It is All In Your Head, but… #money mind #empower #financial freedom

So sad that when we are born we are 100% prepared for the world, and then the world’s people step in and pepper our brains, our emotions, our psyche with their tainted ideas of the world. We learn from all around us what will become our physical foundation of what will become our lives including everything good and bad from those around us. This morning the phrase “we don’t have money for that” resonates in my monkey mind. It did not matter what the need, and most of the times it was a need and not a want, there was not enough for it. I have worked for years to learn and to overcome and earn “enough”. I still struggle no matter what the reality is. The brain joins the battle, but the stomach churns in as well, and I am one hot mess when faced with spending a large amount of money for a need, not a want. But the quiet butterflies of transformation appear with calming wings unfurled, and once again, reality and rationality try to balance out the monkeys and move me to the next step…

Thank you to Source and the Universe…one and the same!

some mornings…I awaken early for my power hour of meditation, inspiration, and a tiny bit of social media…I truly count it as the beginning of my working day as I awaken rested and clear headed. Anything that happened before this morning power hour no longer is crucial…it is NOW and the coming day!

this photograph sent through a post of Iyanla Vanzant shared by my friend Beth took me right back to a year ago when visiting with the little people when their parents were in Hawaii and a package of caterpillars arrived with the full intent that the little people and I were to care for them according to definite instructions as they were going to change into butterflies and they did indeed become butterflies–change is so wondrous to little people–they felt they had created the butterflies.

butterflies are the symbol of transformation and they have been a part of my Empower Excellence logo from the start. This morning’s power hour finally brought me out of the transformative stage of letting go of a small piece of AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, the Launch. The intention was and is to move on but I needed a time of respite to let go, grieve, and let Source take its time with me and AWW AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM. There is a lot to consider with the planned rebranding of Empower Excellence, Professional Women’s Connection and AWW being wrapped up into Jan Litterst, LLC. The individual groups will maintain their names and distinct purposes, but the new LLC will be the name out in the public. We have yet to start the process because I am giving this time to settle in.

And this morning it all happened with words from Source. What follows is a short recap that actually does capture much of what I need to remember moving forward. It started with Seth Godin’s blog on “expectations” and moved to the inspiring 10 year old work by Simon Sinek “Your Why”. But Esther Hicks is not one to be left behind and she spoke of vibration and alignment. The thought was “the Universe responds to you the way you feel.” Expectations, Your Why, Your Feelings all apply to me but they also apply to the target audiences of all three of my business entities and to Source. The thought is: in all communications of needs, including prayers, do not be a whiner or a pleader, be strong in your needs and communications and remember that everything you need to resolve your needs lies within you. Yes, it does. You simply need someone to help you partner through the need with guidance and a plan, but you as my target client will actually do the work because you are vibrating strong and in alignment with the resolution! When you are needy, Source knows it and I know it with potential clients in any of the three entities–you want me to do the work, perform the miracle, and make you all better. Those clients never reach a resolution because they will not move forward in vibration and alignment. They are stuck, and they remain stuck!

But vibration and alignment demonstrate to the Universe that you are willing to move forward and do whatever work you are needed to do, and the Universe and Source support your work once you start moving–vibrating–in alignment with a resolution. It is forming a Connection with Communication involved which inevitably develops into a Community, even if it is just you and another person to start. When this happens, empowerment occurs. It can be with money in Empower Excellence, connection with Professional Women’s Connection, and wisdom in AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM to work with me as a client. But money, connection, and wisdom are connected when you take the time to think it through. My services in all of the above roles with my companies, or movements, or communities provide guidance, attention, and maybe help, but it always involves love and never criticism. And I love being me helping provide guidance and more. The world has been waiting for my vision, The Universe and Source are within me nagging me on with their morning meditation visits, and I am beginning to feel like I am ready to go back into the world.

An Open Letter to All Women About AWW “Ageless Women of Wisdom”…and it is worth the read for it is for you!

