis, and then WOW a butterfly. We as women know what change can feel like…

We have our dark moments, dark days, dark years, and sometimes dark lives. But a way is being made for each of us since the day of our birth and we may have no idea, but then suddenly one day, no matter if you are in your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, or older, we wake up feeling that there has to be more, we are ready for a change. By then, we may have someone to share that feeling with, but we may not. Women participating in conversation is in our nature, it nurtures us and begins a sense of community. SHARING WISDOM across the generations is the driving force behind AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is poking its caterpillar head out through AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING and is edging its way around its world as it is. It knows change is coming, and it knows that no matter what the change will mean, they are ready. And there have been leaders who have experienced change before. It has been rumored in their own little worlds by those who became the leaders as they became butterflies that everyone in their world–no matter if they are a caterpillar, a cocoon or a butterfly–can choose new actions, new paths, and they can even fly. The choices are sometimes voluntary and sometimes they are not but they are choices made by those who see a new landscape, new opportunities and new options. And guess, what the environment will be for them is their choice!

Put color in your life, just like a butterfly, and begin to feel what changes you are craving because AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM will appear in the coming weeks!

Finding the God in AWE…

The last few weeks have successfully culminated in peace, but there was at least one or two unanswered questions that were bugging me.

One was finding the right spiritual community in Oberlin, and I was not finding success or peace in that quest. The second was why was “God” never included in the months of discussions leading to AWE.

And then this morning at an early hour, Joel Osteen’s “Your Wings Are Coming” was my first meditation to appear on YouTube. It answered both of the two questions and more. Joel spoke of the traditional caterpillar transformation into a butterfly, a much better version than what had come with me in Empower Excellence in story and logo as a symbol of transformation.

While religion and more recently spirituality have been an important part of my life, in the months leading to the formation and reformation as AWE Ageless Women Emerging — an appropriate word for the caterpillar and butterfly–my then co-collaborator never once mentioned the word “God”. God witnessed the mental battle I went through on this situation. It was never absent as I softened any conversation about it. But it never went away “Why does she never talk about “God”? In the end, she mentioned God as providing me to her as her teacher. It was always about her needs when it was mentioned at the final moments of our partnership. “God” heard that battle, too. God is the force that worked by my side during the re-formation of AWW Ageless Women of Wisdom and AWE Ageless Women Emerging since the end of May. And I was talking aloud to God through it all, and it is moving like the caterpillar in the cocoon. After that dark, uncomfortable time, I am emerging like the butterfly that has always been with me since the formation of Empower Excellence. It is what I have been meant to be, God had me in the palm of his hand, and I stayed in faith as AWE, AWW, and I are taking flight! There is no co-collaborator who had a hidden agenda now. God was listening all those months. Joel’s program this morning brought that out for me as well.

Joel Osteen’s “God” has been with me for years on Sunday morning, and I do believe I have found my virtual spiritual community. There is a divine calling for now to continue this in my life. As I have decided to remain in Oberlin, I will find more community with patience. Patience is in my heart, and I had to smile when Kurty was visiting in Oberlin yesterday and he uttered “patience, Gram, Gram Jan”! He had no idea, but the divine utterance was duly noted by me.

So, this morning has been a memorable one, a peaceful one, and it will empower me to continue the path I am on. I am not alone for God, Source, The Universe are all with me. I was born to fly on that cold November morning years ago when I was inspired to create the Empower Excellence logo with the butterfly. I have always believed that everything I have been led to do in my life has been deliberate from God, Source, The Universe in order for me to continue to fly above new fields of possibility and wonder. And my wings are still coming in the forms of other caterpillars and butterflies for AWE and AWW are not just a program, they are a movement with God, Source, and The Universe at our side. It is the beginning of a Servant Leadership Movement for all ages “ageless” of “women” to share their “wisdom” throughout the coming years. It is not “girl power” or that “the future is female”, it is serving each other in an effort to be leaders of all genders, all children of God!

As a side note to the movement mention, there is a conversation in the planning with a woman who entered my life in a small way in the past years who is seeing her dream take wings over this past week as her dream of a living resort “Monarch” in Ohio received final local zoning approval. AWW is intentioned to begin offering overnight retreats in 2021 as “Monarch” becomes a reality for another butterfly servant leader. And the movement of servant leadership really begins as well with the first gathering on this past Wednesday of 10 women of AWE who began their discussions of sharing their wisdom this Summer and Fall. Be careful where you walk: the caterpillars are on the move!

And caterpillars as they leave their cocoons do not walk, they catapult into flight!

AWE, the Blue Butterfly, a Creator…

When the blue butterfly appeared yesterday, the “Creator” archetype also appeared. The caterpillar has to develop a mental strategy in its state of uncertainty. That strategy is to develop some kind of control and skill. It knows that its task is to create and express its own vision: would they be a caterpillar forever? But even butterflies have a gift–creativity and imagination. They must! And their goal has to be to give form to their vision. Their desire must be manifest: to create something of enduring value. AND THEY DO! Can You?

Butterflies Are Meant to Fly!

With all the talk about badass money, safe cash, and the stock market, it is time to return to the butterfly…a living, breathing creation that symbolizes change and transformation. All naturally. There is no drug, no chemical, and no genetic mutation in the purest forms of the butterfly’s transformation throughout its life. If you are ready to transform especially in the realm of money, begin to consider, contemplate, and meditate how you can set YOUR butterfly free!

The AWE of the Butterfly Within Me…

AWE has been a favorite word of mine for most of my life. It began in the realm of religious architecture and mystery: churches, angels, saints, and more. As a child, everything beautiful was AWE for me. My world as a child was different and chaotic, and I learned I could change the world around me by changing myself. Nothing has changed in all of my decades. I have been ageless from the beginning, and I continue to emerge. I have learned that I can change the world by loving myself, by enjoying life, and by making my personal world a dream of heaven. I change myself, and just like magic, other people change, too. This is a powerful force within us. What is AWE for you, and are you changing your world?