Thank you to Maya Angelou for the quote, and thank you to Simon Sinek who won over my nerdy head and heart with his work on “WHY”, but now he has a new book to be released on October 15th, a significant date for me and AWW “Ageless Women of Wisdom”.

Anyone who really knows me knows that I am awake in the 3 am to 5 am area in meditation and allowing Source to share with me what I really need on any particular day. The interview Simon Sinek did with Bryan Elliott on UTube came to me this morning. The interview was on the book THE INFINITE GAME Simon just finished. While the book was focused on business, it came through loud and clear that this was really about the game of life where we can choose to play FINITE games with a focus on winning or losing. But with INFINITE games there is no end to the game and the players and rules and more are changing.

As with most of my early morning learnings, what was being shared was so appropriate for my work with AWW. AWW is not FINITE, it is the SHARING of WISDOM through the generations of women to change life for the better for all women–it is INFINITE. SHARING can go on forever, but the movement has to start somewhere and sometime. The time was now and the movement was mine to begin. I am a born writer and a born giver, but I am also an introvert and a nerd! I see things other people do not see like how Simon Sinek’s book really has many other applications, and I have not yet read the book. SOURCE brought it to me as a gift this morning. And gifts need to be shared.

SHARING is something that I have really put to work with my regional professional networking groups for women in Northeast Ohio. Rather than a “taking” mentality, it is a “giving” mentality. It has been the proving ground of the wisdom all women have and how powerful it is when the women SHARE the WISDOM with all women no matter their differences in ages. All have something to bring to the table through energy and conversation and really contributes to the reduction of ego-minded stress and insecurities and weaknesses the women feel. They in turn SHARE that “giving” mentality with others not only in the groups but in their personal and professional lives. It is a direct result of learning “not to go through life by yourself.”

This, without my knowing it, was a part of the continuum and momentum that led to my founding of AWW this year. Not every woman will join one of my groups, or others like it, and I am sure there are others who are nurturing this type of SHARING, but it became a purpose and a passion of mine to take this further, to ask women what would make their lives better on a personal level. I cannot do this purpose and mission alone, and ASKING other women how I can help them was helping me bring a way to do this on a grander scale to other women, first in Ohio, and then potentially national as a nonprofit. But I digress, and I want to stay on track with the purpose of this blog, which is “a letter to all women” regarding AWW.

How would I do what was mine to do? We began AWW with AWE “Ageless Women Emerging” this summer with three open membership conversations in a natural setting with no strings attached –women joining other women in “Conversations” to talk about “What would make your life better in 2020”. It worked immediately, the confidentiality of anonymity and learning that others had the same desires for ways to make their life better bonded them together with the larger purpose of all of the topics they created over the summer would remain anonymous and would be moved to prioritization through the formal Launch of AWW on October 16th.

And so the Launch will happen with a woman by the name of Mary Faktor who created an artistic comedy about a phone conversation with a best friend that lasted through the generations of her life. It was an INFINITE creation aptly named THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN. And so the launch took form. How appropriate to find the right work with the right woman creator to launch AWW. And SOURCE provided her as my friend many years ago. And this was where my values regarding women came into play…

Mary and all women involved in AWE in the future would be paid for their work. There would be compensation.

At the Launch, the ideas created during the summer would, following THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN every woman would be invited to participate in the prioritization of the ideas which would then be used to create the next step of AWE, the SHARING part, Retreats designed by the participants in the months of 2020. Retreats of various venues and costs to invite women in Northeast Ohio for a day in the middle of the week to carve out for themselves to make their personal lives better in 2020. Women constantly receive invitations to attend programs that “will make their life better”, but they are never part of the process to say what those programs will involve. And in 2020, with day long retreats, the next step will be to plan for 2021 overnight retreats, and then to take it all to a larger geographic area. This is the SHARING of WISDOM infinitely.

So, WHY this letter and WHY now from me. I have never found it easy to ASK for help, but in order for me to help all of the potential women I can help women reach through AWW, I need your help.

It takes courage to ASK FOR HELP, and Brene Brown shared that many years ago. I have always “fronted” BRAVE even including Sara Bareilles cry for help song by the same name. And I am calling on each of you to help each one of you and many other women in the future. Join me in my belief in “Servant Leadership” which has led me to do many things in my life to help others. I am ASKING you to join me in Acts of Service. It is all about relationship building, building trust in SHARING. The needs are many:

Buy tickets when you receive the Eventbrite invitation for THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN on October 16th. There are a limited amount but still a good amount to be sold to pay for the venue and Mary Faktor’s gift to all women. And SHARE the invite with women friends. It is a thoroughly enjoyable and fun program. But more than that, you will become part of AWW as “WE” choose the priorities for the 2020 Retreats.

Send “Presenter One Sheets” to be considered for presenting topics at the retreats in 2020. Do not underestimate your potential contributions. Call me at 440-670-2252 if you have questions about the “Presenter One Sheets”. You can find info on the internet about creating your own to submit to Please send them to me by October 1 so that I will be ready when the topics are chosen two weeks later at the Launch!

Join me, I ASK YOU TO JOIN ME IN THIS MOVEMENT, as an INFINITE GAME which is all about how the world works for each of us. We are all looking for Joy and Happiness infinitely. Ask yourself “WHAT IS LIFE ALL ABOUT”? You have the answers and I ASK YOU to SHARE your WISDOM and join with me in AWW “AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM”.

THANK YOU TO SOURCE FOR SENDING ME THE MAYA ANGELOU QUOTE…we all know what we do to achieve the individual beauty of the butterfly we each become through life. Each butterfly in the above graphic is different. Each of us is different but each of us is the beautiful product of our own transformation through life. Let’s SHARE this beauty with all women…I ASK YOU, Please and Thank You!

AWE Ageless Women Emerging…get ready for the Transformation…

Summer is passing quickly, and today at a local Winery, women will join in the third conversation of the Summer to SHARE their WISDOM about making their personal lives better. Much has been shared, and much will be shared today as we prepare to SHARE all the WISDOM of the summer at THE SIX AGES OF WOMAN IN OCTOBER. With a rainy summer and extremely hot temperatures, today, like the other two conversational days, is temperate and sunny. The Universe likes what is happening in the conversations of AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING!

This morning brought WISDOM to me that AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM, the parent company of AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING, was really and truly an outgrowth of EMPOWER Excellence, my first company with the logo of Energy and the Butterfly.

AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM is the Transformation of Women through SHARING their WISDOM. It is like the journey of the butterfly. Today all women conversing with us will be the caterpillars experiencing their beginning their journey to becoming the butterfly over the coming months through 10 daylong retreats in 2020. The big difference from any other retreats is that all of the women who have participated in AGELESS WOMEN EMERGING have chosen the topics that will be included in the retreats. They are the caterpillars nurturing themselves into the future butterflies. And they are beautiful. Today is the day the transition begins for them and AGELESS WOMEN OF WISDOM.

AWE, the Butterfly Book…

Ah, yes, THE BOOK! It is back and ready to roll off my desk this week to a select number of agents. The title has changed to be more relevant to the total contents of the book. The book was written in 2012, and revised within the last few months. It is all about Money and Energy, and energy or money does not change. It really has little to do with the external desires people have for their money. It is the internal longing for joy and happiness; and, to be honest, it is the opportunity to change the internal longings that led to this book. It is really a simple how-to book, and it is its time to go public!

AWEsome Beach Glass… Getting Ready to be Ready!

As Esther Hicks often says, “Getting ready to be ready, to be ready.” And that is what beach glass does. It is also what caterpillars do, I think. Both beach glass and butterflies, two of my favorite things, are part of transformational change on their own personal level. And, in the end, they become the beautiful creations of nature that are dearly collected and loved. We, as humans, are much the same. We start as an embryo, hidden away from even the one who is about to give birth to us. We become infants, helpless but develop into toddlers, teens, young adults, and with our aging we constantly change. It is as we age, if we take the time, we can see the beauty–the beauty of our soul–manifest differently than the beauty of a new born baby. We have spent our whole existence getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready for the AWEsomeness of maturity and the wisdom that we have accumulated through each stage of life!

Do Butterflies Have Conflict?

To my knowledge, there are few butterfly disagreements. Deepak Chopra speaks of a book where there is competition, but that is a rarity! Butterflies are fairly solo creatures but they can travel together. That could be a source of disagreement. But then they have a short lifespan, and many will agree that disagreements come from knowing others too well and knowing how to push buttons to start an argument. If you avoid conflict, as an individual like you and me, you can start a war within yourself. Keeping the peace always brings with it a price to pay within your head, your heart, and your soul. Better to learn a peaceful way to bring conflict to the surface while it is small and recent than to let it fester within yourself to create an epic war within yourself, and then it becomes everybody’s war later.

Awe, Let the Butterfly Fly!

Like the colors of a rainbow, a gathering of butterflies can represent every kind of transformation any of you might want. So choose your butterfly, ASK for what you want, and then let the butterfly go! Yes, let it go. Your ASK can represent something that is worrying you or something that you really want. The first step is to ASK. You do not have to keep ASKING very day, The Universe has heard you. Now it is up to you to do something towards that ASK every day. Action is seen by The Universe…the rest is up to patience and time and continuous action “if it is meant to be the best for you”! But for now, LET IT GO!

Ready to Transform…What?

Butterflies. White Butterflies pure and simple. Butterflies trust throughout their life cycles. They are the epitome of faith. And we do not even know if they know. We know they cannot see their wings when they arrive, but we can. What we do know is that butterflies are the symbol of transformation. They are transforming their physical being and their purpose in life.

Interesting, isn’t it?

A simple creature has such a major transformation; and yet, we as much more complex beings, we are complex beings who many times do not know what our purpose is. We struggle trying to identify our mission in life. We are trying to find our higher calling, and we feel resistance all the time because where we are we have control. We may be unhappy where we are, but we “know” where we are. To change is to let go of control to transform.

What area of your life do you want to transform?

For many, money is one area that we wish would be better, flow more, and be more abundant. We already know that energy with money reflects energy in our life. But we never seem to have the energy to make the decision to change money in our life, and, if we do decide to change, we may not have the energy to sustain that change successfully.

No one can tell you when you have the energy to begin; no one can tell you how to get that energy to begin or sustain. You will begin with one step to begin, and you do the work. Each step is a success. It is up to you to pay attention to that success because that moment of excellence has been empowered by you. It is not one step to solve all your money issues, to make money flow more, or to create super abundance. One step may be all you need to have the energy to continue to the next step, to do more work, and to feel more success. You begin to feel the energy…

I am here in all I do, as a servant leader in the area of money, to help you find the energy to make the first step. It may be through my blog, through my Facebook offerings, through my website http://www.empowerexcellencewithjan, through my writing. Whatever catches your eye at the time you need my help, I am here to help you find the energy to begin.

And then maybe not…

It is only March and the last few days’ outlook of 2018 would have suggested a metamorphosis, but I was not expecting all that has happened. In my constant comparisons with the transformation of butterflies, the metamorphosis that rolled out in the last weeks of December would have suggested a metamorphosis comparable to the dark days in the chrysallis for the butterfly. That is what started the year, and it has happened, but it is “light” that is becoming reality in the last few days!

And it is light that will carry me through this phase into a fantastic part of this year on all fronts–personal and professional! It is quite wonderful when you live in the NOW and begin to see what living moment to moment can become with faith, friends, and the Universe working on my behalf.

Now I can just imagine what is becoming…it is light and it is BIG and it is wonderful!